trts ch 06

Chapter 6 The Final Run

As 8 fireballs flew at me and stella time ones again stopped before my eyes this ability was really handy when it came to reflexes in which I wasn’t good at right now.I start to examine the balls of fire more accurately and I make sure stella would be behind me I don’t know if time will stop when stella is about to get hit but I don’t wanna risk it so better safe then sorry.

In closer inspection the balls of fire aren’t made but created through something I look at the old man he is ones again pointing at me with his palm that means he is directing the fireballs the only think I can think of for this would be magic but…

-(touches the fireball)

I don’t believe in magic or any superstition at all…

Off course I like fantasy stories its just that I don’t believe in anything I cant see shall I say but still these fireballs are here and right now and time is stopped so I cant really argue with anything.

I approach the old man and search him through he had a lot of money on his body and some rings and amulets with him his book is chained to his hip and the chains have small carvings to it too.

I stop searching the old man and start looking at the fireballs again I am still not sure what to do it seems like everything just stops when i get in danger but I can move and I can move other objects if I want to I can also move something that doesn’t have a body the fire ball is warm but not that hot that it would burn more like mild warm than anything  and when I move it and touch it it feels like I am holding a warm ball without weight another think that I am intrigued about nothing seems to have weight when time is stopped my sister weights like a piece of paper.

-(raises the table with his hands)

Even the wooden table is nothing more then paper weight to me on top of that it seems like I don’t get tired when time gets stopped either I also cant throw anything the moment I let something go from my hand it just stops mid air or where I was holding it…a very confusing situation I am in right now.
Back to the main topic what do I do with the fireballs I don’t get how he is producing them in the first place but i think it has something to do with his hands maybe that book has something to it ?

I look closer to the book it is chained to his waist and has a lock to it so it cant be opened… wait how about I try to break it ?

I look at the table if what I am thinking is correct then I can…

-(hits the wooden table corner)

It….it broke the corner of the table broke and I only used my fist of course I hit hard but it was too soft it didn’t hurt at all so thinks don’t have weight or are hard is true but…

The guy who I hit with the steel pipe his head didn’t break down ? was it because I hit him with a item not with my fist or ?

I look at the old man he is 5 feat tall or so and has a round face with brown eyes and white short hair his complexion is decent for a old man like him.

I make a fist and hit the old mans stomach…

It’s the same it was like hitting a piece of dough so everything I touch can come to reality or what should I say come back to being hard ?

Now what will happen if I continue time I hit him clearly to the stomach just now and really hard too soo…

Well lets first think of these fireballs…
Now that I know that these things don’t have a mass nor any weight or resistance at all I should be able to do something…


I take a fireball and start squeezing it it turns out that I can compress it to what ever shape without any counter force striking back at me so I collect all the fireballs and start compressing them all together and so I turned 8 fireballs into one tiny marble ball the color of the marble is really bright like a mini sun but the temperature  isn’t hot at all it’s the same.

I place the tiny fireball into a drawer because I don’t know where to place i take stella it and stand behind the entrance and start time.


-ehh ? brother ?

Stella looks around very confused she didn’t talk much since we were going up and I am pretty sure she must be really confused on what was happening but I needed her to wait right now explaining would take time.

I open the door and look into the room smoke a lot of smoke.

-(heavy breathing)you…you are quite a trickstar aint ya If I didn’t make a shield before the explosion I wouldn’t have survived this and seeing that you are behind that door without me knowing and on top of it you have your little girl over there you must be very fast to do so much..

-(not really fast but whatever)

-so are you going to tell me how to get out ?

The old man was panting and sweating from his face his table wasn’t there anymore where ones the table was  left some really heavy scorch marks there are some little burned pieces and dust flying in the air the room that ones was a office looked like a big crater.

-haha cheeky aint ya I give you that very well I said that if you defeat me I am going to let you go and I hold my words to it

The old man swiftly moved his hands and points at me I get ready to retaliate but nothing was coming.

-brother !

I look behind me and 4 fireballs were heading towards stella she was 3 steps away from me and the fireballs were flying towards her with high speed I wouldn’t be able to make it my concentration to stop time was getting shut down by the thought of stella getting hit by one of those hot balls of fire I was frustrated angry any moment despair was about to hit me very hard I wanted them to disappear the fireballs I wanted to make it suddenly !

-ugh ?!

The old man cried out the fireballs seemed to have gotten a little weaker 2 of them disappeared leaving another 2 aiming at stella I was running I didn’t try to stop time there because I couldn’t concentrate anymore and as I was about reach it..

-huh ?

I looked at the fireballs they were very slow their speed turned very slow flying in the air towards stella she was also being very slow the movements were like slow motion in my eyes I could move freely so I hurried towards stella and was about to slap one of the fireballs.



The fireball disappeared ..?

I go to the other fireball and hit it too…it also disappeared leaving nothing behind it looked like it was sucked in to something but I don’t know what never mind that.

I approach the old man and starting pounding on his stomach hit him over 40 times out of anger he was also in slow motion it didn’t seem like he noticed me even when I was hitting him.

I returned to stellas side and started time.

-well I didn’t think anything would………gahhh !

He spurted blood from his mouth and eyes holding his stomach with both hands after 4 seconds his nose was starting to bleed too he was trying to keep himself aware in which it resulted in him sputtering on the ground blinking uncontrollable after 2 minutes he stopped looking at me I was watching him the whole time stella was hiding behind me hugging me from behind.

-seems like I …I lost doesn’t it little trickstar…ugh…

-where is the exit old man

-hehe you are quite stubborn but really who wouldn’t be in this situation so I tell you…

I waited for his answer he grabbed his book and started to mutter something I stiffed for a moment but realized that he was loosing the chains from his hip and removing the chains form the books he held it and pointed it at me indicating that I should take it.

-take this you will need it I already removed the right for the owner ship for this grimoire you have to say your name to this grimoire and it will recognize you as its master kid.

I watched him very intently and after 2 minutes I took the book I didn’t ask anything nor did I know what he was talking about but he finally told me something I wanted to know but not really wanted to hear.

-this place doesn’t have a exit…it is made out of magic from the grimoire the only way out is from the roof in which if you fall down you wouldn’t be able to survive it negates all of the magic if you step to the roof so you cant use any tricks that you did this place is a prison you understand ?

A prison …what ….how why ….ugh….

I was confused and astonished if this was a prison why was I even here ?

Maybe he is lying but why would he lie what is this place really then ?

-so how do I get out ?

I noticed my voice starting to get panicked…

-I don’t know you have to….to….

And slowly he closed his eyes and died..


I looked at his body and then looked at the book the book had changed the little metal ornemants still there but the symbols and little scribbles were no where to be found a arrow like metal piece in the middle was pointing to something and when I moved it would change.

-(Alarm going off)

As I was walking to the end of a corridor to a dead end red lights started to go off making a loud sound


I looked at the book the dead end was the final destination I was to go but there was nothing I was about to curse until…the middle of the book started shining.

-egh ?

The ceiling of the dead end corridor was shining too making a 3 by 3 meter square and so from the square a ladder came down.

-There he is get him !
I looked behind me 20 men with assault rifles were storming at us I let my sister go first she quickly climbed up and so I followed after in a hurry and we stood on the roof the entrance to the roof closed behind us leaving them to see me before the entrance closed and turned into a piece of wall.


One comment on “trts ch 06

  1. Not sure why there are almost no comments this early in the work but great job so far.
    Don’t really have a clear grasp of what your notion of ‘force’ is though.
    Him going super saiyan when he stops time and how other things ‘weaken’ in comparison.

    Still an interesting sci-fi mystery read.

    Props! 🙂

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