Chapter 2 : Hanayashiki Ema ①

“…What kind of remote controller is this.”


When Hanayashiki-san left, I was left behind on this room alone, I muttered while looking at this remote controller on my hand.


I was able to see and feel it.

However Hanayashiki-san wasn’t able to see it, and she wasn’t able to touch it too.

Rather, it slip through her.


“Eh? there is nothing wrong with my head right? By any chance, am I the only that can see this remote controller….”


I was convinced that no one else can see it beside me. I have a feeling that it was some kind of mental illness.

No way. Is this a serious illness? I am scared. In the first place I already put the remote controller at the table, but, suddenly it was in my hand. Could it be that this is not a real remote control, but a product of my delusion?


I unconsciously tremble because of fear.

If this was the product of my delusion then…. I try to throw the remote control to the floor. The remote control that fell into a linoleum floor…. but, I didn’t hear the sound when it hit it.


“Hahaha, there isn’t any sound….”


I continue to stare at the remote control that lay on the floor patiently. But it didn’t disappear and still on the floor. I try to imagine holding the remote control in my hand.


“Uwa… I think this serious. I am in delusion.”


When I think about it for a moment, the remote controler at the floor disappear and returned back to my hand before I realize it. How did it happen?


“It was confirmed that it was my delusional…. What should I do? Should I consult it with the doctor?”


The doctor might not be able to see the remote control in my hand, Here, look at it! Hora! Hora!


If I do it like that, they will think something wrong with my head.

Well, I think there is something wrong with my head now!

Is it because of the shock when my head get hit by that damned meteorite?


I look at the remote controller while I anxiously thinking about that. Then I notice there is a word that show up on LCD part of the remote controller which wasn’t on display before.

…. what is this?


Hanayashiki Ema Love … 10


There is only one line. the word was displayed with clumsy half-sized word like Old Pager(Even though I haven’t seen one).

Hanayashiki Ema…. is this Hanayashiki-san? What is this Love thing?

There are 2 button on the remote controller. When I push the triangle of up button, the numerical value displayed in the LCD goes up by one. It become ‘Love… 11’

It seems like the numerical value was changed when I push this button. when I press reverse triangle for down button, the numerical value displayed in the LCD goes down by one. It returned to ‘Love….10’

…. What does it do?


When I try to push down button for trial, the numerical value was falling to 0 and even become a minus.


Hanayashiki Ema Love… -100


When the numerical value reach -100 it can’t go lesser than that. Is there any reason why it wasn’t able to go past it? is it the same when I reverse it?

The numerical value raise steadily when I press up button passed 0 and keep increasing. When it reach 100, it stopped.


Hanayashiki Ema  Love… 100


Was the [Love] on the LCD display the same as LOVE? This remote controler was able to increase the Love to 100 point and decrease it to -100 point. Hahaha, this is really the product of my delusion, it is ridiculous.

It is ridiculous…. but,


“Did i really want hanayashiki-san so bad that i ended up creating this remote controller out of my delusion…!?”


What the hell is this, my impression towards Hanayashiki-san was that she is a nice onee-chan, but, I want to bury my head into her plump buttock almost every day and also I want to put my Meat stick between her heavy big breast….

But, to think that I become crazy thinking about that and create this remote controller from my delusion…


As I thought, I should consult it with the doctor, that there is something wrong with my head.

I press nurse call button beside my bed. I wonder will they extended my stay here…. will I be able to return home? is there a Psychosomatic medicine department in this hospital?


When I am waiting while thinking about such thing, I look at the mysterious remote controller at my hand, when it haven’t been 30 second after I push the nurse call button, the door was opened forcefully.


“Kotaro-kun, are you alright!? where did you feel painful!? Ah, I am sorry… I am just away for a while….”


It was Hanayashiki-san that has finished her rounds and left this room before that coming in. Her expression looks different when he open the door forcefully and rush toward my bed hurriedly.

Close! I mean too close!

Her eyes was damp because of tear, with anxious look on her face she held my hand while looking at my face, Too close! she had long eyelashes and her well shaped pupil was clouded with anxiety.


“Eh? Eh? Hanayashiki-san….? isn’t it too close…?”

“Ah…. I am sorry, Kotaro-kun. It is because I am worried….”


Even though she said so, Hanayashiki-san didn’t try to get away from me.

Hanayashiki-san was sticking to me while holding my holding my hand, I wasn’t able to follow the sudden change of this situation.

What happen? why does Hanayashiki-san suddenly behave like this?


“Kotaro-kun? Is there anyplace that feel painful? Are you okay?”

“No, I didn’t feel pain anywhere. I am okay, I am okay….”


Because she was too close, Hanayashiki-san well shaped breast was pushed against my arm. Even though it was covered by the nurse uniform, I was able to feel how soft it is! When I return I should use this as my fap material.


Anyways, in this case, I will not be able to sleep at all! What on earth happen for Hanayashiki-san to become like this. In the first place, I only press the nurse button to consult about my remote controller delusion, Why am I feeling Hanayashiki-san’s breast in my arm?’, did I break into a bonus stage?


Hanayashiki-san still staring at me anxiously, when I explain to her there is nothing wrong with my body, she finally stop worrying. However, she still clenching on my hand.

…. That is right! the remote controller. I press the nurse call to consult about the remote controller.


“Ah, Ano, Hanayashiki-san….”

“…. I want you to call me Ema…”



What did she said?


Why did she suddenly said that?

But, Hanayashiki-san didn’t notice my bewilderment, Her finger was placed on my chest while she look at me with her upturned eyes, her expression looks like she want to flirt with me.


“Ah, I’m sorry? I know it was sudden… but, didn’t you think when you call me using my last name a little bit cold?”

“Is that how you behave toward a stranger?”

“Ah… I see.. that’s right. For Kotaro-kun I am just a stranger, I am just someone else…. I am sorry? for me to say such a strange thing.”

[TL: The sorry for this conversation was written as ごめんね(gomen ne) it is like a cute way saying sorry. hence the question mark behind the sorry.]


Hanayashiki-san suddenly become gloomy. it seems like her tear gonna burst out at any moment.

I didn’t understand how it become like this, but, this beautiful onee-chan tear pack quiet a destructive power! I became panicked and try to flatter Hanayashiki Ema.


“Ema-san! That is right! I want to call Ema-san first name too!”

“Really? I’m happy!”


Even though Ema-san eyes is still damp, she hug me with *Mugyu

I was covered by her breast! her breast was covering my face!!

I’m happy, I’m happy but I wasn’t able to understand. I didn’t how the situation become like this. I also didn’t understand why Hanayashiki-san become so happy like this as well.


…. Is this because of the remote controller?


Is it because I use this remote controller to change [Hanayashiki Ema Love … 100] that she fall in love with me? Something like this… I don’t think it was possible. But, Ema-san doesn’t seems like she is pulling a prank, I rolled my eyes in bewilderment.


Even though I am still confusing about this situation, Because of Ema-san my tension start to raise up.

When she move, her body was rubbing mine that was still lying down on the bed, and she start to speak with glittering eyes.


“Ne ne, Kotaro-kun, Did you dislike an older women? or did you like it?”

“E? No, I don’t really care….”

“I didn’t have a boyfriend. If there is a boyfriend like Kotaro-kun,… it will be nice.”

“…. Yes?”

“Kotaro-kun is so cool. Un, …. very cool.”


She whisper it while staring at my eyes.

This already exceed my limit as a virgin. Even though I am happy, but i need to ask her.


“Um…. Ema-san. What happen?”

“N~? What did you mean?”

“Did you feel unpleasant? because you seems to be different from your usual self.”

“Is it that much different… Ne, can I kiss you?”

“Eh? What… Umm…”


Without letting me finished my word, Ema-san face suddenly come closer and our lips touched.

She smell good.


“N… Kotaro… Kun…”

“Ha… N… I like… Kotaro-kun…”


Her lips feel so soft. When she push me down to my bed, her long golden hair feel tickles on my cheek. I was confused why she suddenly kiss me.

My first kiss..

Even though It was important to me,… no,  I don’t think it is that important at all, rather, I want it to be taken by such a gentle Onee-chan. Like this my first kiss was stolled by Ema-san that I have yearned for..


“N… umm…”


While feeling a sweet sigh from Ema-san, when we kissed. I didn’t have a room to savor this moment, Because I wasn’t able to fap for 1 week, my son start to react honestly.

Woah, it become fully erect right in front of Ema-san

Ema-san found out immediately.


“N…. Kotaro-kun… This is…”


While she blushed a little bit, Ema-san seems to be glad, she has bewitching smile while staring on the bulge inside my pajamas.

Because I wasn’t able to mastubrate, it stand proud like a mountain facing the sky like it was trying to rip my pajamas.

Ema-san slowly stretch out her hand, her white fingers was stroking the tip.


“Wow… Kotaro-kun thing… become like this.”

“Ahhh… Ema-san If you touch it like that… Uoooo!”

“Even though I just touch it over your pajamas… Alright, Leave this to onee-san”


Ema-san was holding my son over my pajamas, while stroking it gently. I can feel the touch of this beautiful women on my thing.

Ema-san has take off my pajamas without stopping for a moment. When she lowered my boxer, my shameful erection was show before Ema-san face.

It feel refreshed when it feel outside air. When it was exposed to Ema-san face, my meat stick become more aroused.


“Uwa, … Ema… san!?”

“It looks painful… Relax, because I will comfort it now… *Hamu”



When Ema-san smooth hand hold my meat stick, she put it inside her mouth without hesitation.

The feel of her soft lips and her tongue sent a pleasant feeling all over my body.

This… Is this the legendary thing that I only can be seen in AV and porn book! a Fellatio! Woa… Inside Ema-san mouth is so warm….

[TL:actually there is no legendary at there but I can’t resist and put it. the real translation is ‘is this something that only can be seen in AV and porn book!’]


“*Hamu… N….”


Right in front of me, a blond black glasses nurse (Beautiful women) is holding my erection inside of her mouth.

The feeling of Ema-san tongue almost made waist jump unconsciously.


The face of Ema-san that was holding my meat stick in her mouth was so erotic. when her lips and tongue was dancing in my pole, unable to withstand her teasing anymore, the feeling of my ejaculation was drawing near.

Because of 1 week of prohibition, when she kiss my hard meat stick a while ago it already become unbearable.


“No… Good.. I gonna come out…”

“Umm? Just let it out, inside…”

[TL: let me know if you guys want the word like someone who is stuffing their mouth while talking or just let it be like this]


Ema-san said it while stuffing her mouth with my meat stick. And then I explode inside Ema-san mouth while standing.

The sperm was shoot inside Ema-san mouth.

I was stunned when I ejaculate it inside a women mouth.I feel a strange excitement hit me.


“UNnn…!! NNnn… n…”


… She drink it. Hanayashi um… Ema-san is drinking my semen…

I ejaculate it on this women mouth, The feeling of conquest and excitement was filling up inside of me, while I continue to ejaculate a large quantity of my semen inside Ema-san mouth.

She swallowed my sperm, and she kiss and suck my meat stick till it was clean and she raise her head and give an innocent smile to me.


“N.. *hah… Amazing… you release a lot of it…”

“Haa… Ha…”


All of this excitement from my ejaculation seems to made me have a nosebleed, I watch Ema-san face while breathing roughly. Looks like she was unable to drink all of it, there is a line of semen that escape from her lips.

I made this onee-san drink my semen.


“Ema-san… Ano…”


I didn’t understand why she do this, that is why I want to ask Ema-san ‘Why did you do this?’ and then a alarm sound with *bebeep from Ema-san pocket.


“Ah, I’m sorry… It seems like I was being called..”


While frowning a little bit to the bell, Ema-san stand up like how she always do. I feel like I have return to my normal daily like when I hear the bell chime, I rushed to put back my boxer and pajamas in hurry.

Without any time to ask why she do this, Ema-san turn her body and said ‘Kotaro-kun, let’s do it again, tonight…’ while smiling softly.


“Ah, yes. tonight… Tonight!?”

“Fufu… Bye-bye, see you later…”

“Why tonight… Ah, Ema-san! It is dripping! your mouth!”


When Ema-san want to leave while feeling reluctant, when I can her in hurry, she said ‘Ah…ehehe, it is dripping out…’ she move her finger to her mouth while blushing.

And wipe the sperm that was dripping from her mouth with her finger, she lick it clean with the tip of her tongue and show it to me.

Looking at this scene, my evil fire start to ignite again . Ema-san give me a bewitching smile again and left the room.

[TL: can’t help it myself again here. the actual translation was Looking at this scene, It unintentionally start to made me excited again.]


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