trts ch 08

Chapter 8 Misunderstanding

I woke up seeing that i was in a king sized bed in a room full of expensive furniture even my clothes were different i was wearing a pajama it seems like it is made out of silk but that wasn’t the problem here…

-where am i…where is stella

i looked around no one was in the room that was bad why am i alone ? where is stella ?

I quickly stood up i found some clothes folded next to me a black jacket with black jeans and some solid boots for me ?

I quickly changed stormed for the double door to leave the room and find stella i tried to remember what happened before i fainted or how it even happened to me how much i tried…it didn’t work instead there seemed to be something else that i don’t remember but i don’t know what it is it seemed important.

I quickly shook my head and turned the knob to the door and opened as i did that the door got stuck something was blocking the door.

-hmm ?

It was a person he was in full black clothing with glasses and suit he turned and faced me i needed some info.

-Hey you woke up.

He said i quickly spoke.

-where am i ?

I asked he didn’t answer and just held his ear and started speaking to someone who wasn’t there i asked him again but he only held his palm to my face this wasn’t going anywhere.


I stopped time and skipped the person i stopped in mid step remembering that i cant let him going around telling people that i left it could be bad.

I quickly turned around and throat stabbed him 5 times just to be sure i knew couple methods to knock someone out but people his size were a mystery to me so i did it 5 times.

I started time just to be sure.

-(Sound of a body falling down)


I stopped time ones again and started running through the corridor this time there were windows that were letting light in the house there were many luxurious paintings and vases everywhere chairs and some small tables to hold stuff i even saw some knight armor that i wanted to look closer at but refrained from and continued going.

1 hour later

It wont do this place is also a maze it will take me forever to find stella here i don’t even know if she is here should i check outside ?

I was pondering what to do while walking i needed a guide who knows this place better then me but it will be certain that person will do something to make the other personal known to my existence.

Anyways i needed some way to go around so i looked for someone who wouldn’t make much of a fight and finally found someone…he seemed to be a butler from his clothes i presume ?


he had his back on me it seemed like he was cleaning the place his posture and movements seemed really natural.
I cleared my throat to make myself known the butler quickly turned around he seemed surprised for some reason.


I said its better to start a conversation with a greeting when your in a public place or alone with the person i also made a constant eye contact with the person so i would seem friendly.

After i told my greeting he didn’t say anything and just studied me i didn’t want to wait long someone could find that knocked out security guy.

-My name is Dawn Timer nice to meet you…you see i am kinda lost here and would appreciate it if you could help me get through this big place

I kept my smile i didn’t see yet if it actually ever worked i never saw anything work but it wouldn’t help to drop it either so i am sticking with it.

-hmm very well mister timer i could help you…

He pondered holding his arms together he also smiled like me for some reason so it does work ?

-may i ask you who you are mister timer i didn’t hear of anyone visiting this place and from what i can see you seem to be young maybe 15 year old ?

Oh damn now i needed a idea really fast in the worst case scenario i can just knock him out if i wanted to so who cares..

hmm i need a reason to be here think think think !….wait he seemed to have guest my age first for some reason why did he ? maybe i can use that why he do that…the girl from what i saw she must be also a similar age like me maybe she goes to school ? ahh i need to risk it then…

-I came to visit a friend of mine we go to the same school same class you see…

He blinked for a second and starred at me his smile disappeared he looked surprised for some reason.
He muttered something that couldn’t be heard from my standing point we were 3 meters away from each other but i still heard it.

-miss cecilia has a friend and he is a boy….

He turned back to his smiling face and said.

-you should have said this from the beginning mister timer follow me please.

He seemed very happy for some reason but i didn’t mind and just took it.

-what is…

I was about to ask his name but…

-My name is steward i am the head butler for this place i am also a grand magus working for the greenwood family
as a butler my family worked here for generations.

-i see

i said he lead me through the corridors and some other rooms telling me some stories about the paintings and many other things that were there to see i sill didn’t get what he meant by grand magus i wanted to ask him but it seemed like it was common knowledge so i didn’t want to be suspicious or anything and just asked about the different items that were in the walls or shown on stands.

We walked for 20 minutes he said we would be there in a couple of minutes i didn’t ask where there was but i was guessing we were going to that girl called cecilia i wanted to know about my sister.

-mister steward..

-just steward

-sure so steward i heard from some of the security guards that something happened a incident ?

i hope he doesn’t find that suspicious.

He thought for a minute and said.

-ohh yes there was an incident a boy and a girl were found on the yard next to the madam the boy fainted from unknown reasons and is taken care of.

-what about the girl ?

I asked i realized i was getting impatient he also seemed to have noticed and looked at me with a eye i just looked in front of me not meeting his eye but he continued.

he made a hmm kind of sound and looked straight again.
-the girl which madam cecilia is taking care of her is currently with the madam originally i wanted to question her but madam decided to talk with her she seems to enjoy herself a lot but the girl who’s name i don’t recall seems to be more worried about the boy who is her brother she seemed very polite for her age and very knowledgeable she said that her brother taught her that which makes me somewhat amazed.

I almost wanted to sigh out of relief

I caught myself and asked.

-so where is cecilia again ?

-she is currently at the…

He stopped mid sentence looking forward i looked at what was coming there were 3 guys in black running towards us.

I froze in my pace.

-Steward hold that kid we got information that he is that kid who fainted and just woke up he knocked out joe !

Steward quickly pointed his palm at me snow was flying my way i made it a rule to be 1.5 meter away from people who i don’t really know.I dodged the attack and was about to stop time but steward was fast and made another try the snow that was flying to me gave some answers….magic.

This time a net was flying my way it looked to be made out of a plant or something i couldn’t stop time the previous time because i couldn’t concentrate more instead something different happened time slowed down again in slow motion.

ran to steward and throat stabbed him 3 times i felt slightly guilty.


I made my way to the other 3 and knocked them out too and started time again to check on them the other 3  were out cold but steward was still standing wobbling a little but still standing he was glaring at me and asked.

-who are you ?

I considered his question who am i ?

-just a brother who is searching for his sister.

I stopped time and approached steward knocking him out completely i also started running again it didn’t seem to be long until i was out and after 5 minutes i saw the exit leaving the mansion and seeing the same yard where i originally fainted.

there were a lot of guards scattered all around next to them i saw the girl that i met here the first time cecilia.

i started time ones again i needed some answers.

-everyone over here !

I shouted the magicians all looked at me and blasted their spells at me i was surprised.

I wanted to stop time but i couldn’t concentrate because of the pressure and instead just slowed time it was easier to that then stopping time in actual combat.

i quickly ran through the guards hitting some to the head throat and legs my aim was to disable them not kill them only if it was needed.

I started time.
it didn’t take me long the spells they shot at me were going to nothing and all of the guards were on their backs or stomach.

the girl who i heard so much of was in front of me she looked at my face astonished i just kept my smile and asked her.

-where is my sister she is a girl that came with me she has red long hair answer me !

She stopped looking at my face and started flailing not meeting my eyes for some reason she didn’t answer either i was tempted to just force the answer out of her but…

-brother !

I turned around…

-stella ?


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