Chapter 1 : Remote Control

There is remote control


In my hand there is something resemble remote control right now.

…. It probably was a remote control, but I didn’t have any concrete evidence it was.

Because I didn’t recognize this remote control, is it for TV? or is it for Air Conditioner? or is it for the audio? but it doesn’t match any of it.


This [Something] that was similar with remote control have an awful simple design.

There is only two button on it, and up and down button.

the up button was triangle and the down button was reverse triangle. Because the up button was for [Increase] something, is the down button to [lowered] something?

There seems to be transmitter on the tip of the remote.

There is something like LCD placed between the transmitter and the button. However it was pitch black and nothing was reflected inside it.


“…. What is this?”


Is what I, Etozawa Koutaro, muttered while staring at the remote control in my hand. When did I hold this?

While wondering, I put it on the table near me for now.

Did somebody left it behind? I must return it if it was something important.


Anyways, I will think about it in my spare time.


I lay in hospital bed while thinking so.

Because there is no more be, I was allocated in this private room, without a doubt this place feel peaceful. I have finish reading all the manga and other thing that was given by visitor to me.


『Someday, a meteorite that was suddenly fall from the sky hit the head of certain boy, there is no danger to his life, and he only have bump in his head, but just to be careful he was hospitalized.』


The crush was appear in the local newspaper about one week ago.

The boy that was hit by the meteorite, was me.

On my way to school while rubbing my sleepy eyes like usual, a meteorite the size of volleyball suddenly fell from the sky.

And hit my head directly.


If you think it normally, it will be instant death for me. Not to mention an instant death, even the vicinity area will disappear because of shock wave, that will be great loss for the town where I live. Well, it should be so.

But, the mass of this meteorite was almost zero, it weight was like a sponge. there is no weight at all, this meteorite isn’t a sponge is it?

It is light and soft, If it was sponge, I will be relieved even if it hit me!


But I am certain that this isn’t a substance from earth.

That is why the result was the bump on my head.

I remember a brief pain when it hit my head directly, Because I lost my conscious after that, I didn’t remember any uproar later on as well.


Several eyewitness, in other word other student that was going to the same school, one of those guys seem to call the ambulance, according to their testimony, the sponge was fallen from the sky for sure.

When I was carried to hospital(Even though it was just a bump), the police come to the scene for inspection (How will they write the report about the fallen meteorite, I wonder?), The meteorite that was come from the long journey from the space to earth, and bounced from my head and fell to the ground was brought to some university laboratory to be analyzed.

Yesterday, my younger sister that has come to visit me say, that the material of meteorite was not from earth as expected, and surely it was from the space. I was told that was what was written on the newspaper.


“All people around the world was wondering how I am still alive after I was hit by meteorite”

“It’s seems like Onii-chan tough head was useful”


Even though my younger sister was laughing, I was hit in the head and fainting, this isn’t laughing matter.


I have several examination on hospital, the result was, it is the body of your average eleventh grader, with this result I was give approval seal and will be discharged tomorrow.

I didn’t understand why they examined me everyday, but I was relieved when it is finally over.

I am healthy 11 grader boy. All I do this week was sleeping in the bed all the time.

Because the nurse was often doing the rounds, I wasn’t able to masturbate. Because of that my healthy body become horny because I can’t release even once in 1 week.



When I return to my house, The first thing I must do was masturbate….

While staring at the ceiling absentmindedly thinking about this thing, there is sound of someone entering from the private room door.

It was the nurse, seems like she was doing her rounds.


“Kotaro-kun, Did your condition worsen~?”

“If my condition deteriorated, wouldn’t they extend my stay….”


The one that just entered was the nurse, however, she feel strangely stand out, it feel like she was unsuitable to work in hospital.

When putting it in the word, she was a blond haired nurse with glasses.


It was the nurse onee-chan that i have become quite close from this past week. The name written in her name tag was (Hanayashiki Ema)


She has a beautiful golden wavy hair that was extended to her back. When I ask her, she said she didn’t dye it but it is her original hair.

Her father was from Britain. So she was a half


Even though I said a half, she doesn’t feel like a foreigner. Instead she had lovely feature of Japanese.

I bet behind the cover of her black-rimmed glasses there is a beautiful face, but because it strangely suit her, it can’t cover that much.

Even though she looks slim, but she has a large breast and hips, that plump bottom give an impression of amorous woman.


Hanayashiki-san hold out the thermometer while laughing lightly.

The only joy I can got from this tasteless and boring hospital life, was to be able to converse with a beautiful women like Hanayashiki-san.



While putting the thermometer in my armpit, Hanayashiki-san was standing beside my bed while writing something on the paper, while glancing at me.

with all this spare time I have in while being hospitalized the only comfort I have was Hanayashiki-san

When I ask about her age before, she got angry with me. she was probably around 20 years old. For high school student like me she give a feeling of ‘Adult Women’ nevertheless she was a beauty and sexy too.

She has outstanding figure even though she wear nurse uniform. Her gentle appearance that give you a soothing feeling, While desperately suppressing my smirk, I once again acted cool.

Her hair was silky, and it made me think about how smooth it would probably feel. Each time she moved, it would sway, and give off this really nice scent.

It smell was enough to covered the smell of medicine from this hospital. She was so beautiful that I want to give her a ecchi examination.


While looking at Hanayashiki-san plump buttock that was wrapped by her nurse uniform, the thermometer alarm sound out with *chichichi informing the end of the measurement.


“Does it finish measuring? ….N~, alright it is a normal . Ok, looks like you are in good health!”


A good smell was floating from Hanyashiki-san side when she came near to get the thermometer, made me move around restlessly.

It was hard for me because I was unable to mastubrate for 1 week.

I want to touch Hanayashiki-san breast.


“Tomorrow you will be discharged. It must be boring right to stay in hospital for 1 week?”

“Because there Hanayshi-san, I will be fine even if I will be hospitalized for my entire life.”

“Ahahaha, you shouldn’t tease your elder sister so much okay~”


She dodged my joke with a smile on her face, this mature onee-chan give me a wonderful feeling.


“Still, even though a meteorite hit your head, you only get off with a bump…. Did you have such a hard head?”

“Even if you said something like that. It is just ordinary head, look”


“N~ , let me see?” Hanayashiki-san touch my hand gently. In this one week, I was able to befriend Hanayashiki-san, or it can be seen that I become someone like a younger brother to her.

Hanayashiki-san stroke my head without any wariness.

At this moment Hanayashiki-san breast was positioned right in front of my eyes, and I was glaring at her breast that was wrapped by her nurse uniform.

Even though All I can see was her cloth, I am satisfied.

She smell good.

When I return, I will think about Hanayashiki-san in nurse uniform and….


“The Bump seems already gone. alright. When you return if you think your condition is worsening would you come back to this hospital again?”

“If I can meet Hanayashiki-san, I would come everyday!”

“For the child that come here without any business, this onee-chan will not meet you~”

“Then, outside the hospital?”

“Oya, if you was this energetic I think you will be alright.”

[TL: there is some amazing marketing there.]


Hanayashiki-san laugh while patting my head lightly. So, this is happiness.

Suddenly I remember the remote control from a short while ago.

I didn’t recognize this remote control. So it was probably left behind by somebody


“Oh, right. There is something which looks like a remote control…”


When I try to pointed at the table beside my bed where I put the remote control before…

I notice that the remote control wasn’t on the table


“Remote control? What remote control?”

“Eh? I already put it on the table but not it disappear… Uwa!”


When I pointed my finger toward the table, suddenly the remote control appear within my grasp, I raise my voice unintentional.

What is this? I am certain I have put it away. I mean I didn’t feel like I am touching anything, how come it was in my hand now?


“Ah, er… This remote control…”

“Remote control? What remote?

“Eh? this remote control…”

“N? there is nothing there though?”


…. What did she mean?


It was this, I give the remote control Hanayashiki-san, but, she didn’t notice it at all. I become irritated and raise the remote control in front of her face, she give me a wondering face and said “what remote control?”

…Did she unable to see it?


Give me a break. I am certainly have the remote control in my hand, I even bring it in front of her face.

I become irritated and hand it over to Hanayashiki-san directly, when I try to push it to her… something unbelievable was shown.


“Here, it is this… Uwa!!”

“E!? What happen!?”


The remote control that I was going to force it into the Hanayashiki-san hand, goes through it.

The remote control passed through Hanayashiki-san hand like ghost and appear on the other side of her hand.


When the remote control pass through Hanayashiki-san hand, my hand that was holding it hit Hanayashiki-san hand.

Because the remote control doesn’t come in contact with Hanayashiki-san hand, my hand that was holding it hit her hand. It feels like this remote control doesn’t even exist at all.

I hurry up pulled my hand that was holding the remote control up. Even though it should pierced into other side of Hanayashiki-san hand, there doesn’t seem a wound on Hanayashiki-san hand.


“Kotaro-kun? Are you alright? …. Should I get the doctor?”

“Ah, no. I am alright….”


Hanayashiki-san look at me anxiously. However, I wasn’t able to believe what I am seeing so I grasp the remote control tightly inside my hand.

It was hard. I can feel it.


“Are you really alright? by any chance your head….”

“No… er… I am just practicing a pantomime.”

“Pantomime? …. You really made me worry. Did you have teasing your elder sister?”


Hahaha… I laugh awkwardly, Hanayashiki-san backed away and said ‘ it can’t be helped’.

Since I have previous record of being mischief. Hanayashiki-san give a wry smile and left the room while saying ‘Well if you are this energetic, you will be able to discharged tomorrow.’

Now I was left alone inside of this hospital room.

But the room where I spend all my free time is gone now.


….Wha what kind of a remote controller is this


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