trts ch 16

Chapter 16 Broom Rewind

After finishing cleaning I returned to cecilia who also finished packing because I was curious I asked her why she was packing it herself and not the servants.

She thought for a second and said.

-well its not like it’s a big deal and I don’t really want to bother anyone something like this is really nothing much i should say


I answered the rest of the day I stood next to Cecilia guarding her we would talk about a lot of things such as her school what place it was and about each other.I was careful and avoided questions that would expose some of my capabilities I think Cecilia was even aiming for that she made a really ugly face at the end of the discussion.she asked me about my magic (what she calls)  or more precise my time control ability that I used against the 80 maguses she had been very carefully looked at my expression which I in all times kept as a smile which (probably) worked I assume.Anyways I told her that it was a combination of short teleportation (Blink)  and quick movement spell which she more or less seemed like she believed in but afterwards she asked me how I could injure those 80 mages with only my fist at that moment I wasn’t quite sure what to say…

-madam the academy calls it’s the dean…

Just when I was with nothing to answer steward came in holding a phone in his hand to call Cecilia she pouted at him and quickly snatched the phone leaving the garden area.

I looked at her disappearing back and sighed…I wondered what she meant about her question how I injured the mages ?

-Mana shield a basic spell that any mage in their second year learns it’s a spell that almost any mage knows of and uses it is a essential magic defense mechanism that isolates the user from physical , projectile and magical harm for the cost of your own mana or magicka

I quickly looked to my side it was steward who said those words and he wasn’t finished…

-Mana shield evolves with the user and gains layers for more protection the inner layers are much harden then the outer layers so its hard to attack the layers also reflect how much mana the magic caster has if he runs out of mana the layers will disappear mana is only consumed when you get hit because the spell cant be disabled by other then the user himself it is almost impossible to hit the magic caster without destroying the shield first…well in your case its not really impossible is it ?

I stayed quite looking at stewards smiling face I wasn’t smiling right now.


He snorted.

-its not my business if me or madam aren’t involved so you can keep your secrets but you should better get a more broader understanding of magic and spells if you don’t want to start explaining people how you do what you do…you are dismissed tomorrow we will go to the academy so get ready.

Steward turned around and left…

When he left I sighed…but he wasn’t wrong if I don’t want to explain people how I do what I do I need a better understanding of what I am even working with.

I started walking to my room stella was currently with maria learning how to cook it seems like stella really like…no more like admires maria for her household skills and wants to learn too she asked me yesterday if she could do that which I didn’t refuse maria also liked stella it seemed like there was no problem I was glad stella had a grown up woman to idolize to.

After 20 minutes  of casual walking I arrived at my room.I looked the door and said.

-call out

While opening my hand I called the book with a white shine the silhouette of the grimorie appeared on my hand manifesting into a book with a black cover.I thought of the storage system and opened the first page where the 50 by 50 cubes were drawn the first 2 cubes had stored something one a bag of money with million dollars the other a handle of a broom handle.I tapped the cube with the handle making the handle appear on my right hand.


I called and so the book disappeared.

Currently I had more then 5 hours time until bed time because steward dismissed me early for preparation I didn’t have a lot of belongings anyways so I wanted to do something with the handle something I theorized that happened this afternoon…while holding the broom I said.


At starred at it at first it looked like nothing was about to happen until after some seconds astonishingly the broom started to grow….no wait it was more like it was molding into a brand new broom…I couldn’t believe it the broom actually came back from time ? how does this work anyways does it only work on broken items ? does it work on live things ? what will happen to the other broom in the broom room ?

-(sound of broom breaking)

I held both of the broken end of the brooms and said rewind


Ones again it was astonishing both of the brooms grew back both of them looked the same…of course both of them may highly be exactly the same broom…I was wondering will one of these broom disappear? For now while I was holding them they felt real I started to inspect both of them to my surprise I nothing seemed wrong these were genuinely real ordinary brooms…


I was getting more confused and more questionable I was trying to think of how this actually worked how did the brooms grow back where did the stupid mass come from it cant be it just got conjured out of the air…

-(sound of 2 brooms breaking)

Now I was holding the ends of 2 broken brooms making it 4 pieces I rewinded.


I still didn’t get how this was happening I need more time and experimentation in this..

As I threw the 4 brand new broom at the corner of the room it would be a long night without sleep….


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