trts ch 12

Chapter 12 One Step Closer Ten Steps Behind

I never really had a big goal other then getting out of that prison i never really thought of what to do next when i was out of the prison but still i am not really worried all too much even thought i should be sometimes letting it go is the best mean of solution i just wait and see…but still i also cant stop thinking about everything i guess that is my habit thinking its my way of life to solve my problems.
======================Waking Up======================

-(Phone Alarm)


I open my eyes my sight is really durpy and i am still half asleep i rub my eyes to wake up a little bit something is shaking in my pocket.

I reach to my pocket and take out the smart phone and look at it.The alarm is set to 5 PM so its still night time.


I stand up and strech my body it is dark in the room but for me it is still as if it is day light i have to get used to that i totally forgot my 5 senses got stronger they even have more uses then night vision.

I touch my body and notice that i am still wearing the jacket and jeans i feel dirty i quickly undress myself and go to the bathroom and take a quick shower while i did that i thought how funny it was that i didn’t have any what a shower was up until i read some electronic manuals that i needed to understand for my living my smart phone i dont really fully understand how it works but i know how to use it in some extend.the shower was convenient to use i got shivers remembering how i used to clean my body….

It took me 15 minutes to clean myself i changed clothes as well the wardrobe a lot of clothes to choose from i choose the ones that wear easier to move in a black sleeved shirt blue jeans and a black leather hoody i choose the same shoes that i used the day before the were comfy.

I looked at the mirror my over all appearance didn’t change much only my eyes were gold colored and looked as if they were shining i will without a doubt catch attention with that i really don’t like people watching me now that i am thinking about it.

-(sound of a door opening)

i turned around facing the door i wasn’t surprised to see the person entering i heard him 40 seconds ago before he even opened the door to this room steward.

-i see you are ready follow me then.

Steward left the room and i started following him on the way we started talking i had some more questions.

-So what am i supposed to do precisely ?

-hmm good question

he said.

he didn’t turn around while talking only walking and leading me he had that kind of aura on him that said don’t touch me.

-as i said you are from now on miss cecilia’s temporary bodyguard you will obey her orders and protect her you will be following her around 24/7 hours a week sometimes you will guard her while making a distance sometimes you will be next to her and over all you are a guard protecting the madam.

i nodded it was easy to understand task but i won’t know how hard it would be.

-sure i have another question you mentioned when we first met that she goes to school does that mean that she goes to a school in los angeles ?

-hmm yes she does i wanted to tell you this today but it seems like you already figured it out yourself anyways her school is really far away to get there you need to go to los angeles but it isn’t really located in los angeles i explain later.

As he said that he turned around and grinned i kept my smile and posture.

We continued.

-so how does that change my job ?

-oh no you will still protect her but from afar madam doesnt like it when her bodyguards are close to her and personally speaking i dont think it would be good for her school life…

he muttered the last part but i still heard it.

We walked for 30 minutes the mansion was big i was glad i had a map for this building i would be lost without it.

-Now that i am thinking about it why is the ma…

-just call her cecilia

-why ?

I asked

-both of you are at the same age it would be unpleasant to talk like that…

-very well

I agreed and continued.

-why does cecilia need protection ? who would assault her or more precise why ?

he stopped for a second and continued walking.

-this family has a lot of branch families and allies we are a family of magicians magus for short being the top rulers over them many people want to change that resulting in hindering the family from growing we also have a lot of enemies and opposing other family’s trying to overwhelm use cecilias father is a big power house himself he is the CEO of a company that has a large influence in a lot of countries if he dies the position will switch to madam cecilia she is the only daughter and heir to the position and a vital part of it in the future.

-i understand

The job slowly sounded more and more dangerous…

As we walked down a corridor steward stopped in front of a door he gestured me to come closer and so i did.

-we have another 20 minutes until we wake up madam.


i didnt quite get why we had to wake her up personally but i didnt make questions out of it.

I stood in front of the door next to steward it was silent almost too silent to make it awkward i figured that i should ask more things.

-can i ask you about the other supernatural beings or the other specialists ?

He looked at me for a moment and then back at the door.

-i guess you knowing now would be better then later seeing that madam will go to school after 2 weeks you will also go with her i first am going to explain the school its not a normal school i should say.

-why ? is it for magicians ?

-haha yeah you got it right its for magicians its the los angeles magic court school

-Magic Court ?

-I forgot you don’t know our society so you wouldnt know about the court would you..

he cleared his throat and started talking.

-the court is a council of magicians that rule over a specific area in our case a city the los angeles magic council you can think of them as politicians if you want its the same thing but in our case each city has its own council currently california has 2 major councils and that is los angeles and sacramento any human who posses magic can become a council member but that person has to go up in ranks to do so you have to be a powerful magician and have accomplishments that the council approves of.

I processed the information i just got and looked at steward ones again.

-now what the magic court school does is they train people with magical attribute to become full fletched magicians for the society a lot of students there come from wealthy families in which there are also the not so wealthy ones but thats not the point right now so i continue.Miss cecilia has a altitude for magic and is considered a genius in magic her quick thinking makes her one of the smartest heads in the school…

-wait wait wait

he stopped.

-what your saying is that there is a school that trains magicians right ?

he nodded

-if it is in the city how come no one notices anything ?

He grinned and said.

-its because the school itself is hidden in the city itself…

I gave him a confused stare

-look i cant explain this to you either you will understand ones you come there.


-very well i continue

i nodded.

-like i said cecilia is very smart for her age so many people admire her but there are also many people who well lets say dont like her that much those people can go to extreme sometimes so in which case you come in.

-me ?

I asked obviously confused.

-yes you you defeated 80 mages and 1 grand magus it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you right on top of it you use some kind of magic i don’t quite understand you use something with speed or teleportation right but it seems like whenever you use it you get exhausted really fast i heard what happened yesterday from maria.

he said that while he was grinning i didnt answer him.

-dont worry i want ask you further the only thing  i ask of you is to protect the madam when she is at school you wont need to protect her the school is save until then you will protect her.You the madam and your little sister will move to los angeles after 2 weeks so be prepared.


Steward  looked at his watch and then back at the door and said.

-its time

And so he opened the door.


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