trts ch 09

Chapter 9 Introduction


As i said that i bowed my had folding my arms to my sides i was sweating and nervous stella was also next to me doing the same thing and also apologizing it had been 5 minutes since stella returned from the rest room and explained to me what happened over the time i was out in which i listened carefully and in the end i felt guilty.

-ehm you ehh…dont really…

I still didnt raise my head waiting for her answer she was stuttering for some reason her words didn’t make much sense either…i was worried was she scared ?

-miss cecilia you should accept his apology it seemed to be just a misunderstanding so lets just let it pass would you ?

The voice sounded familiar….but anyways cecilia started to composure herself and said.

-of course i will !

Stella and i raised out heads i wanted to sigh out of relieve but refrained thinking of it as rude.

i turned around to thank the person who advice’ed her to accept my apology and as i turned around i saw….steward….

-ehm…thank you ?

Steward didnt look angry he seemed fine i was surprised he got up that quickly in comparison to the other guys that were laying around groaning or knocked out he was the fastest…

-but still miss cecilia we cant just let them go so easy you know…

Steward smiled i got shivers running down my spine…

-so what do you propose ?


Steward got into a thinking pose and starred at me i wasn’t affected much i knew that it was my fault so i would accept what they wanted from me but not stella.

-how about he becomes your temporary bodyguard miss cecilia ?

-ehh ?

cecilia seemed surprised and said.

-why should he i already have body….

As she was about to finish steward interrupted.

-in which every single one of them were defeated


Cecilia looked at the guys who i knocked down a couple minutes ago and then looked at me she blushed this time and averted her eyes.

-i see your point…

-i happy to know that madam.

-very well from today on you will be my temporary bodyguard…ehm ?

I was surprised but it was somewhat favorable.

-Dawn my name is dawn timer

-take care of me mister timer then…

She didn’t meet my eyes nor look at my face i started to keep my face blank.
she reached her hand out to me to shake i took it and shook it while i said.

-take care of me too miss cecilia

I swear i could see her head making steam she didn’t meet my face and just nodded.

Steward approached me.

-well then mister timer or what are you prefer’ed to be called ?

-dawn is fine

-then call me steward

I nodded and looked at my sister steward seemed to have caught up to that and said.

-you don’t have to worry dawn your sister wont need to do anything she will stay here with you until your job is over you will get payment as well or do you have a family…now that i think about it i don’t know much about you dawn lets have a talk shall we ?

I looked him into the eye for a minute he didn’t have a other reason to do anything but still…

-yes sure

-well follow me then i will make you familiar to this place since you will follow madam around a lot.

I looked back at cecilia who was glaring at steward she caught my look i just smiled and waved at her which she returned with a weak wave face down.While going to steward stella seemed save with cecilia so i let her stay here i gave her a morse code with my eyes that said that if anything should happen shout she caught onto it and nodded and so i left following steward.

I looked over the dozen guys that were laying on the ground some moaning because of pain and some knocked out medics were coming and inspected them carrying them one by one.

Steward also inspected some of them and said
-you sure are fast
I didn’t answer and just followed him we ones again entered the mansion.

-so if you have questions about your job i will be happy to answer.

-what are you ?

-what are you Dawn ?

I gave him a confused look he sighed and said.

-we are humans but not normal shall we say more precise i am a magician a mage but people call me the grand magus now that i think about it you defeated me and the other guys by the way they are also magus’s they are special trained combining that it makes you quite famous after sometime.

He turned around and smiled at me i gave him a blank look.

he sighed.

-The world has many supernatural creatures in it that aren’t known to man kind there aren’t as many magicians as humans and long ago we mages decided to hide ourselves from the other humans because we realized that we do more harm being known then being hidden i am a grand magus it is a title bestowed to a mage that exceeds its own fellow mages lets say its a advanced rank then a normal mage

It thought about it for a minute did he say other supernatural creatures ?

-what are the other supernatural creatures ?

-that dawn is going to be a little too long to explain it should be better to tell you that a different time anything else ?

-what is this place where am i ?

-we are next to los angeles in a forest this mansion cant be seen by the normal eyes so its hidden this place is the territory of the greenwood family cecilia’s father a good man

We were walking on the long corridor while he was talking i looked out of the window into the sky the clouds were moving i was about to continue walking until i saw a something in the sky…a building the prison !

-what is that

I asked

steward stopped and looked out of the window.

-hmm that my friend is solomons prison.

-solomon ? the the king of wisdom ?

Steward looked surprised but quickly changed to his blank look and said.

-yes the same person you see that prison was made long time ago when solomon died he made the prison using his last bit of power magical criminals are banished over there ones they enter the prison they cant use magic anymore the prison cant be seen by mortals as well lower level magicians cant see it either.

He toned his last sentence to sink in i just looked it was a prison.we continued walking i had more questions.

-when you said you are a magus does that mean there are other specialists ?

he stopped and looked at me for a moment  he didn’t answer.

-you are quite sharp for your age i would like to meet your parents

-i don’t have any stella and i are alone.

-oh i am sorry

-don’t be

He continued to look forward and answered my question.

-yes there are other specialists but they aren’t quite known much the reason is also involved with the other supernaturals

-and they are ?

-hmm from what i know sorcerers,warlocks and witches,wizards,mages and enchanters there may be more but these are the most common ones

-so what is the difference between all of them ?

-that as well would take long to explain and we are about to hit our destination.

As he said that we stopped at a door it was the room i was staying in.

-from today on this will be your room your sister’s room is next to cecilias on the second
floor men arent allowed to go there without a good reason if this rule is broken bad things will happen.

I didn’t give him a reaction to that he just made a hmm sound and turned around he whirled with his hand indicating to follow him.

-you will work for 6 months you can work longer if you want it will depend on how good you are you wont need a uniform you can wear whatever you want as long as it is presentable.

He looked back at me for a minute and continued.

-you will be paid 1250$ a week there aren’t any days offs not even on the holidays you will follow the madam for 24/7 hours you will do what she says if the situation calls for it then you can decide for yourself the rules for this house aren’t a lot you wont do anything other then do what madam says and protect her understand ?


I didn’t know if what i was paid with was a lot but i didn’t mind a lot

-Well today you aren’t going to do anything so you can relax we arrived by the way.

We stopped at big double door steward opened it as he did that i smelled a sweet aroma coming from the room it was the kitchen.

-maria can you make something for lad he is the new bodyguard for the madam and he hasn’t eaten much over 3 days.

The person who steward was talking to turned around it was a woman she had red short hair and tanned skin with brown eyes she had a kind look to her and was dressed in a maid outfit.

-sure sit down

She said pointing at a chair next to a table steward said his good byes and also gave me a map for the building he also gave me a phone…well he said it was  a phone but it was flat and looked like a square i didn’t find any buttons other then one on the left side and 2 on the right i pocketed it not having a single clue what it was.


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