trts ch 15

Chapter 15 Broken Broom

It had been 2 weeks since we stayed at the residence steward showed me how to do things around here but my main objective was just to stay vigilante for now nothing really major happened I would usually just stay next to Cecilia almost all day long or stay out of sight and just observe her when she needed time alone stella didn’t need to work so she was staying here as a guest which I was quite relieved of.
She often just followed me around and mostly slept with me in my room she adored her dress always showing it off in front of me it was quite cute.


-yes ?

While I was cleaning the lobby steward came to me holding a envelope in his hands by the way since the last 2 weeks I didn’t see that strange black clothed green eyed person anymore I also didn’t tell anyone just yet because I wasn’t quite sure yet if that person was even real so I didn’t want to bother anyone just yet.

-tomorrow is the end of the summer holiday you see..

I remembered Cecilia would go to the magic school that was near here steward told me that I and stella would follow suit too it seems like bodyguards are normal around there he also told me one of the main reasons cecilia couldn’t make normal friends was because of the numerous bodyguards that used to follow her and everyone feared.But now that I am here…it seems like steward has a lot of hope for Cecilia when it comes to friends he also told me to help her a bit even thought I myself don’t know anyone beside Cecilia near my age.

-as you may remember you will be going with madam she will live in the female dorm you and your sister may live there too as bodyguard and maid don’t worry your sister wont do any work its just in name so it gets easier.The people there already know about your circumstances what I am holding in my hand is your credit card with your current pay in it the code and other personal information are stored in this credit too includes you and your sisters passport so you can identify yourself if needed

I nodded and took the envelope in both hands I was a bit happy about it the last 2 weeks I always used 1 hour for the library to read about the outside world it was still unknown to me what I would expect out there  so I needed some info.
After I took the envelope from steward and discussed more things with him I returned to my work today from what I just heard Cecilia was currently packing her clothes and other things.As I cleaned the stands I looked out of the window.


It had been 3 weeks since I escaped that prison right now nothing bad was going on sure its still hard to fit in Cecilia sometimes uses some terms that I can’t even find in books she advised me to use the internet…which of course I don’t have any clue how to use right now the smart phone was bad enough stella seemed like she knows how to use the internet thou…

As I spaced out I wondered how thinks will evolve further I will work here for only couple months I already have a passport.Money for right now didn’t seem to be a problem but I don’t really know maybe the money I get paid or have stored in the book is nothing much who knows.

Another thing I was wondering about was that green eyed guy I never found him in the end steward also said that no stranger can enter the residence because of a specific spell that makes a force wall if someone unauthorized try’s to get in for right now I didn’t tell anyone because I could be imagining some of these things because of the drugs I had exploded on my face…yeah that’s really a scary thought.While I was thinking about those things I didn’t realize that I was holding the broom too tight which resulted in…

-(sound of a stick breaking)

Yeah the handle of the broom broke…now don’t misunderstand I had this happening for  5th time now its not because the broom is really weak or because I am holding it really too tight no its because for some reason I cant control my own strength right now as I said I can see into the dark fine as if I was using night vision on top of that I also noticed that my hearing was extraordinary too I don’t know about touch or smell because I haven’t tested it yet other then that for some reason my over all strength was as if I gained a massive boost I am still trying control it.


I looked down at my hands to the broken broom I had steward or maria previously replace me some brooms there was even a store room where another 20 brooms were stored maria did that to annoy me of course but unfortunately I’ll have to use them now.

I started walking to the B-room (that’s what maria calls it) while holding the broken broom in my hands while walking I had another topic that was really a mystery to me the fireballs that I made disappear by touch when I fought the old man I tried to replicate it by making one of the guards outside shot a basic fireball(is what the guards called it) at me while I stopped time I tried to make myself remember how I did it I tried stop,disappear,shrink and other concepts to make it somehow disappear but nothing worked.


I ones again looked a the broken broom and voiced.

-if only I could rewind instead of stop.

At that point I was already in front of the B-room opening it and putting the lights on I threw the shaft piece of the broom in a trash can and was just about to do the same to the other one but as I looked at the broom in my hand I realized something quite intriguing.

-ehh ? did I just get a new broom without realizing it ?

Yes the current broom that I was holding a minute ago was not broken but looked brand new ? where did the other broken piece with the head go ?

I looked around the room.The room was very small it only stored brooms that’s why its called the broom room other than the brooms there was a trash can I looked into but the only thing that was in the trash can was the broom handle that I threw away maria or steward probably emptied this one so its understandable other then new brooms in this room there was nothing…I was confused.
While walking out of the room I was holding both the broken handle piece of the broom and the new broom in my hand starring at it I couldn’t quite figure out where the other piece was and was thinking rationally until…it dawned on me..

-wait ohhhh

My eyes popped out of my sockets if what I am thinking really happened then this was going to be real interesting


I walked down the corridor to continue cleaning while holding the broken broom handle on my left hand I had a quite long night before me.


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