trts ch 10.5

Chapter 10.5 The Clavicula

While sitting in the library i thought about what to do next after the 6 months steward said i could continue working if i do a good job on top of that i am still 15 years old in the eyes of the law i am considered a child i think if the laws aren’t that much different i need to be 18 to be considered as a adult….so what should i do ? should i ask steward about it ?

I was wondering deep in thought i looked out of the window..

-the prison…

I shifted the topic for now knowing that worrying about that right now wouldnt help me instead i thought about the prison…why was i there in the first place did i do something wrong ? it cant be i was too young i lived my whole life in that prison but why was i there if it wasnt my fault…

I needed to ask someone about it but not right now instead i thought of something else.

-call out

I opened my palm while saying that i checked my surroundings a last time and looked at the book that was summoned to my hand.


I looked at the cover of the book it changed a little there was a tiny scribble of something…it looked like a mask that was half laughing half crying i found it confusing why it was here in my knowledge it wasnt there the last time i saw it…

I looked at it more for a minute it looked familiar to me i may be able to remember what it meant i thought for a second.

i starred for a little longer something on my mind was responding to it but i didnt get what it wanted to tell me…

I shook my head and opened the book i was too concerned about random scribbles then the actual matter it was silly.

As i opened the book and turned the pages i noticed something…the pages for the instruction’s on how to store items and how to call the book werent in the first pages…that was weird but still.

The reason i took the book out was because i wanted to know what it meant i got it from the old man in that prison on the highest floor it also helped me to escape i really had high suspicious this book had some really valuable info for me.

As i said i turned to the first page and instead of the instruction’s that i got before there was something else written on it.

-hello now since you have successfully established the contract the grimoire will act as a guide you can ask anything you want by writing the questions into the grimoire noting that you can use anything to write on and ask the question as long as you prefer it to be.

i looked at the page blinking…how ?

I wanted to try it so i took a pencil and shut the door there wasn’t anyone in the library and it was easy finding a pencil.

I placed the book on the table and sat down again just about to write something and stopped for a second.

-i must be crazy trying this…

-fuck it

I wrote a question in to the book.

-what are you ?

As i finished writing i looked at my question slowly the words started to fade away and finally disappearing i wasnt surprised i oncs read harry potter series so i guessed something like that would happen.

After another couple seconds words started to appear on the book it looked very bizarre.

-I am the Clavicula an ancient grimoire that focuses on conjurations,demonology,invocations and curses.

ohh boy i thought this was going to be very deep.


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