trts ch 19

Chapter 19 A Promise


I quickly held my mouth so I wouldn’t throw up.

-heh ? brother….

Stella got worried when she saw my expression it seems like going through this portal the very first time makes you sick seeing that steward and Cecilia weren’t effected .But stella didn’t seem like she was effected either maybe its just me.

I looked at steward who was standing next to me he also turned his head and gave a apologetic smile.

-you see when people use the portal the first time they get something close to a sea sickness don’t worry the next time you go into a portal it wont happen well…. The next time at least it wont be a sea sickness but a headache ?

-but why isn’t stella….

As I was about to ask steward started talking.

-As I said before your sister has a natural high innate magic ability making her immune to the side effects of the portal this should be proof of what I talked about earlier right ?

I looked at the little girl who was pulling my jacket from behind she was worried looking so fragile close to crying but over all she was fine I couldn’t see anything that was making her sick so is it really true ?


I took a deep breath and looked up but as I did that my eyes got wide.

-Students welcome to Sutopia Academy

It was an island…it was a floating island in the sky.I big white building was the center piece of the floating island surrounding it you could see a lot of buildings there were also a lot of spacious areas probably for practice or training.The place I was standing at was also a small island connected to the main island with the school.I could see countless small islands with gates opened and students coming out lead by person through a tunnel like bridge to the island.

-Where are we ?

I asked it was the first thing I wanted to ask seeing something so much other worldly.

-This is the mage’s academy sutopia it was founded by one of the very first member of the los angeles council this place as you can see isn’t earth it is a different dimension opened by the founder when he was doing his magic research quite impressive right?

Steward said.I nodded a bit awed.

-you have to keep moving now.

Steward said while turning to me.

-I will be leaving now the reason I came here is just to escort you remember everything that was written in the book about this school and do your duties remember you will be working here for 6 years from now on and by the way.

Steward searched for something in his breast pocket and pulled a key from it.

-take this it’s the key to your place where you will be staying at its not in this dimension but on earth so you will be going back and forth .The place is yours it has a build in gate for you to use that connects you to the academy’s gate section later today I will send someone to guide you to your place through the gate.Another thing to remember is that your sister will attend classes this year so today will be her entrance ceremony.I already prepared her admittance to the academy she will be in the 3th grade I already arranged a personal magic tutor miss kimbridge who will teach your sister some magic theory with her talent you don’t have to be worried that she wont be able to catch up more than that she will most likely outrun the other students by bounds so any questions ?

I was a little astound by stewards quick paced talking and arrangements for everything in hand in short I wasn’t really angry at that just a little creep’ed out .I shook my head.

And so on steward continued talking about about stellas school schedule which he gave me another another paper to .I also got a paper for her books which I would get from the library if I showed it to the librarian I also acquired the documents for my place.

-good now that everything is settled I shall take my leave here ohh another thing.

Steward looked at stella and started mumbling  some sort of incarnation probably a spell as I was about to ask him about it.In the corner of my eyes I saw stellas clothes glowing very brightly as fast as the glow came it disappeared as I looked at stella I realized that her clothes had changed from her puffy dress to a uniform.It had a white robe with a hood a white blouse with black trousers her black shoes were the same next to her Cecilia was also glowing and magically changed into the same uniform with the difference of her robe being Purple colored.

-Because I am running out of time I will let the madam explain to you further far well

He quickly ran to the gate and left.

-Brother Brother look look I am a mage !


I laughed awkwardly patting the small 8 year old who was role playing and swinging her hands around as if casting spells.

-we should be moving

Cecilia said she was also making a wryly smile.We started following her through the tunnel like bridge as we entered I saw a lot of cable cars lined up students going in them and moving through the tunnel.When i saw those cable cars i was a bit disappointed not gonna lie i thought we would use some magic floating boat or something.

We soon were going to one of those cable cars stella seemed really excited about everything that was going on even thought I didn’t even explain her anything at all I suddenly wondered was it alright for her to be studying here ? sure I could watch her while I was working here but who knows what could happen…I was getting slightly more worried about my rather rash or wrong decision.

Another thing to note from is that Cecilia was hiding her face all the time using her hood people would also point at her and talk about her because.I had enhanced hearing I could pretty much hear what they were talking about something about her wearing a purple robe and how rare it was and assuming who she was.They were also talking about me and stella who followed her all the way.Which personally was quite disturbing because I never really had so much attention on me what they talked about was mainly how I looked following that I was really handsome some really exaggerated by saying I was godly and that my eyes were spears that pierced through their hearts almost every girl younger or older then my age would look back at me when passing by some even straight out shamelessly starred at me from distance or close up which I found even more disturbing I wished I had a hood like Cecilia but the only thing I could do was look down to not meet anyones eyes some of the guys thou gave me nasty gazes some even had disdain and outright disgust written on them I was mostly glad they dismissed stella who was holding my hand while we were walking she looked a little confused from my expression and for some reason tried to cheer me up in which I smiled at her giving her a pat while laughing…I swear when I did that a lot of girls started to blush furiously some even fainted straight out….

We entered a cable car and started moving I stood on the front window looking at the academy fascinated I was holding up stella to my shoulder height for her to look out of the window she was also really fascinated giving me some questions which I couldn’t really explain but Cecilia helped a lot explaining a bit how it worked not that i really understood anything.

We were standing looking at the giant island slowly closing in the sun was going up making it even more dazzling.

-going here for 9 years makes it look like nothing special but still it is a view to be hold.


I agreed.

-Hey isn’t that Cecilia greenwood ?

-yeah it seems like it last time I saw her she was going with a ton of bodyguards it seems like this year it cooled down maybe I can go talk to her ?

-forget about it look at the guy next to her I saw him following her all the way here they were even talking about something it seems like he is her new bodyguard seeing that there aren’t any other bodyguards around her other than him looks to me like he is the equivalent to their numbers meaning he is strong.

I wasn’t facing them so they didn’t have a clue that i was able to listen to their conversation that took place 8 steps behind which was really quiet as well.

-you mean that wimp ? other than his pretty face what does he have he doesn’t even look strong I bet I can take him out.

-do what you want to do but don’t hassle me with you will you ?

Those two continued to talk about the samething I didn’t really regard them much even if he insulted me. I wasn’t really a dignified or prideful person arrogant maybe but I had my own means to back that arrogance or just plainly use it to my advantage.

A lot of people noticed Cecilia and were talking about her they mostly talked about her and her background and how strong she was having a purple robe.

-Hey what is it about these robes ?

I asked Cecilia while we were walking I realized that each person had a different color of a robe so far I only saw white,yellow,orange and a couple of reds here and there only Cecilia was purple robed herself.

Cecilia gave me a wryly smile and ssaid.

-The color of a robe determines of how high of a tier of a mage you are they go from tier 1 to tier 10 each tier symbolizing one color my robe is purple it means I am a 5 tier mage the highest tier is black meaning 10 and lowest white meaning 1 they go like this White->Yellow->Orange->Red->Purple->Blue->Green->Brown->Gray->Black  to graduate from the academy you have to be at least a purple tier mage when you are 21 years old every year the school takes 3 exams to determine your rank and if you pass you rank up a tier getting a new robe for it.


I nodded it was really simple but at the same time those robes seemed quite important.

-hey if I take a exam do I get a new cool robe too ?

Stella asked me innocently i smiled wryly at her in general knowledge and over all subjects she was really close to my own knowledge so I was confident when I would say that a normal 3th grader wouldn’t be a match to her even a 8th grader would need to try really hard to match her even thought she was only 8 years old i knew very well how hard she tried to understand and how she had 100% trust in me I cared deeply for her but now I didn’t quite know how she would fare in magic steward said she was exceptionally really talented and had a massive innate magic potencial for now the only thing I could do was trust his words.

-yeah if you really try hard this year I wouldn’t be surprised if you did all 3 exams and become a red robed magician but only if you try hard alright ?

-yes but will brother be happy ?

I was surprised about the question was i giving her the impression that I wasn’t happy ? if yes how so was worried that much that was starting to get really gloomy around her ? I didn’t want my over all vigilante attitude rub off on her.

-why do you think brother isn’t happy ?

-because you always think about something and sometimes don’t answer me !

She said clearly contempt about her answer pouting a little while hugging my chest.In one way and another she was right since we came here I was always vigilante about everything that was really unknown to me I kept distance with most of the things I didn’t understand and thought about them I felt slightly guilty about that and I knew that I was neglecting my sister a little bit these past weeks so I said.

-hmm very well I am sorry about that little stella I will listen to you more and I am not really unhappy brother is just thinking about you and me a lot so you and me can live without worry you understand ?

Stella slowly nodded on my chest as if rubbing it with her cute little head.

-so if I can pass all 3 exams and get a red robe will you will you stop worrying ?

She asked while looking at me waiting for an answer.the question was unexpected and I didn’t want her to feel pressured with anything but I felt that I had to be honest.

-Well you don’t have to pass all 3 exams even if you wont pass all 3 I wont stop loving you less just because it but if you pass all 3 I wont get worried much anymore but even if you wont it wouldnt change much you understand ?

I asked trying as much to be honest and calming but that turned out to be in vain.

-yes so I will pass all 3 exams and get a red robe to make brother more happy and less worried I promise!

She announced which was quite loud it seemed like a lot of people were listening to my and stellas conversation some of the females on the cable car were blushing and some had tears in their eyes even the males…Well even thought I empathized that she didn’t need to pass anything at all for some reason that made her even more motivated I didn’t have a clue how to break someones motivation other than this.As I looked at her eyes I could see a something close to a burning flame in her brown eyes I thought I imagined it and dismissed it.The rest of the ride we talked about the school the students stellas and cecilias classes and schedule which were quite interesting to her stella asked a lot about magic at hand which Cecilia was really glad to explain to her.After 40 minutes we arrived at our destination.


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