trts ch 10

Chapter 10 Experiment

As i sat down and pocketed the so called phone i looked at the female chef maria.

-well boy i heard about you they say you beat up 80 magus’es and the grand master magus Steward himself

She eyed me expecting a answer from which she could judge me i thought.


I said absentminded.She raised her eyebrow and returned to cooking.

-hmm your not quite talkative are you ?

She suggested i shrugged and answered

-i dont think so

-very well

Maria held a basket on her right hand and placed it on the table.

-eat that it will be a good appetizer

The basket contained some small sandwiches with what seemed like cheese and ham i took one and ate it.It tasted delicious
i took another. and started eating.

Maria seeing my appetite seemed surprised and remarked while smiling

-wow boy dont choke yourself by the way i am maria hencefort

I swallowed down and said.

-my name is Dawn…Dawn timer

She laughed and said
-nice to meet you dawn i heard from steward that you are madams new bodyguard well i wont ask how that happened but i am all ears if you want to talk hehe


-well i should continue cooking

She turned around doing her stuff i sat on the chair looking at the window it was a forest from what i know this mansion cannot be seen by anyone but how did i see it ?

Steward also said we are near los angeles its summer currently and after some weeks it will be over so if summer will be over what will cecilia do i wonder ? when i tried to trick steward by saying i am her classmate he believed me does that mean cecilia will go to school if yes will it be in los angeles ?

I could hear dishes laid out in front of me and a warm aroma filled the air it smelled really good.

-here boy finished dig in

Maria sat down opposite of me placed her elbows on the table while holding her head she smiled watching me.

I looked at the bowl of soup in front of me it had chunks of meat and vegetables in it i took the spoon and looked at it for a minute.

-what is it is anything wrong ?

I looked down into the soup i could see my reflection on it my golden eyes were shining.

-no not really.

I thought for a minute why did i space out ?

-no its just…i dont get why am so carefree right now

-hmm why do you think like that ?

She asked somewhat confused.

-its just i never ones stopped doing anything or just sit at one place doing nothing or relaxing

She thought for second trying to find an answer to my remark.

-wow that kind of life is pretty boring and tiresome if you ask me

-yeah maybe

I said with a wryly smile.

I took a spoon full of soup and shoved it into my mouth i was astonished it tasted good really good i continued to eat more and more while i was doing that maria was talking.

-you know boy you shouldn’t think too much into things or try to read so many things that you wont understand aren’t you still young ?

I finished the soup and the put the bowl wondering if what she said had some truth to it.


She cheered

-see you…

I interrupted her in mid sentence.

-but still its how i lived it always helped me.

She looked at me for a moment thinking she sighed and said.

-i see well you are full now what do you want to do ?

I thought for a minute…i needed information i didn’t know half of the stuff that i saw inside and outside so i needed information a lot of it and i know where it might be.

-is there a library here ?

-ahh i can show you show me your map….

And so maria showed me the library using the map it took me 20 minutes to find it and when i entered…it was astonishing.

The mansion had a lot of rooms with different uses to them the library was not used very often but it was kept clean everyday the shelf’s were high up to the sealing with thousands of books the middle of the room had some plushy  chairs and a round table to it where i could sit down and read was like a dream.

As i was about to take a book i realized that i didn’t have much time tomorrow i was supposed to work for cecilia and protect her so what do should i first look for something i need ?

I thought of it reading a whole book can take 1-2 hours for me in which i have 18 hours maybe ? it will depend on the book if i can understand it or not…wait time yes time.


I looked at the clock on the wall and starred it was still on place the arrows not moving a inch.

I was relieved and was about to take the first books until i stopped and realized something.

this ability i don’t know anything about it…wait i fainted why did i faint again ?

i looked at my surroundings again and started time nothing seemed to be odd it didnt seem to have any side effects but i cant know that for sure it cant be that i can just use it whenever i want it to…

I stopped time ones again and started thinking what did i do to make myself faint that time i don’t get exhausted when time is stopped its never ending but when time is on does that mean i will get the whole load in one go ?

I stood up and started testing it i started running in a circle in the room the room was big so there was a lot of space after ran my 10 loop i stopped and started time ones again.

I touched my head and chest nothing seemed out of ordinary to me was i mistaken ?

it soon turned out to be obvious after couple seconds my body started to heat up and i started sweating my heart was pounding and my legs were about to fall down i sat down at the plushy chair to recover so i was right then.
I continued to test out my time ability and what it can and cannot do in real life time it took me only couple minutes to finish but in my sense of time it took 8 hours.

and this is what i have.

It seems like every move i do in the stopped time world will reflect on the real world  on my body i may not feel any exhaustion when time is stopped but i will feel it when time is started like i did before i ran for 10 loops and after some seconds the whole exhaustion that build up streamed through my body it also seems like my mind gets tired when i stop time for too long like a normal person does when he just stays up all night and doesn’t sleep but i made another discovery i can sleep when time is stopped and recover some part of mental exhaustion it means that i can stay awake forever if i wanted to and sleep when time is stopped..yeah that would be confusing.

another part that i wondered about is my brain and eyes my eyes are self explanatory they turned golden it seems like i can see better in the dark i didn’t notice that until now because it always looked bright to me wherever i was i am thinking that my other 5 sense were strength’end as well i also seemed to have gotten stronger and faster.

Another part is what i just said my brain it really is a mystery to me i can recover mind exhaustion sleeping while time is stopped so that means that my body is real when time is stopped but i wanted to check my pulse while i stopped time but i didn’t get anything at all so i wondered how physics work in this.

While time was stopped i picked up a book and held it above me now if you come with the logic of the world or more precise physics the book should fall because of the gravity that is pulling it but…it isnt falling when time is stopped it is just being there it isnt even looking like its floating its just stuck in the air not going anywhere.

Now the book is floating (yes thats what i call it for now)if i start time it will fall down when time starts gravity also comes back but how come if that is true that nothing ever falls how am i falling ?

Its another piece of proof that my body is real in this whole dilemma objects cant fall they just stay where they are and if i move them and let go of them they just get stuck where they were i tried to roll a pencil on my hand up and down it worked.

When i touch something gravity will work just fine as long as it is in my contact but now if for example if i use a axe to hit a table when time is stopped the table after time is started again will take the damage that it took when time was stopped.

The whole thing is that only i seem to be able to affect the world when time is stopped but there are more things about this the slow motion.

I wanted to intentionally try to activate the slow motion again until now i always used it in situations where i couldn’t concentrate enough to stop time and stay in in blind panic but after some minutes i was able to activate slow motion and it seems to be less power consuming i do get tired and all but not that much compared to stopping time.

When everything slows down i can still move like normal and in slow motion 1 second is equal to 1 hour the speed of a book falling down from 5 meters is 2 to 3 seconds it also depends on the speed and weight it has meaning that for a book to fully fall down takes 2-3 hours in slow motion.

slow motion seems to be more useful and power sparing then stopping time i need to be careful when i stop time because randomly fainting is not good.

that’s all i have for now…no wait there is still one think…ones when time was slowed the very first time i ran to stella to rescue her from the fire balls when i hit them they just disappeared…is it just because of magic ? no it wasnt it i clearly was able to shape the fireballs without getting hurt but why did they disappear when i hit them ?

Maybe its another aspect of my ability…

I looked at my palm and then to the clock it had been Couple minutes but in reality 8 hours past since i started experimenting
i thought for a minute there must be something i am over looking but what is it ?

I sighed i couldnt get this ability much its as if i am walking a loop around ignoring the item that is in the middle of my loop…

I stood up and started time by the way for something to take effect in the real world takes 7 seconds for some reason after 7 seconds the thinks that happened in the stopped time world will affect the real world but gravity goes straight without a time lag it seems.


3 comments on “trts ch 10

  1. I’m loving the physics of this. You actually got some points very close, (Though they’re ones which you wouldn’t expect). Since gravity is a two way force if you were in a localised time dilation field you wouldn’t experience as little gravity as you would expect. From the frame of everything else you would appear to get heavier and from your perspective, though you would feel to get a little lighter it would be countered to some extent due to your weight increase. So how he interacts with objects is actually pretty close to how it would be in real life if such a thing is possible.

    Though I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if the world physics were/become less realistic, just thought I would mention it.

    Anyway I’m loving it so far, so I’m going to stop random talk and continue reading ^^

    Great plot so far btw.

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