Home of Original Works

Hi there.. This is a page dedicated for authors that wanted to join us.

Email Us here rebirthonlineworld@gmail.com Comments are disabled please use email.

Author requirements:

  • Your story must be original
  • At least ten chapters published (it doesn’t matter if it was already published on royal road before or anywhere else, even if it was your own website we will put a link to your website)
  • Will be able to post on regular schedule (once every two week is the longest limit)
  • Will be able to use tables and boxes if needed in your story (we will teach you on how to do it)

These requirements are needed to maintain your reader. We don’t want to have authors publishing three chapters of their story and quit.

The benefits:

  • You will have a lot of reader from our Rebirth Online World reader base (3k visitors daily and 20k average page view)
  • Support from us if you have any question or problem
  • Your own donation button on your page
  • Maybe a pay (if our web is approved for wordads monetizing. If it wasn’t approved then don’t expect anything lol)

At last,  we are striving to be better and you’re welcomed to join us!

Email us rebirthonlineworld@gmail.com With your info eg Name of Novel link to other site with it on ect