trts ch 18

Chapter 18 The Gate

Ones we got out I looked around curiously it was my very first time going to a city since we drove here I was occupied talking with steward.The city was massive it was eye boggling how big it was countless shops and stands were up and running there were massive buildings and cars driving everywhere since the very first time I escaped the only thing is saw was the wild but this just looked really awesome.We were currently standing in front of a large white building if you ask me it looked a little shabby but I didn’t ask anything from steward I wasn’t going to judge a book by its cover.


Looking around I could see a few people like us standing next tor their cars and like us there were some who also had bodyguards and butlers that looked like steward too. For some reason Cecilia didn’t come out yet so I assumed we weren’t quite there yet.I looked up at steward who was standing not moving the slightest bit just starring at the door of the white building.

-why are we standing here ?

I asked

He made a face as if just remembering something and moved towards me.

-We are waiting for the overseer to come and open the door for us.

-cant we just go in ?

He shook his head and continued being quite.

It was boring so I looked around curious about everything that crossed my eyes there were a lot of people walking around talking with each other selling items or even having some fun most of them were holding their smartphones doing something on it.It looked really tranquil…wait why are they…

-ignoring us ?

I mumbled I ones again looked at the other cars and bodyguards like us .We were all standing in the middle of a parking lot almost everyone in black clothing or some uniform looking all intimidating.Why weren’t the other personal here looking at us or making some noise is that some everyday occurrence ?

I started observing the people who were passing by to the right there was a mother moving with her child going down the street holding hands with her boy the boy was jumping and swinging around while his mother was watching laughing a little bit they were currently only 5 or 6 meters away from us I was even looking at her directly thinking that she would notice my gaze but nothing happened she even looked this way confused and just shrugged it off continuing to walk with her child….somewhat I felt a little empty seeing them and I don’t mean this somewhat invisible force field that is doing something I assumed.

-Dawn get straight the overseer is here

I looked back at the door I couldn’t see anyone but I felt some force pulling me or something about to jump out.Just as I was about to ask steward a giant hole appeared out of nowhere instead of the brown door that was in front of us a giant gate like big light blue-ish hole was there instead.

-Now lets move

Steward said he opened the door of the back car where Cecilia was.She stepped out with stella in hand who quickly hurried towards me grabbing my waist.Cecilia followed after.

-look who is popular

She remarked I didn’t mind it my current attention was on the giant hole that was emitting light stella was also watching she seemed fairly excited.Following my gaze Cecilia started talking.

-first time seeing a transportation link ?

I nodded she looked a little bit amused to my answer I was fairly excited too this barrier magic and transportation magic seemed all really high advanced no wonder normal people never knew about mages.

-Madam we go.


Steward gave me a signal and I started to follow.The bodyguards were standing at their position seems like only me stella steward and Cecilia were going the rest of the people who were standing like us were doing the same only few going.

-Dawn I have to explain to you somethings about this academy

I looked at steward and nodded I pushed little stella to Cecilia telling her to keep her a little company.

-The academy rules are fairly the same as any normal educational establishments as I assume you already read the book about the school rules in this academy am I right ?

I nodded.As I recall steward gave me a book about the rules this school had it was fairly simple so I didn’t get why steward was bringing it up now.

He nodded seeming quite satisfied and said.

-you see there is a rule in this school that wasn’t really implemented into the book yet it was added only the last year when the new dean replaced the old one the rule states that every person in this school has equal status standing with everyone even the caretakers and servants doesn’t matter what background.Discrimination wasn’t allowed so were some other races or more species included at first many didn’t like the new rule but had to obligate because if they had a problem they would talk to the dean who was pretty frightening at the time of course a lot of people still personally gave complains but ended up expelled in the end so everyone didn’t dare to complain understand ?

I nodded finding the new rule really convenient I didn’t have to watch my tongue everytime I talked with someone it was a relieve honestly.

-Still that rule didn’t stop most of the students abuse their backgrounds secretly so what I want to say is well here..

Steward pulled a white mask from his uniform I wondering how did I not notice something as this in his breast pocket…was it magic ? anyways i took it.

-Please put this on while in the school I highly doubt it will hide your identity for a very long time but if some trouble arouses I am not worried about you not being able to escape or resist.

I ones again nodded.We were now only 3 to 2 steps away from the massive gate steward made a surprised sound and turned to me.

-by the way hold your mouth tight and don’t gag okey


I wasn’t able to ask before the gate started to suck us in.
===============On the other End of the gate in some tower.=============

-overseer the students are about to arrive !

-very well please lead them to the main court yard for the ceremony

-yes ! by the way the young madam Cecilia will soon arrive do I lead her to the stage ?

-yes do that

As she said a loud trumpet like sound was heard.

-The students have arrived !

-If you excuse me overseer

She nodded using her hand to dismiss the person to do his work.she walked to the window looking down to the transportation link waiting her eyes fixated the look was neutral indifferent.


Wide eyed..

As she was keeping her attention to the transportation link she could feel 2 kind of signals going through the link making her body shake a little.Like fast as it came it was gone what she felt was something called innate stream that came from a person the reason she felt it is because she was the one who was casting the transportation link spell these 2 signals were different too making her a little surprised.

-The first one was strong but still too young raw and rough give a little time it will develop quite nicely

She mumbled she wasn’t surprised about the first energy signal.The reason she was surprised was because the second signal was a little bizarre it was as if 2 beings were streaming from 1 body.The body in question almost didn’t have any magical power streaming through it at all but the second being in that body had a immense power on top of it.It was still hiding or more précised sealed from its full extend.
Her eyes turned sharp while looking at the gate as if searching for her prey.

-quite interesting this year will be much fun will it ?..hehe

She smiled and turned around leaving the tower and awaiting the arrival of the students she was curious and wanted to meet the person who emitted the second signal but unfortunately she couldn’t see who it was or how he or she looked like but still she wanted to see if she could pick him or her out.


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