trts ch 17

Chapter 17 A Life Decision For Someone Loved

-(sound of phone ringing)


I leaned to me side and took the phone next to me.It was ringing very loud making me a bit irritated.
I looked at the time it was 5 o’clock in the morning on top of that today Cecilia was going to school.

I quickly stood up and got ready steward said that I should wear more casual clothes so I decided to wear a brown shirt with blue jeans and a black jacket I wore black shoes too.


I returned to the bed sitting in actuality I should be waking up at 6 o’clock but because I wanted to get better prepared I woke up early.

-eh? Brother ?

To my side stella was about to wake up I wanted to let her sleep for a little longer and started stroking her head a little until she started sleeping again…


I slowly stood up and left the room temporarily as I did that I got out into the corridor and opened a window to the side.i needed some fresh air.


Last night was really extraordinary currently I had over 30 brooms in the grimorie stored I tried a lot of things to understand my ability more and was honestly said quite satisfied.From what I learned yesterday I can rewind the time of an item that I come in contact with i can even control how much time it would pass .Another discovery I made is that I can fast forward the time of an item when I did it to the broom it started withering in my hands becoming green and really rough.I can also rewind the time of an item to get it into its original state what I am trying to say is that when I was holding the broom I rewinded its time and it became a wooden board in my hands I rewinded it more and it became a tree…(which I was quite surprised to see in my room) I quickly fast forwarded the tree and it became a broom .Another thing I was wondering about is that the tree when I fast forwarded it becoming a broom if you want to ask me why I was wondering about it its because I thought that if I fast forward the tree it would start decaying but it turned into a broom and so I tried to fast forward the tree ones again but this time I took a branch from the tree and the result was the the tree didn’t turn into a broom but started withering instead so I understood that if I rewind an item to its original form then change something on the original form then it will not turn into the item that I used to rewind it into the original form but another thing I discovered is that when I rewinded the time of the tree with a broken branch and made it into a complete tree and fast forwarded the time of the tree resulting it turning into a broom ones again.Meaning that the rewind and fast forward option ones applied to a item would still individually continue their time cycle but if I change something on the original item the cycle will break and make a new one but I also can negate that by rewinding it to the time where I didn’t fast forward it…yeah okey I know pretty confusing…


Another sigh escaped my lips…lately I have been gathering nothing but information I still don’t really believe that . I escaped from a magical prison made to hold supernatural criminals.I read stacks of books and manuals,magazines these past days to make myself familiar with the outside world a little more even.Cecilia helped me a lot doing so and about stella I don’t need to worry about her too much.I believe she will fit in oces I enroll her into a school and if she doesn’t we try again…

-oh ?

Someone exclaimed.

I turned to my right looking at the middle aged male in a black butler outfit he had a delicate kind of aura around him that made him somewhat nice having around but in truth it was quite the opposite if you knew him a little better it was steward.

-You already  woke up ? good meet me and madam in front of the entrance of the residence in 30 minutes I will inform you of your duties ones you are there.


I affirmed he nodded and turned around leaving to the exit.

Ones he left I was going back to my room to wake stella and make her prepared we finished in 20 minutes or so and started going ones we started going stella started talking about yesterdays events that happened how maria showed her how to peel vegetables and how to make pancakes she told it in her cute childish voice making me giggle sometimes ones we arrived at the entrance we saw stella and steward standing next to a black shiny car there were a total of 10 bodyguards guarding Cecilia there were also 2 more cars in the front and the back making it 3 cars.

Ones steward saw me he nodded and put his hand to his ear talking.

-very well lets move

Steward led me to the back car to the front seat .Stella wanted to stay next to me which somewhat made Cecilia a little depressed which she hid quite well .I told stella she should sit with Cecilia she was quite against it but I succeeded in convincing her which made her a little depressed too but I patted her and she was okey and sat next to Cecilia who started talking to her.

Ones I was seated in the car I was a little curious about it looking around I knew what this car was and saw some pictures of it but still it was quite fascinating.

After 5 minutes steward entered the car sitting next to me controlling the wheel we started moving after another 2 minutes.

I looked out of the window it was the first time that I was moving somewhere else other then mansion.

-you look fascinated first time riding a car ?

I turned my head to steward who was driving the car not looking at me but the street but still asking.


I admitted .He gave me a raised eyebrow and continued to watch the streets but he wasn’t finished talking yet.

-now lets talk about your new task .We will arrive at the academy in about 1 hour your new task wont be much different you will still protect madam but now in a different time schedule while she will attend classes you may chose to stay by her side or wait inside the school building until her class ends so you may decided this on your own .Ones madam finishes her classes you will escort her to her dorm and leave.If madam calls your task will be to help her as best as you can if some suspicious individual tries approach madam you will first ask his/her intention and ask the madams permission to let that person near…am I clear ?


Ones I answered steward smiled and cleared his throat a little

-Now this is a personal offer here

I blinked my eyes for a little looking at steward for a moment he wasn’t looking at me still controlling the wheel concentrating on the street his face was calm neutral…

-what ?

I asked.

-Its about the place you will be staying at you see we talked about this before.

He was right he said that ones we arrived at that school he would give me some choices to choose from he was talking about this heh…

– and that is ?

I asked.his eyes seemed to have lit up for some reason I dismissed it.

-Your sister at the moment can stay with the madam at the dorm in the same room she will be the madams personal caretaker –in name and not do anything- and attend a school that has a high educational status we will of course sponsor all of her studies until she graduates ranging from her study books to food , clothes and entertainment ones your duty with the madam expires your sister can go live with you and still attend school under our sponsorship we even guarantee that ones she graduates we will give her a place to get hired in a place that compliments her skills her pay will be decently high that she never has to worry about anything involving money.for this I am offering your contract to be extended for another 2 years you will still get paid like usual.

I was a little confused ones I heard his offer I thought for a minute ones we arrived at the academy I wouldn’t really have to worry about her getting into school but at the same time I was a little suspicious about his motives he wants me to extend my work contract for another 2 years meaning that I just had to guard Cecilia for 2 years get money and let my sister learn there in peace…it sounded a little good to be true but after a little contemplating I was about to agree until he gave me another offer.

-or…we can also do this

I listened.

-we will extend your contract until madam graduates we will still pay you like usual and in return what we will give you is…

For ones he turned his head to face me his eyes as if shining with a smile.

-we will let your sister attend a magic school where she will learn magic we will of course sponsor her studies , hobbies and life like the first offer but this time ones she graduates we will give her a spot in our magic department don’t worry it isn’t anything dangerous it mainly deals with studies of magic and research conducting experiments in a sealed environment the payment is much more larger than any normal mortal job can get and will let her live without a worry in her whole life.The reason I giving this offer is because I noticed that your little sister has a large potential as a mage her innate magical talent is even larger than mine she could be even called a genius that is born ones every thousand years on top of that she has more knowledge and better understanding then most of her peers at her age.

He let his words sink in a bit.

I was speechless stella a magician ? and a genius at that ? was he trying to trick me this sounded surreal to me I never even heard the word magic from her mouth…

I was really suspicious of this offer and was really on the side of taking the first one guarding Cecilia until she graduates wasn’t bad either thou but stella a magician ?
Steward seeing me contemplating about my decision was still smiling a bright glint in his eyes so I asked.

-how do I know that you are not lying to me ?

-what would I get lying to you other than let you guard madam until she graduates ?

True there wasn’t anything to lose other than that I was going to work until Cecilia graduates and let stella attend a magic school later on I would really like her to demonstrate me magic to feel sure about it but letting stella into a the supernatural world was also worrying me.

Steward turned back to the street controlling the wheel it seemed like we were about to arrive at the school.His face was blank again as if nothing happened.
After another 10 minutes we stopped.

Steward was about to open the door until.


He turned around smiling at me.

-I take you on on your second offer

-wise decision

He said I didn’t comment on it and opened the door to the car and got outside.


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