trts ch 11

Chapter 11 Too Many Question’s

A magic tome ? no no no its a grimoire…ahh lets just call it magic book thats easier…

As i sat on the chair trying to make sense of what this book was it was without a doubt a magic book it helped me escape it can store items i can dismiss had all the magic proof that i needed but some part of my mind just couldn’t accept all of it even thought i already saw enough magic for your average human…

I looked at the book again and started writing another question.

-why were you in the prison ?

Ones again the words started fading and new words began to make shape.

-8 centuries ago i was written by the great king of wisdom solomon i was a record of his experiments a diary of blood and notes of knowledge.Solomon wrote over 300 books recording his gained knowledge and finally realized that with that many books he couldn’t travel solomon didn’t want to part with even one book so he used magic to make fuse all of the books and make the clavicula me the grimoire.

the page was full and i wondered if that was it until the one page turned on itself i was surprised but curious as well the next page held more text to it.

-…So and so solomon documented every knowledge he gained from spells,rituals and summoning’s that including knowledge of other magical animals and mostly demons.80 years past and solomon was on his dying bed even he knew with all his knowledge he couldn’t cheat death he was a powerful man no one expected him to die because of old age solomon himself made countless spells to strengthen himself in vain.In his last breath solomon wanted to protect his most precious thing he had me the grimoire no one knew of my existence the whole time so finding me could end up into man kinds destruction so solomon using his last bit of strength made the sky prison to hide me there from the eyes of the outer world.

I was speechless i was in possesion of a book that was 8 centuries old with a gigantic amount of knowledge about magic and other things…what could i do with it ?

I realized that i was getting too ahead of myself and quickly shook my head and thought “this couldn’t be that easy”

Seeing that solomon wanted to hide this book so no one could use it to destroy the world i think that he did a really smart thinf…i laughed at my words for a minute he is the king of wisdom why wouldn’t he think of it.

I ones again had many questions another thing was who was the guy in the prison who gave me the the book in the first place why did he give me the book ? why didn’t he use it for his own gain ? wait how could he use magic in the prison ?

From what i know magic cant be used in the prison steward himself told me that but how did he use it ?

I shook my head this is useless there are too many unneeded questions right now.


I took the book and closed it i needed some time to think of this i am way too ahead of myself this isn’t something that i have to concern myself with right now.

I dismissed the book and was about to leave the library until i remembered that i didn’t read anything in here when i left the first time i was really exhausted tired but i could stand it.

I approached the shelf’s and looked through the books…

-this is going to be long day

I stopped time and started taking books out of the shelves i knew that if i didn’t move much it wouldn’t affect my body much when time would stop i could always sleep and recover my mental exhaustion too so i moved slow and steady sitting down while reading books.

5 days 11 hours 43 minutes and 7 seconds later

One think i liked about stopping time was the state i was in when time was stopped i felt unchanging when time was stopped as if nothing could hurt me.


time started i quickly sat down and counted down in my mind to keep me conscious and sane i knew that after 7 seconds the effect would take place and i would feel the 5 days of reading and moving around i waited…and it began.


As i sat on the plushy chair my body started shivering my head was also ringing i was blacking out sometimes i was glad that i slept when i stopped time my mind wouldn’t be able to take this if i would have been awake for 5 days.

I was wobbling shaking and sweating my whole body felt ichy and weird  i waited so i could recover a little and after 30 minutes i was okey exhausted hungry and dirty but okey.

I looked at the clock it was 3 AM i was in this room for a hour probably but in my world i was here for 5 days.

I stood up my legs felt like they were about to crumble in pieces i looked at my feet to be sure they were okey but my body didn’t tell me so.

I couldn’t walk so i sat down and pulled out the smart phone….yes its called smart phone from what i read it was.

i started going through the menus on the phone to the dial screen there were already a lot of people listed in them even my little sister but i was searching for someone else right now here it is.

-hello ?

-yes is it maria ?

I asked.

-yes is it you dawn ?

-yes its me can you come to the library ?

-sure i can i am free right now what happened ?

-i kinda need help and can you please bring me something to eat i am starving

-didnt you just eat an hour ago ?

She asked sounding surprised.

-yeah i have a high metabolism so i cant help it

it was a lie.

-hmm okey i am coming after 30 minutes

she hung up i pocketed the smart phone and looked at the clock for a minute then at the ceiling.

I had been here for 5 days and what i did was first reading the history from what i know there had been a lot of thinks that changed so far so i had a basic understanding of this country.

the current year is 2048 i am in america right now steward said i was next to los angeles so i am on california one of the states in USA  i didnt have this knowledge before and i was glad this library had so much information for me like steward said magic is non existing no one knows of it people think of it as folklore i read about religion politics and other things such as technology previously i had only knowledge about handy’s but the last time someone used a handy was a century ago and what people use now are computers and smart phones instead i knew about cars and such that didn’t change much relatively it was a really good think to know a lot i was satisfied and grinning.

time went like a breeze and maria was in the library i ate there 5 bowls of stew that was really delicious afterwards maria helped me move to my room because i couldn’t do that myself maria didnt ask me anything about what happened it seemed like every personal here had that kind of mind set to them dont ask anything if it isnt your deal.

I got to my room and sat down on my couch i was dirty but i didnt mind all i wanted was sleep so i slept.


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