trts ch 01

Chapter 1 Closer

Edited By Mjonir

– Huff, huff…

(It hurts really bad, damn i think ‘m gonna pass out…)

As I was cursing in my mind, i looked around me. I could barely open my eyes to see because of the sharp stinging pain that came from the acid. I needed something to wash this off but for now there wasn’t any water available for me to use. If i didn’t hurry i could go blind..

– Brother !

As my thoughts drifted away, i could see a beautiful little girl with pale white skin, red hair and striking black eyes. Her size was really small and she looked really cute; she was 8 years old and was my little sister, Stella.

– Brother, don’t die… Uwahh !

Stella hugged me as i laid on the ground, barely keeping myself conscious. She worried about me even thought she was just a child and me her older brother… shouldn’t it be the other way around ? What an incompetent brother i was for making my 8 year old little sister cry because i was about to become blind. Who knew, i was also very likely to die : the chemicals that i inhaled and got all over my face had a the deadly effect to make the heart stop…I was feeling angrier and angrier against myself as i was about to fall into despair.

Stella was hugging me tightly the whole time. I didn’t feel anything other than total despair right now :  all that planning for the 15 years that i lived here to get me and my sister out of here ! It was a cruel life if i may say.
I was thinking about how this all started : when i was only 6, i was taught how to read and write. Back then, i didn’t know anything about the outer world, only when I started reading the magazines and books that my, all so caring damned parents, would store here in the basement did i realize that the world out of these basement’s walls were not to protect me but to imprison me and my little sister.
At the age of 6, i first met my little sister. She was just a little infant in my arms who i fed and kept warm. I was the only person who would care for her and we grew up together. I educated her the best I could from what i had read but I knew she would never be happy as long as she stayed in this god forsaken death trap of a life… So I waited and waited for a chance to come.

9 years later, now, still in the basement, i was making some drugs my parents taught me how to do. In these 9 years, i had been stuffing all the knowledge from the books i could get into my brain in the hope it would help me when I needed to get out of here and take my sister with me. I trained my body and practiced some martial arts in this 16 to 16 meter big basement with one light in the middle. We would only get food at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

It was morning, not that i could see the sun or know what day it was, being here can make you forget everything the world had to offer. I started doing light exercise to keep my body fit while Stella was still sleeping. I would usually wake her up when dawn came. I educated her in all possible subjects I could find; she was a very good kid, she never complained about anything. I was glad she was my sister but once again i wanted to give her a much better life than this certain and long death sentence.

It was an usual day where i would start making drugs with the tools that were provided by my parents. I never once tasted these drugs, knowing that they weren’t good for the health but I always kept some strength increasing pills if things got rough.

– Brother, what are you doing ?

Stella woke up from her nap and came next to me, half asleep; she was as cute as ever.

– Your brother is working, little Stella, why don’t you read some books here ?

– Yes brother!

It was the usual thing we did every morning. Once every week, one of my parents would come here ,drop off books and take the drugs.
When i was little, they beat me up for my errors on drug making and because Stella wasn’t old enough they didn’t give her anything to do. They made me do everything like washing clothes, making drugs and other stupid things. I was glad that they never touched Stella for anything, i took extra attention to her to keep her clean and not get any disease.

I was in the middle of making drugs with strong hallucination effects. Over these years, i didn’t just wait, i made a lot of plans on how to go about it and when to escape and today was the day we would finally escape this place ! I didn’t tell Stella about it because I didn’t want her to be overexcited about anything.

I was making the drugs for the desired effect; it was a small task, an easy one if you ask me but I never thought it would cost me so much.

– (BOOM !)

When I made the hallucination drug only one ingredient was left to mix, but because of a dumb mistake, i took the wrong vial and combined it with the brew : that leaded to the chemicals exploding at my face.

– Brother !

And here we were again, how and why did it have to be like this ? I had studied the patterns, when my parents would leave the house or wherever i was. They would only leave for 2 hours in a specific day, locking the door with heavy locks and chains…

But now, i was not in a good state : because of the drugs that entered my nose and eyes i could die or go blind! The minimum of what could happen would be me becoming blind and if that happened, i really didn’t know what to do… I wanted to scream, shout and complain about all the unfairness that had befallen me and my little sister but i kept quiet.

(Soon, this all won’t matter anymore) i thought.

Thinking so, i drifted into a deep hallucinated dream… I had a wish… Maybe it would work somehow.


3 comments on “trts ch 01

  1. Yay! the interesting story has finally been edited at some point 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    I can’t express how delighted I am well enough through emojis! D:

  2. Btw just noticed that the editor is credited.
    Thank you Mjolnir!
    You are the most under-appreciated part of the hero who saved the universe but it couldn’t be done without you!
    Oh and thanks for the editing too 😛

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