trts ch 07

Chapter 7 Things About Magic And Time Logic

The first thing I noticed was the sky…

-brother brother look it’s the sun !

Even my little sister who was mostly passive is excited right now I can’t blame her I am barely holding my own joy in me for rational thinking but still…

-the sky is sure beautiful…

I lay down and start looking at the sky it is really peaceful.


I snap out and look at my little sister she seems uncomfortable.

-brother …I have to….go….really bad..

I totally forgot..well we were doing a lot on top of it we still aren’t out of here so I need to find a way a pronto.

I look around the roof to see if there is anything the book isn’t reacting to anything and stopped doing its thing it lead me here but what was I supposed to do ?

The roof was empty there wasn’t anything up here it looked really clean thou I look down to estimate our current height is really high I see a lot of clouds and barely any land at all so what do ?

-brother ?

Stella looks at me worried she actually doesn’t talk much other then make quick gestures or words but I know she is actually very bright so what should I do ?

I sit down and try to think about it the only thing we can do is jump down and hope for the best but I don’t know what down there is and if we die then everything that happened would be for nothing…


-What is it brother ?

-hmm ahh its just your brother doesn’t know how we could get down from here


Stella seems calm she is a 8 year old of course I don’t know how her mind works.Stella thinks for some minutes and says.

-then how did we get up here ?

I think about  the question the book lead us……no wait my ability or more precise the ability lead us here without it we would have been stuck down there for who knows how long can my ability this time also help me ?

I needed to try there is nothing else.

-thanks stella I got a idea.

-hmhm !

I concentrated and stop time I grab stella and carried her with my hands.I approached the edge of the roof standing up I looked down what is saw were only clouds and little pieces of land.

-huh this is scary its my first time thinking like that I must say but there is no other way…

I considered what I just said sounded like someone who was about to suicide would say i giggled a little.

-all or nothing

I jumped down

I didn’t feel the air hitting my body but I knew I was falling down like a rock my face and body didn’t affect anything not even physics it felt really strange I was falling for 3 minutes until I finally got through the clouds and could see land there was a city ! but it was far away from the place I was falling to a forest it seemed like. I looked at the city for a little more wondering how other people are or what kind of people they were my whole life confined in a prison was something I never really considered much other then wanting to escape and find civilization.I focused and looked down where I was falling it was a forest I could see some little shacks and a big mansion just 4 to 3 miles away from where I was falling down from.Now after 2 minutes I was about to hit ground I got ready to land on my feet down there wasn’t anything soft so I needed to get ready if things would get bad i am sure stella would at least survive I made it so that if I die I can take majority of the impact to me leaving stella unharmed.

I was getting near the ground and….

I…I am okey ?

I looked around me and saw a lot of trees I heave a long sigh and lay down the sky was still blue but with clouds the sun was bright but I didn’t feel warm nor cold its one of the effects when time is stopped I guess.

I check on stella and look if she is okey she is still in her statue form and I don’t think she is injured or hurt.

I look around the place and start walking through the forest the reason I am not starting time again is because it would just be a waste of time and I would be exhausted. One of the things I like about this ability is to not be hungry or tired.

After 30 minutes I stopped and looked around the forest i was  stopping to consider where I was going and what I would do first of all I needed to find a place for us to stay I cant stop time forever second of all I need information .I had money and that was one thing I checked the money when I was in the room where I got it a total of 25 million dollars the bag was really heavy but I managed and with this ability most of the time I didn’t need to struggle too much with it so that is covered for now.

Now what I wanted to do was finding the mansion that I saw or any other shack so I could go for a place to stay the problem with this is that when I fell down I didn’t know in what direction I faced I fell into so it could be that I have been walking to the opposite side where I thought the mansion was or not.


I grabbed the book that the old man gave me from the bag it said something about ownership and something that I didn’t understand it was also useful to me when I tried to find the exit to from the prison I wish it could help me to find the mansion.
I also stored the guns into the money bag if anything would happen i could always use them or throw them away.
As I was thinking the book started to shake and the middle of the book the arrow started to glow like last time pointing at one direction.

I look at the book surprised…can it read my thoughts or is it pointing me to something else ? how can It move when time is stopped anyways ?

-you know book I am starting to like you

As if hoping it would respond I look at it for a minute but with no luck.

I stood up and grab stella walking to the place the book was leading me on the way I found some wild animals that I never saw in real life rabbits,deers,wolfs,foxes,squirrels,chickens,birds and all kind of thinks that fascinated me I didn’t stop thou but I did touch the wolf and deer to see how they feel like.

After 1 hour and a half I finally reached the destination it was the mansion that I saw.


I stood at a gate to a giant fence wall made out of metal and cut stone it had a human sized metal door  and something like asphalt road was going under the giant gate I heard of cars but only old ones from 18s and 19s I never saw a car before other then descriptions of it…

I inspected the door a little more it wasn’t locked so I entered.

The yard was very big with a maze made out of bushes and trees with all kind of shapes as I was about to follow the road the book started shaking I took it out and looked at it something was written on the cover.

-State your name…

I was wondering what it meant and remembered what the old man said.


I stopped the reason I stopped was because I had already figured out my background but oversaw a little vital detail…my name…

I thought about it I didn’t have a surname and my own name would be okey it felt the most familiar to me and I didn’t want to change it so what surname would be a good one ?

It took me only 2 seconds to make a surname I grinned

-My name is Dawn Timer

The book started to shake again the words starting to whirl around some disappearing some appearing. As it finished shaking it made a new sentence.

-Hello master Dawn

It was quite magical the book seemed to have greeted me and the lock was also loose out of curiousity I opened the book and looked at the first page it was called holder.

The description of this page stated.

-this page is for storing items in all forms up to 5 by 5 meter space an item only under 500 kg can be stored  in one holder and only 50 items can be stored if you want to store an item take the item and shove it into this page only you the owner can store or take the items out of the grimoire to take out items a symbol with your item in it will appear ones you store it you can tap the symbol to empty one holder and take the item you wish.

The description sounded easy but I didn’t quite get storing stuff on a piece of paper sounded ridiculous

-might as well try

I thought of the money bags so I placed one bag on the page what happened was really astonishing it looked like the book was sucking the bag up.


I looked at the first page called holder again there were 50 empty squares the top left corner square had a little image of a black bag on it I tapped it to see if I would get it back as I did it the little square emitted a small light and the bag came out.


I continued to store both of the bags into the book it was a really strange but handy feeling I got.

I wondered what the next page had so I turned another page the next page was called “Dismiss And CallOut”

-You can dismiss the grimoire whenever you want and call it out whenever you want by just saying dismiss and callout the grimoire is stored in a proxy that is your mind it is a item that is bound to its master and cant be stole ones someone tries to steal the  grimoire the thief will be cursed until the master orders to dispel the curse.What The curse does is that the thief will be track able to the master on top of it the thief will experience a number of sickness and dizziness the curse can be modified ones the master is advanced enough to use the grimoire.

-Dismiss !

I said ones I said those words the book started to fade away until it disappeared I looked at my hand where the book ones had been surprised.


I started walking again not wanting to call the book again I had enough magic for one day even thought I wasn’t tired my mind was from all the events that happened in one day that felt to me like 2 days in a row.

The yard was big and wide with a lot of sculptors I walked and walked while carrying stella the yard was getting more clearer and less bushes or sculptors were seen on the sides as I turned around a bush that looked like a giant dinosaur I found table next to it a person sitting on it with long blonde hair and a white hat with blue jeans and a white blouse sitting on a chair drinking what seemed like to be tea of some sort

-hello can you…

I stopped realizing that time was stopped I noticed it by looking at the girl she was holding the tea cup for around 1 minute and wasn’t letting go nor making any sound one thing about this ability is that it makes me look like an idiot.

I approached the girl I couldn’t quite see her face because of the cup on her face so I started time again.



She turned around startled

-who are you !

-I am….

As I was about to tell my name I felt strange dizziness wash over my whole body exhaustion hitting every cell and sleepiness entering my head it ran for 2 minutes until I fainted………..


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  1. Right going in a mansion and then suddenly starting time as if its a natural thing to do…. or caution for that matter

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