trts ch 02

Chapter 2 A Strange Escape

-uwaah uwaaah !

Stella what ?

-hey stella what is it sweetie…

-brother yoou…uwaah…

-what ?

I Slowly got up hugging stella closer to calm her down my body was really rigid from the drug almost paralyzed… suddenly i realized.

I am alive no i am not blind should i say what happened didn’t the drug catch my eyes or nose the drug was highly toxic there is now way that it shouldn’t had any effect on me i am quite sure about it on top of it since 2 years i never failed to make drugs with any effect.These effects aren’t that hard to make for me so why didn’t it have any effect ?

-ugag ugag…

Anyways i am glad i am alive i should calm stella right now…

As i was thinking about that i noticed the door being pounded from the other side and someone shouting.

-hey you fucking cunts be quite !

As the person said that he opened the door it wasn’t my “parent” it was someone i never knew of.


Stella got scared and started crying again she is holding onto my waist real tight.

The person who was shouting on the other end of the door opened the door and came in looking at us furiously i stood still examining him i was confused who was he ??

-you fucking…

He sneered about to approach us his eyes were bloodshot and his head muscles were tight he was obviously drugged.

-you.. i give you manners !

My body was really hard making it really hard to move i can’t do it i need to distract him to myself.

-hey you son of bitch why don’t take on someone your size or can you only pick on someone the size of your brain ?

-you damn…

He grabbed a metal pipe walking straight at us stella was still in front of me not letting go very scared and crying i couldn’t move either this was really bad damn it he is going to hit stella i have to do something !

As i was trying to think of a solution to this the guy was about to swing his pipe at me and stella i was paralyzed on every corner of my body i wasnt able to shield the hit but still i shouted.


As i said those words i closed my eyes not wanting to see what was about to happen but the hit never came i couldn’t hear anything not one sound stella wasn’t crying either…i was open my eyes but i did it anyways..

Slowly i opened my eyes and saw…the guy he was standing mid swing as if posing a swing with his pipe he looked like a statue i looked down at
stella she was she was also like a statue frozen on my chest not opening her eyes or making a sound there was no sound that i could hear silence nothing else.


What is happening why is everything still as if time…time stopped ?!
I looked at the clock on the table it wasn’t moving the arrow that counted the seconds wasn’t moving i looked back at the guy he wasn’t even blinking i stood up.


I am able to move ?! what the hell wasn’t i more or less paralyzed ?!

I look at my arms nothing out of usual i look back at the guy

-well this is a chance i don’t get quite often so might as well try it

For a minute i thought this all was a dream because i was drugged and could just be possibly sleeping and all of this would be in my head but still even dream or not i wanted to protect my sister.

I took the metal pipe from the guy i was surprised that i can interact with items while being in this state but right now it wasn’t the time to be fascinated at all.

I swung the pipe as hard as i could aiming his head.

-(Sound of Dough being hit)….

What the fuck…it felt like as if i hit some piece of dough…

I didn’t have time to wonder what happened but if time will continue on going i am guessing he will somehow feel what i did to him he didn’t look different when i hit him with the pipe but the shape of the pipe was marked in his cheek i really don’t wanna know what will happen to him when time goes on

I picked up stella…what the was stella always this light she… When i held stella she was light like a piece of paper ones again i was fascinated
how this all worked but i still didn’t have time to figure out how this works well time is stopped right now but you get what i mean.

I approached the door to leave the basement.


This was the first time i ever left the basement all these years i have been planning and planning on how to get out of here with stella and when i actually get out it makes me question for what i lived these 15 years of planning my escape


I hope the outer world is more kind.As i was about to leave the basement i look a back at the guy for last minute.

-Probably not

And so i leave the basement into the house.


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