Chapter 7 : Mizuhara Sakuya ②

At dim evening, on the deserted public park.

On the bush while I face Mizuhara-san, I urge her to strip off.


“Eh, Etozawa-kun… forgive me… To take off my clothes… outside….”

“Un, I know you are embarrassed. I understand that. But I want to see Mizuhara-san naked body.”

“U, umm… If it was inside my room I will show it… But, outside…”

“No, I want to see Mizuhara-san naked now. Because…”


I stare straight to Mizuhara-san eyes.


“Because I like Mizuhara-san”

“….! Etozawa-kun…”

“I Like. I Love you. I want Mizuhara-san naked. I happiness.”


… I am not accustomed saying a embarrassed word. That is why I speak like an indian,for now I look at Mizuhara-san eye patiently.

Then Mizuhara-san that has been unwilling till now, hesitated for a moment and murmured [If it was Etozawa-kun wish…] began to take off her clothes while feeling embarrassed.

When her Love point was Maxed, it seems like the word ‘Like’ have considerable effect.

[TL: No racist intended or to talk bad about indian people. Please forgive me if any indian people that get offended while reading this line. If you want to blame, blame it to the author seriously that is what i got from MTL]


After Mizuhara-san uniform was off, I was able to see her cute bra, after that she take off her skirt, there is only her underwear left on her.

And, after hesitate for several second, with *Ei! She take off her brassie.

Mizuhara-san bare breast appear right in front of me.


“Mi, Mizuhara-san breast…!! H, Hey, don’t cover it with your hand, let me look at it!”

“Un…. Uuu… so embarrassing….”


Even though Mizuhara-san face was about to cry because of embarrassment, she still show her breast right in front of me. Her breast was much smaller than Ema-san, However i think it will fit perfectly in my palm, I think this was good!

When I come near to look at it, her well shaped breast faintly shake. At the tip of twin mountain there is beautiful pink nipple that was pointing up.


“…. The bottom?”

“FUE! Th, that is right… yes…”


Mizuhara-san startle a little bit when she hear my request and she take off her underwear as if she already resigned herself to it. The last piece of clothes slip past her soft tight, knee and off through her calf.



“U, urgh… Etozawa-kun please don’t look at it so much…”




He look at Mizuhara-san as if he was a skillful appraiser. Sometime he look at it from far away or sometime he look near it. He was gazing at Mizuhara-san from various angle.

After gazing her from various angle he come to conclusion, Mizuhara-san naked body was so beautiful. Not only her breast, but every part of her body was well shaped too.

Her tight ass looks so delicious.

Her well-shaped belly and cute navel.

And her small size but firm breast stood up proudly.


He took out his smartphone and tap on camera application.


“Here…. Say cheese….”

“U,ah…! You can’t take the picture…!”

“…. Can’t?

“Uuu…n. nothing…”


Time to take a photo. I take the photo of her breast, ass and her face.


“Alright, then sit here. Spread out your leg so I can see it.”



Because I feel sorry to let her sit down on the grass naked, so I let her sit on my bag. And Mizuhara-san slowly spread her leg in embarrassment.

Till it made M shaped.


Mizuhara-san private part was right in front of me.

It is the 2nd time I see a raw women private part, and it was the 2nd person. The shape seems to be different from Ema-san as expected…. Interesting.

Ema-san have a gold colored public hair. While Mizuhara-san public hair doesn’t seems to grow much.

Her slit was closed tight, so I can’t see what is inside of it.

Even though it was dim, with this much lighting I can still look at the stark naked body that was dyed pink because of embarrassment. This beautiful girl that spread open her leg seem like she will break from shyness.

This is too erotic!


When I crouch down in front of Mizuhara-san private part, I extended my finger to both side of the slit.


“Ah..! Etozawa-kun, that place…”


The sensation of her hot private part was transmitted back from my finger. Using my finger I  start to spread her slit apart.

The inside of her pink slit was showed, it become exposed right in front of my eye and it twitch a little bit.


“This is Mizuhara-san private part…”

“Hau, so embarrassing… Please don’t look at it so much….”

“No, I will look at it, I will look at it carefully. I will take a photo too..”



When I move my finger to left and right to spread and close her slit, her private place make a sound *kupaa *kupaa. Muzuhara-san private place was so soft.


“Fuwa… haa…”

“Does this feel good Mizuhara-san?”

“I, I don’t know…. But, I feel strange itchy…”

“How about here?”

“Hyaa! Dont, not there…. It feel somewhat funny there…”

“Is that so. Then, you need to feel more.”



When I use my finger to play with her clit, Mizuhara-san body start to twitch around. Because I have practiced with Ema-san private part, I was able to do it perfectly.

Mizuhara-san scream with her delicate voice while I play with her clitoris, and I move my finger inside her private part and move it rapidly, before long a sweet sigh was mixed in her scream.

Before long her hole start to secrete her love juice.

With her love juice as a lubricant, I was able to increase the movement of my finger inside her private part. It made Mizuhara-san waist start to move impatiently by her own.


“E, Etozawa-kun… umm…”

“What’s wrong Mizuhara-san?”

“U, umm… restroom… please let me go…”

“….Did you feel like peeing?”


Seriously? I want to see it.


“Alright, Alright, do it here.”

“Fue!? N, no… I don’t want to… therefore… please…”

“No, I want to see Mizuhara-san peeing. That is why…”


Can’t you show everything to someone you love?


When I said so, Mizuhara-san seemed to be surprised. Probably because she was experience a pleasure that she never experience till now she absentmindedly said, [Yes…. I understand… I will do it here.]



Mizuhara-san spread open her leg as I requested. To let me see her peeing scene clearly, she put her right hand next to her private part and spread it open herself.

I wonder if it was because she was being watched, since she was unable to pee even though she was trembling.


“Mizuhara-san, it isn’t ready yet?”

“A little bit more… almost..”


I put my smartphone in standby mode so I can record it.

Before long… a warm liquid start to spill out of her private part.


“Fuwa… it is out… To pee… in front… of Etozawa-kun….”

“Wow… It come out with such a force. Fumu. Is this urethra that Ema-san was talking about.”


Between her private part and her clitorius, the pee was shoot out. It start to make a steam as it reach the ground, it drew a beautiful parabola as it was released from Mizuhara-san private part.

Looking at a naked beautiful classmate that was peeing inside the bush, made my meat stick start to rouse up from it sleep


Looking at Mizuhara-san innocent expression.

She was so cute and lovely. I try to make her relaxed while smiling. Usually, Mizuhara-san was like a fairy that come out from the painting,but, I never thought Mizuhara-san can become this aroused.


Before long, the force of Mizuhara-san Pee was weakens.

Looking at Mizuhara-san thigh and private part my meat stick already erect and it start to become painful. I don’t think I will able to endure it anymore.

I lowered the zipper of my pant slowly.

Mizuhara-san become embarrassed after doing such a shameful play, and look at me absentmindedly.


“The scene of Mizuhara-san peeing was so beautiful that it made my thing become like this…”

“Fuwa… Etozawa-kun…”


I take out my meat stick that has become erect. Then I heard she gasped. I even take it out and show it right in front of Mizuhara-san face.

Not only did I show it to her, I also rub my meat stick at Mizuhara-san face. Soft… It seems like it will become a habit.

Mizuhara-san looks astonished, but I can’t endure it anymore.


“Mizuhara-san I want you to make me feel good with your mouth. Hora, open your mouth.”


I slide my meat stick that was on her cheek before, and slide the tip on her lips.

Her lips feel soft. Is this Mizuhara-san first kiss? Even though I haven’t kiss her yet, my meat stick already take her first kiss.


“Hurry. My meat stick already become like this so you need to take responsibility.”

“U…Ummn… …NNnn… Um… Nnn….!”

“Don’t use your teeth. Use your tongue and lick it clean.”


When Mizuhara-san want to said something. I shove my meat stick inside her opening lips forcefully. After that I start to violate the mouth of the girl that haven’t ever been dirtied before.

The feel of her saliva covered tongue feel so good.

I grasped Mizuhara-san head so she can’t escape, and move my waist slowly. I start to face-fuck Mizuhara-san.


“UO…. Mizuhara-san mouth feel so good. It almost made me cum immediately….”



It looks Mizuhara-san was feeling pain to the point her eyes become teary, but she still didn’t use her teeth and use her tongue to lick me.

Even though I move awkwardly it still give enough stimulation for me to feel good.

My voice leaked out as I feel my ejaculation come near.


“UU… Mizuhara-san! Cum…! I am gonna Cumming! I am going to cum inside Mizuhara-san mouth!”

“NNN! Mnnn!! N….”


My meat stick start to fired the semen inside Mizuhara-san mouth. The force of my ejaculation sent the sperm straight to Mizuhara-san throat. Because he can’t contain all my sperm she coughed and I take out my meat stick from her mouth.

She cough out my sperm from her mouth, some of it even come out from Mizuhara-san nose.


“Fuuu… It feel good Mizuhara-san.”

“*cough… R,really…? I am glad…”


Mizuhara-san really cute after all.

While praising Mizuhara-san that has do her best, I rub my semen covered meat stick to her breast to clean it. Her soft breast almost made my meat stick become erect again.


“Fuu… Because Mizuhara-san was so erotic it become erect again. What did you think we should do?”

“Eh… that… is this… my fault…?

“That is right. Because it already become like this, I think we should use Mizuhara-san private place.”

“Fue..!? Ah, that… that…”


Mizuhara-san start to move her hand in panic.

However, when I said [You don’t want to?] she immediately became silent while glancing at my half-erect meat stick.

Soon, her face become red and she muttered.


“It isn’t like I didn’t want to do it with Etozawa-kun. I…”

“Then. should we change the place?”



I take Mizuhara-san hand and start to walk away.

There is a public toilet on the other side of the bush. After I confirmed there is no one inside. I take the hand of Mizuhara-san and lead her inside.

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