trts ch 13

Chapter 13 To The Home Run.

-good morning madam its time to wake up

Steward entered the room heading to the window opening the sheets to let the sun light in.


I stand at the door waiting.Cecilia scrambles around for some minutes and stewards tries to wake her up.

In the mean time i start inspecting the whole room it didn’t look much different then my room the design seemed the same only some spots were different like ornaments or colors the biggest difference was the giant bookshelves with many different books on them it stirred my interest a little.

-hey hey madam you should wake up now we have things to do today you forgot the ball is tomorrow

-hmm just give me 5 minutes alright ?

-sure if you want by the way your bodyguard is here as well.


i was about to go to the bookshelves until i saw a sudden movement cecilia got up rubbing her eyes she was dressed in a sleep wear blue in color it looked like silk her hair was loose and long she was really pretty and looked older then she actually was it only added more to her charm i thought.

after she finished waking up she looked at me i also turned to her and bowed for respect.

-ehh…what are you doing here ?!

she asked i was confused wait maybe she is scared of me ?

-dont worry miss cecilia i wont hurt you remember from today on i am your bodyguard.

she thought for a minute her face was a little red i figured it was because of the heat but she also didn’t make any eye contact or directly looked at my face i was kinda hurt maybe i was not attractive maybe i was ugly ?

I quickly shook my head and dismissed those thoughts i still had my smile on my face should i have changed that ?

-ohh..yeah i remember now sorry

she said i nodded and walked back to the door and waited.Steward turned to me.

-dawn can you go to the main living room and wait there ?


I closed the door behind me and started heading to the living room well for the “main” living room should i say i was also curious where stella was i was a little worried about her but i was sure she was fine from what i know i have her phone number on my smart phone but i guess she doesn’t know how to use the phone huh ?

As i walked down the corridor i shook my head for a little my vision seemed to have gotten a little blurry dizziness started to befall my head i leaned at the wall for a second trying to recover


A sound no a voice i quickly turn around to see who it was but there was no one to be seen………Le…

Its trying to say something but where is it ? the more i hear the more dizzy i become the whole place already started shaking in my eyes its ringing really loud !

i fall to my feat panting heavily and sweating i am holding my head i couldn’t think straight this was too sudden …aghh!!


Suddenly everything goes quite…

i open my eyes my head seemed to be okey i pull out the smart phone out of my pocket and check the time…its 6:21

i am late by 10 minutes ? or not

I stand up and dust of my clothes i massage my template and lean on the wall for a second.


This was just getting more weirder and weirder and i dont know anything i am already too tired to take more information but what just happened here was really just too much for me…

I wipe out my sweat from my face and started walking again i was wondering if steward and cecilia already arrived at the main living room if yes did they pass me ? or did they go a different way ?

While i was walking i was thinking of something about the voice in my head (it seemed) what did it say again ?

-i am leraje ?

who is he/she ? i never heard of such name before and the problem was…

i wanted to know i wanted to know so bad why i just collapsed on this floor and had that terrible ringing and dizziness in my head but still it was a little too big for now i needed to do the job first everything not important goes later.

I started jogging to the main living room so even if i was late i didn’t want to be late any longer then i have to after 5 minutes i arrived at the main living room i looked around to see of anyone was here…and there they were cecilia steward and stella too… damn.

-May i know what you did for coming late ? in my memory i think that you left first to this room isnt it ?

Steward asked accusingly i looked at him and then at cecilia when i met her eyes she averted hers i looked at stella she had a wryly smile
i looked back at steward and said.

-i got lost sorry

He looked at me for a moment and sighed.

-hmm…very well cant blame you for that…

Steward turns to cecilia and says.

-madam i will now leave i will be back after 3 days until then maria will take over

He turned to me then.

-he will protect you the rest of the bodyguards are in the house if you need anything ask him or the other personal in here.

-i understood steward.

she said.

-well then

Steward turns to me and nods he raises his hand and snaps fingers.


With a finger snap steward disappeared where he ones stood i was really curious about the spell but quickly dismissed the thought and just stood there cecilia didn’t stand up from her chair stella was also quiet the atmosphere was kinda awkward cecilia would sometimes glance at me and then look else were stella didn’t seem like she knows what to do and just sipped her tea on the table looking at me for help….i started a conversation.

-ehm cecilia hello…


okey that was lame i know but i gotta start somewhere at least.

-can i sit down ?

i asked she looked at me and pulled a chair and said.

-sure why not ?

i sat down and started talking.

-well i should introduce myself properly right my name is Dawn Timer i am 15 year old  and like reading books.

Cecilia made a ohh ! kind of interested sound stella just watched smiling and drinking her tea i wonder what she will do if the tea is out…

-ehhm okey i am cecilia greenwood the person you are supposed to protect i am also 15 and i go to school i also like reading books


I said

-yeah what kind of books do you like ?

she asked

-i like…

and so we started chatting about the different kind of books we read what kind of genres we like what books were good and what weren’t we talked a long time drinking tea stella would sometimes come into the conversation and give her own opinion we continued like that for 3 hours it was really interesting and fun over all it was my first long conversation with someone other then my sister wait isn’t that steward ? i wonder.

-hahah i also found that funny

-yeah !

it was 10 o clock we were still talking it seems like we over came that awkward wall of silence but still…she isnt looking me into the face…i am intrigued.

-you know cecilia i wanted to ask you something

She looked flustered a bit when i asked.

-egh ?! yeah ?

she said.

-why arent you looking at my face ? do i have something on me or anything ?

Cecilia got wide eyed and started stuttering while saying words from what i found out she is quite shy girl who doesn’t do much but read books not that i am different or anything its just that she has that vibe that says she is quite a “loner”
i didn’t ask further from what she said i don’t think she has any friends at school i never visited a school before so i don’t know what it is like.Cecilia was saying some words i didn’t quite understand so i started asking instead.

-do i look no good…well i mean do i look ugly or something ?

Cecilia stiffed and placed both of her hands on the table coming close to me over the table starring at me and shouted.

-NO thats not true you are the most handsome guy i ever saw in my entire life its just that i cant look into your eyes because you are that HANDSOME

she stayed at that pose for 2 minutes starring at me her face turned scarlet but she didn’t say anything nor did she look away i was surprised astonished stella looked also surprised but more worried for some reason…
i wanted to laugh it was quite funny…



cecilia came back and backed off to her chair i could see steam coming from her ears her ears were red as well she also covered her face with her hands.

-i i am sorry ! this is so embarrassing please forget what i said !!

She was twirling with her head and legs left to right in her chair i couldnt hold it and started laughing.


-huh ?

-no sorry its okey.


she said while looking down oh man again ?

I thought of something and started talking.

-cecilia you are also very pretty if you ask me so you dont have to feel so embarrassing about it.

-egh ?!

she looked at me through the slids of her hands for a minute i thought her head was about to explode..

-wha..what are you….

she was getting redder oh boy i need to change topics…..wait a minute i think i can benefit from this really well as well…

-by the way can i ask you something else ?

Cecilia snap out of it and looked at me this time she didnt avert her eyes.

-w..what ?

-i would like to know about other specialists involving magic or the other supernatural creatures..

Cecilia thought for a minute and nodded and so she began talking about the supernatural


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