trts ch 04

Chapter 4 Ignorance Can Be A Bliss

The leader woman had a deadpanned look on her face indicating that she was thinking of a solution for the current situation I was getting more and more impatient by her quietness and shook the gun a little in her direction it worked.

-okey okey wait boy ehm…

She gave a thoughtful look the other two were gulping seeing me having both of their guns hanging on my waist in their holsters.

-I will lead you follow me kid…

I looked at her for a second I was never good in reading peoples faces hell the only person I ever interacted my whole life was my little sister and she never was a good liar at that…but books help a lot sometimes it didn’t take me a lot to know that she was straight out telling me a lie.


I said she looked a little baffled on my response I was keeping my smile in the whole conversation we had I ones read that doing so makes people more friendlier and less likely to hate you but I cant see if it actually is working or not.

The woman stood up from her chair and said

-what is your name boy ?


-okey “dawn” follow me please

-ahh wait a minute

I stopped remembering something I couldn’t let the other two stay here they would let the others know that I escaped.


I faced the other 2 woman and hit both of them hard to the throat with the gun handle just to be sure I hit 2 times each and continued time again

-(sound of body’s falling to the ground)

The woman who was supposed to lead me starred at the other 2 uncounscious woman on the ground after couple of seconds she looked back at me I could feel a light tug from my side on my shirt this whole time my little sister was quite not making one sound she was brave very brave at that.

-you are leading miss ?


-carrot ?


I could feel her anger from her voice when she corrected me not that I wanted to ask anyways.

And so she started leading us to the exit this tunel of a place was really big I wondered where all the air was coming from there must have been some big room that handles such stuff.Every 5 minutes miss…karot? Would look back at me checking if I still was there or not.The whole way I didn’t let me smile waver I could feel my jaws cramping up in pain but I ignored it I needed to if I wanted to get out of here.

We were walking for 15 minutes I could tell that she was leading us near the exit because we were going up but ones again there weren’t any windows I couldn’t even tell what a window was I only saw it in magazines or books I never saw the sun or the sky even ones how sad could that be I wondered

-okey we are almost there

She said I wasn’t really worried much about anything since my discovery of these weird powers I had I could just stop time and flee with my sister but still I was vigilante from anything unecxepted.

Stella was quite she wasn’t looking at the woman she didn’t even take a glance at her only holding my right hand while looking down at the floor for some reason I could tell that she was aware of everything around us and that if she would make a loud sound we would get busted deep down I felt like I couldn’t protect my little sister but i brushed it off prioritizing my current goal of escape right now.

As we walked through doors into other corridors and so on I noticed that some door had a big O shape on them painted in red and some doors had big X shapes also in read I didn’t ask her but I was getting more curious I was pointing my gun at her at all times just to give her pressure I sure knew how the gun works  but I never really shot anything as you may guess.

As we were approaching another stairs up I heard something…someone crying

I stopped and looked at the direction where the sound came from it wasn’t really someone crying it was too soft it was a whimper in that sort the sound came from another doot it had that big O in red color on it I was getting too curious and asked.

-what are these doors about miss karot ?

She stood still as If frozen I couldn’t tell what she was thinking but I saw her shiver for a moment she turned around to face me with a smile but it was too fake to be true not that mine was better.

-its just a storage room

That was a really bad lie a part of me wanted to just open the door and see for myself but..

As I pondered I looked at the door and ones again I could hear that whimper that little soft sound I stood there glued to the floor and staring at the door.The woman was starting to sweat watching me nervously.

I started approaching the door .

-wait boy

I looked back at miss I was already next to the door almost about to open it.


I asked she was starting to sweat even more on my question.

-its locked

She said I ignored her answer and opened the door not surprisingly it was open I opened the door and looked around it was really empty there was only one bed and someone was on the bed.


I looked back at miss brows raised at her she didn’t look into my eyes she looked to the floor.

I grunted and approached the bed in closer inspection you could tell that the blanked and the bed had red flecks all over it some big some small in all shapes it smelled bad as well and also…the whimpering was now a little louder.

-brother…lets leave..

I looked down to my sister I could see the fear in her eyes I couldn’t understand  it why she was scared I looked back at the bed the blanked was covering someone maybe this person could also help.

-hello there mr/ms can you help us ?


There was no answer nor a move but I didn’t want to give up so figured I should talk to him or her face to face so I was about to pull his or her blanked until


Someone had grabbed my arm stopping me I looked at the person it was the miss she had that scary look on her I couldn’t understand much of.

-Take your hand off

I said in a deep tone she got startled a little and pulled her hand off looking to the other side as she spoke

-I don’t  think he will answer you boy

-why that ?

I asked she didn’t answer so I ignored her and pulled the blanked…

I looked at the person who was laying there I couldn’t see his face he was leaning to the other side stella shuddered for a second and started pulling me back to the door.

-lets leave brother he is sleeping we shouldn’t disturb him

I couldn’t get that logic of hers I looked at the person closer his or her clothes were normal other then…it also had red flecks on them I was about to speak again until I noticed another think it didn’t have ears…

My eyes got wide the person couldnt hear me I only just noticed I thought.Next to the ear there was some torn skin at least it looked torn it seemed like it healed but it looked fleshy as if it could fall down any moment…I took a step back to the door and turned around walking to the corridor karot also started leading us  she didn’t say a word after that not that she was talkative I also dropped my smile and so we continued following her only to realize that we ended up on the roof well not really we ran to the roof shall I say


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  1. Okay, it’s an interesting concept, but I can’t read this. To many sentences without commas and the word “Quiet” was spelled “Quite”. and “okay” was spelled “okey”.

    This entire thing needs to real, proper editing.

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