trts ch 03

Chapter 3 Stop And Start

I was going I didn’t know where but anywhere away from here. Still there was no sound I could hear was time stopped even now? How did all this even happen?

As i moved out i realized that i wasn’t really in a house instead there were long corridors with doors and no windows..


I looked down at my little sister her facial expression was still the same when we were at the basement I don’t know how long this goes but I hope
It won’t be that long.

I looked around for a exit I didn’t know where I was I was never in the actual house only at the basement so I was lost I looked into every room
I could find but what I found was more people stopped in time I always panic when I see someone and then realize that they can’t even move.

2 hours later…

Okay this is justdumb I have been walking around for hours and I can’t find the exit if not for this strange event that is happening I would have never escaped from this place and ones again I wonder how all of this is actually happening ?

I stop for a minute to take a breath I had been walking for hours while carrying Stella but well she is as light as paper so I don’t think I am that out of breath.


I am not tired? What? Why? I touched my body arms,legs,chest,head nothing out of ordinary but I wasn’t sure I needed a mirror to see some other places I stood up ones again and tested my legs my muscles don’t hurt at all I jumped.


I didn’t feel the landing? What? What the hell? I jumped again…still the same think it is as if am landing from a tiny leap nothing else
I looked around ones again I needed a mirror I picked up Stella and started going back into one room where I saw a woman who was doing something with a small mirror in hand after couple minutes I found her beside her were 2 other women sitting on a chair it seems like they are talking. For me it looks like they are statues.

I take the mirror from her hand…it looks kind of awkward as if she is pretending to have a mirror in her hand.

I take the small mirror and look at me my face seems to be okay even my black hair and eye….my eyes they changed color they are golden?!
I must be hallucinating eyes can’t change color…


I look back at the statue like 3 women and then back at the mirror…yeah I shouldn’t wonder about something like this stupid I need to get out of here.

– (sigh)

Too much happened in one day this is ridicules I need some time to think…how did this all happen?
I try to remember when this happened…it was after i closed my eyes on that hit so what did happen then?
The reason I am trying to figure out the situation is because I am the only one who can move even thought time is stopped…
It must be me who did this but how and how do I ever stop it I mean start it start time

– (woman scream)

What I heard a scream I look beside me the 3 women are moving now?!

-what who are you?!

She asked I didn’t quiet get what was happening or how I started time again and then it came to me!
My thoughts! I close my eyes and concentrate I muttered.


Quite nothing not one sound the 3 women’s are stiff like statues ones again I touch them to be sure…soft their skins are soft time definitely
Stopped so I can control this?

I looked back at the woman and muttered.


-answer who you are where did you come from?!

I wasn’t quite sure what to say I needed a way out and these 3 knew something of the way out of here.

-I want to know the way out of here tell me where it is

I said they looked at each other and started laughing

-ha-ha good one kid but you quite don’t know what situation you are in

The second woman to the left grabbed something on her hip and pulled it out…a gun I was sure it was a gun…

-now tell us who you are and where did you come from hey who is that girl?

They were pointing at Stella the second woman was vigilante not letting her guard down even thought I am a child well what should I say seems like I have to make it the hard way and I know how


I said time stopped ones again I looked at the 3 woman in front of me I looked at the women who had the gun and took it from her easy…
I inspected the other 2 and found another 2 guns I took their holsters so I can carry them ones I was finished and sure that they didn’t have any weapons I stood back where I originally stood and pointed the gun at the leader woman and said.


-are you deaf tell us……….

She was puzzled it took her 4 seconds to comprehend what just happened.

-Alexis my gun?!

-mine too!

Both of the women from the left and right side told her they didn’t have their guns she looked at me with the biggest dumbfound expression so I said.

-where is the way out again?


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