trts ch 14

Chapter 14 The Green Eyed Shadow

-From what i heard and read the world has many things that are invisible to the naked eyes some small and some big the human race by its sheer number is terrifying and a lot of the supernatural communities tend to rather avoid normal mortals such as humans.

Cecilia cleared hear throat while we listened

-Another thing is that we mages and the order of magi or also known as the council don’t want to expose ourselves to the planet the reason being many centuries ago there were mages who’s might stormed entire nation’s by their fame many wanted to wield such power but couldn’t that in turn made them angry and rumors were going around some bad some good but mostly bad…how should i say this do you know celebrities who often get annoyed by their fans and in turn lash out at them for being annoying ?

She asked .Honestly i was a bit alien to such concept of hers i knew what a celebrity was i read about it in a lot of magazines but couldn’t quite get my head around it .Mostly when i read about something similar it was about a person who did something or about someone’s personal life or about their opinions .I get that they are supposed to be famous but i really didn’t care about those people and why would it be in a magazine in the first place i wondered ?

Seeing my confused look cecilia started scratching her head while making a wryly smile she didn’t really help with that I sighed and just shook my head.
She laughed a little bit and started talking.

-well never mind what I wanted to say is that the more people saw their powers the more they wanted it to make their life’s easier at that time people always came to mages for every tiny thing for the mages to fix with magic so they don’t have to use their heads for it in turn it annoyed most of the mages and another problem was that because of magic people started to degrading.We of course saw that coming so we-the council of magi-started to make ourselves transparent to the world turning to legends and story’s.

I nodded in understanding.

-And so we are here again hidden from the eyes of the mortal world and living in our own little paradise or hell whatever it is
She said while smiling.

I nodded and quickly tried to wrap every piece of knowledge i just consumed .Her explanation gave me a lot of answer’s to a lot of questions about mages but what about the other supernatural beings ?
As I was about ask she started to talk ones again.

-other then us mages there are other supernatural beings who were hidden even before we made our appearance there are many but i should start with the major factions.

-(cough cough)

She cleared her throat ones again I really felt grateful for her explaining these things to me.

-One of these factions is our faction the mage’s we are not as highly numbered as the rest of the factions but we are one of the most known in the community because we mostly handle the law around here or do some odd jobs you could see us as the police for the supernatural but don’t misunderstand we aren’t all saints .The rest are the vampires the were’s and the feys I start with the vampires….

And so me and stella listened to Cecilia about the big factions in the supernatural world from what I understood the vampires work in small groups sometimes or straight out alone they are the species who are the most diplomatic when it comes to making a deal or a conference like in any story that I read vampires drink blood to sustain themselves’s they don’t really go around and kill people but it seems like one of the vampires in their community-I assume the leader-owns over 54 different hospitals throughout the states and has a massive amount of blood in their blood banks the other vampires can work out their share and are taught how to control themselves’s from blood lust they also are weak in sun light but it is said that older vampires can go freely outside in the sunshine in the exchange of half of their strength while outside normal vampires just seem to burn….
Another faction she mentioned are the were’s from what I understood they work in a hierarchy system where the stronger and more dominant were’s rules them all when she started explaining it to me I was a little take a back because such a system didn’t quite make me feel comfortable but she assure me that the leader of such pack-the alpha so she says-are relatively wise and have exceptional leadership skills another thing I got a note of is that were’s can be a lot of different animals there can be wererabbits,wereweasels,wererats and so on but the most numeral of them are obviously the werewolfs she said each town or city is ruled by one pack making it their own territory to protect another thing I heard was that there is a being that rules the alphas of every pack in their country japan,china,Russia each have many little packs but there is one were that rules all of the alphas in their respective country she said they are called fenrir’s I found it quite interesting because of the name that comes from norse mythology.
And in the end she started talking about the fey from what I understand fey isn’t one species there are thousand’s and millions of species in the fey category the only reason they are called fey is because it makes it easier to call and identify them.the fey community is really scattered they do a lot of things like trading and entertainment they even had council of their own like the mages but what astound me about these beings was that they didn’t live on this planet they lived in another realm like our planet. Many fey’s choose to live on this planet because of personal interests and because of the humans it seems like most of the feys were similar to humans and were a little connected to this realm no one really knows.


I sighed across of me Cecilia was stretching her arms up next to me stella was holding her head while leaning on the table she seemed really tired from our conversation just now her eyes were slowly closing and opening she looked really cute.
I looked across the table to Cecilia and said.

-thank you for everything

-egh ?..

She was surprised and got a little red on her cheeks I was truly thankful for everything up until this point.

-eghh you don’t really have to….

She started stuttering again I found it quite cute and started laughing

-wha you….

She also smiled at me this time not one bit nervous it seemed I hope we get along I thought.
And so the day ended it was quite late right now time moved so fast in just an blink of an eye the sun was going down currently I was moving to my room while carrying stella on my back she insisted on sleeping with me tonight because she was begging me I allowed it for just tonight maria also didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

-(Sound of footsteps)

We were alone only my footsteps were making sound in this long corridor It would take me at least 20 minutes until i reached my room it was good that I didn’t need the map anymore because I had burned it to my mind while I was in the library .As I was walking I looked around curious of my surroundings I didn’t quite have time to have a good look now that I was walking slowly I noticed a lot of vases with flowers and expensive looking paintings of people and other non-biologic beings it reminded me of some horror stories in the books I had ones read now that I know that mages and fairies exist I wasn’t quite sure how to react now.well I never believed in ghost but now…


I stopped taking a breath next to me was a stool but I didn’t want to sit because of stella. I just stood there taking my breath slowly there was also a human sized mirror at the wall i looked at it .Black hair white skin and golden eyes my features reminded me of a falcon or a wolf listening to Cecilia it seems like I am relatively handsome or she doesn’t have any sense of beauty I was not quite sure myself but I still cared about my face a lot for some reason.
Wind was gushing from behind me I was still looking at the mirror checking my head for or anything out of normal as I stood there I noticed the wind…wait a minute I am in a building how come ?
I looked to my right very quickly…no one was there I had cold sweat running down my head it seems like i was just imagining things the windows were closed at this hour well i glanced back at the mirror


The mirror yes the mirror as I looked at the mirror and saw my reflection not only did I see myself but another person behind me…


I didn’t move yet he was starring at me with his green eyes he looked relatively normal but his whole attire was black plus a black hat his green eyes were like flames and really striking at that.

He budget


I couldn’t move for some reason I tried to will my hands and arms but nothing was moving my limbs weren’t obeying my commands…and he was slowly moving forward towards

He bowed down a little just to my head and bringing his lips near my ear and he said.

-call me….remember me…

As he finished my limbs were able to move again I quickly stopped time swung my elbow were his face was but…

-huh ?

He was gone I only swung into empty air time was stopped I didn’t believe he could have made it out so quickly in such millisecond timing but I had to he wasn’t here anymore.
It was quite chaotic after checking for a good 15 minutes while time was stopped I concluded that he was already gone I started time ones again and started moving while being vigilante i thought about what he said.

-call me remember me huh ?

I murmured and walked into my room that night I wasn’t quite keen on sleeping.


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