trts ch 07.5

Chapter 7.5 Two Parts Of A Story

-hey dawn wake up it isn’t your time yet…

A mild sweet voice whispers i feel wind hitting my face but it is a pleasent kind of feeling.
-eh ?

It’s a field a green plain with only grass and a little breeze going I look into the sky blue without clouds the sun shines.

-hello dawn

I turn around and see a girl with a one piece black dress she doesn’t really match this scenery her black long her with her violet eyes and tan skin she is about 10 to 20 cm smaller then me and has a petite body figure.

-who..who are you ?

I ask in astonishment where was i ?
-hmm that’s a good question one that I cant answer yet.

I asked confused.

-yet ?

-yes yet you see you have to name me.

She said with upturned eyes she looked cheerful.

I thought of the situation for a minute how did I come here where is this why is she here ?

-I don’t know

I muttered she seemed to make a wryly face as I stated the facts to all my questions.

-don’t worry you will know once you wake up but now you have to give me a name

She smiled as she said that her smiled looked like a blooming flower one thing I noticed was that there weren’t any flowers but only grass in this plain.

-well sure…
I scratch my head I am clue less what do I name her ? why should I ? even thought I was confused I didn’t have a clue why I was here anyways…so I thought about it

-how about Livi ?

I waited for a response she was staring at me I got nervous.

-ha ha ha okey that’s good I think you wanted to say lividus for black in latin right ?


She seemed knowledgeable from her understanding latin I even almost forgot my situation because of her laughing.

-okey from today on I am livi master dawn

I stiffed for a second master ?

As I was about to ask she shrugged and said.

-seems like my time is up and don’t worry this wont be our last meeting we will meet someday in the real world you will see.

I didn’t know what to say I wanted to ask her but suddenly the ground started to shake and the scenery quickly fell apart disappearing even the girl disappeared and finally I fell and so I woke up.

-(opens his eyes)

===========================Cecilia’s Point Of View==============================

(30 minutes before Dawn meets Cecilia)

-ahh its so boooooring !

As I sat at the table I filled my cup with hot tea and started drinking school was about to hit the corner after 2 weeks and my summer break wasn’t quite the most fascinating thing that happened to me.


I sighed and looked up at the sky there were clouds birds and the sun nothing seemed out of place other then that giant stone prison that was floating in this perfect scenery.


i sighed Normal people couldn’t see what we saw this prison was proof it only a mage could see the magical covered glamour that encased the prison invisible to the naked eye of a mortal and its use.
A giant prison in the sky was ones created by Solomon the great king of wisdom it was said ones he reigned great power and in his dying bed he used all of his power and made the sky prison also known as Aer Phulake no one really knows why he created it but anyone knows that no one can escaped the prison without having the council use their powers to let someone out.


I continue to drink my tea and start thinking about my summer break i didn’t leave the house and just read books or surfend in the internet other people are going with friends and enjoying them self…how

-I envy them…..

I Absent mindedly say.

-I wish something exciting would happen

I giggled because of my silly wish and continue to drink my tea as I touched my lips on the cup I heard a voice.

-hello ?

I got scared and turned around and saw…a boy ?

-who are you !

I screamed.

-I am…

As he was about to speak his body stiffed his face turned green and so he fainted in my yard.

I called the security guards to see this when they came they noticed the boy and started running faster.

-what happened miss Cecilia ?!

The first one to come was my butler steward he was a old man in his 90’s but still energetic and fresh looking as if he was a 30 year old I cant say less about a magus of course.

-this boy…

-(Loud Explosion Coming From The Forest)

-what was that ?

I said steward got ready and made a spell in advance looking around vigilante.

-group 2 and 3 go investigate group 1 stays here and protects miss Cecilia

I snapped out of it and looked at the boy again I was curious what the sound was but why was the boy here other then that I just noticed.

-brother (hic) please don’t (hic) die

It was a little girl she looked like a 7 or 8 year old it seemed like she is his sister their clothes look worn out on top of it but they seem very clean the boy doesn’t look good thou…

-hey guards take him and bring him to a bed call a doctor to look him up and tell the chef to start cooking also bring some new clothes for him and this girl over here.


The little girl was still hugging her brother I felt bad so I did what I could.

Soon after 5 minutes a doctor came and inspected the boy he said that the boy was ill for some reason with a lot of symptoms in which after couple minutes they disappeared from his body entirely without any injuries at all it seemed very interesting.He was transported to a room and is taken care of the girl didn’t leave him the entire time and just watched him eyes swollen red.

The guards were about to question her but she seemed scared and quickly hugged her brother as if seeking protection so I stepped in.

-guys go back to the door and hold guard I take this.


-no buts do what I say

They left the room.somewhat sighing.

The girl didn’t seem to notice me or talk to me just watching her brother I got a little closer to her.



She said her voice was weak and tiny but it was enough for me to hear.

-can you tell me who you are ?

-my brother said I shouldn’t talk to strangers

I looked at the boy a little surprised.

-he taught you very well but in this situation we need information so we can help understand ?

I was waiting for her answer she turned around facing me and asked.

-will my brother be okey ?

I thought of it the doctor would he would be fine after some hours of sleep.

-yes he just needs to sleep a little longer and he will wake up.

-really ?

After that it was quite I didn’t leave and just waited.

-my name is stella my brother here is called dawn.

She said i smilled.

-really I am Cecilia nice to meet you and your brother

I tried to be as friendly as I could I didn’t know much about children but I liked them.

She nodded we sat like that for some minutes I could see her shifting with her legs in her chair so I asked.

-is there anything that makes uncomfortable ?

She got red a little and in a really low tone.

-i….i have to go really bad but I cant leave my brother.

I almost laughed because of it but i stopped myself and just grinned and said.
-hmm don’t worry follow me I show you the bathroom the guys that you saw just now will protect him and it will only take a minute how about it.

She looked at the door then to me and said.


And so we walked to the bathroom we talked a little more and I convinced her to eat some food and take a bath and change clothes at first she refused but i was able to convince her she was awfully vigilante but childish and shy at the same time.We talked a lot but she never gave any information about her brother only his name when I asked about her surname she said she didn’t know but her brother might which i found really confusing .I asked her where they came from but she didn’t answer and was quite I didn’t ask further and just changed the topic she was cute and funny too she had manners that were far more exceeding any kind of nobleman and etiquette that came from the late 15’s to the 19’s that were described in ancient books she was also very knowledgeable she would often say that her brother teach’ed her and that he was much more smarter then her she even slipped saying that’s why they escaped or something when she said escaped it made me somewhat astonished were they held captive ? if yes for how long ? She got quite after she slipped her words.
In the end she didn’t talk about him but I didn’t mind much she was cute and fun.

Later that day we parted she said she would guard her brother I found that funny.

The group 1 also returned saying that a crater that was 1 mile long was suddenly created there was no evidence of magic or anything it was clean like nothing happened very suspicious.

One day passed stella was sitting next to me talking and drinking tea and laughing I found her quite enjoyable to talk to her brother wouldn’t wake up but I knew he would wake up today I believe stella was anxious so I reassured her a little.

-miss Cecilia

-just call me cecil

-ok..okey cecil how old are you ?

-hmm I will be 16 this year so 15 why ?

-ahh its nothing

We drank tea and talked laughing I never thought later that day I would end up in such a situation.

20 minutes later

I looked around all 80 men were knocked out or injured 80 special trained magus’s each specialized in every type of magic and power were powerless against the boy who was standing in front of me he wasn’t even injured or tired his golden eyes looked like they shined looking closer at him I noticed that he was quite good looking he was the most handsome guy I ever saw not even the magazines with male models could match him I couldn’t look him to the face without blushing and thinking about his face so I avoided eye contact I didn’t notice yesterday because he had some dirt on his face and I didn’t look at him much when he was in the room laying i wondered how his parents looked like to get such a face….damn i blushed again…

-where is my sister she is a girl that came with me she has red long hair answer me !

He said I looked around trying to tell him that she was okey but.

-brother !

He turned around

-Stella ?

And there she was back from the bathroom.


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