trts ch 20

Chapter 20 An Unpleasant Encounter

As we got out of the cable car I was amazed how everything looked like it was very medieval sure there were some really neat looking devices here and there but overall the buildings looked really ancient but new.The students were running around laughing some were making preparations and about to leave to the academy.The buildings surrounding the academy looked to be many different stores and shops some arcade buildings could be seen as well there were even some shops that said magic tools which pulled my interest quite well.

-The ceremony will begin after 2 hours until then we could go have fun how about it ?

-Brother !

Stella looked at me almost pleading honestly I wanted first of all get all the needed books and materials for stellas studies but it didn’t mean that they had to come with me but on the other hand I am supposed to protect Cecilia…

-sure but can we go to a store so I can buy materials for stella for her studies ?

-we could do that I know…

Just as she was about to finish she frozen looking over my shoulder her eyes fixated at something I turned to look as well and what saw was.


Cecilia murmured quietly for only her to hear because I had enhanced hearing I heard what she said.
Loren huh..

There were a lot of red robed students junked up together people were making a path for them to walk but what intrigued me was that in the middle of those red robed students there was a sole purple robed student a female with blond hair that had to tails that looked like spiral drills going down from her head she was currently starring at Cecilia intently and heading our way I quickly stepped in front of the Cecilia but.


Cecilia refused I nodded and stepped a step back to her side watching the other red robed mages I studied the purple robed female mage a little more her eyes looked malicious having a ill intent to it her “guards” or so were also studying me but because I didn’t wear a robe but normal clothing they seemed really confused on what to think of me some even made smiles that didn’t betray their intention..stella quickly hid behind me hugging my waist…

-well well well who do we have here ? if it isn’t Cecilia ?

-what do you want loren ?

Cecilia said loren looked amused but Cecilia on the other hand had a really ugly expression showing her hostility with her own tone.

-now now aren’t we classmates ? I just wanted to say hello

-I don’t remember us being friends or anything ?

Cecilia rebuked as she said that I could hear loren say “tsk how annoying” of course no one other then me could hear that.

-very well today I came to call you into a duel

As she finished those words the people around us who were listening to this conversation started talking among themselves but what I found interesting about this was cecilias title “Ice Queen” I noted that I should later ask her about it..

-I refuse ask me later lets go

She said while turning around she was about to leave I pushed stella to Cecilia telling her to wait with Cecilia I could feel that this wasn’t going to end well.
I could literally see a vein pop on the head of the the blonde haired female mage her smiling expression also changed of that of a sneer.

-hey you wait..

The blonde mage flicked her wrist and a red robed mage that stood next to her right started approaching seemed like it was time for me to intervene as he approached us I needed to make it clear that today wasn’t their day.


I stopped time and started to look around the reason for this was because we were in a different dimensions and I wanted to test if everything was the same as in earth after 2 minutes I concluded that nothing really changed everything was still like i expected it to be.The first thing I did was go to the guy who was approaching us and getting him back to his original standing point as I did that I got a good look at the blonde mage on closer inspection I noticed that she was way smaller then she actually looked like her size was 160 cm max. the other red robed mages had a fair female male ratio they all were standing in a hexagon formation in the middle there were 3 mages the other layer had 8 red robed mages making it 10 red robes and 1 purple robed I guessed that the 2 who were standing next to the blonde mage were her right and left hand henchman.

Anyways I placed the red robed mage to his standing point he didn’t weight anything.When time was stopped everything would turn to zero and that includes speed, weight , velocity and gravity and so on.

Because I didn’t want to have a needless conflict I though of how to make this into a peaceful conversation which I highly doubt would work but did anyways I stood in front of their hexagon formation not in my original spot and started time.



The Red robed mage who approached us was confused why he was suddenly in his position the others were equally as confused the blonde mage only took a short glimpse and made a surprised expression but quickly returned to her calm state she raised her head the very first time and watched me.Her face indicated that she didn’t have a clue on what just happened she was about to speak but I didn’t give her the chance to.

-Madam Cecilia right now doesn’t want to accept the duel and has proposed to ask her later another day so we would be grateful if you followed her wishes.

I bow while saying so which made me somewhat embarrassed but didn’t let it show on my face I could hear a slight giggle from behind coming from Cecilia.

-You who do you think you are ?!

The red robed person standing next to the blonde mage shouted he was bald but hid it using his robe he had some really bizarre tattoos on his head making a enraged face he was about to step forward but was stopped by the purple magician who he was supposed to guard I guess she even right now still inspecting me thoroughly I could see that her eyes were showing a lot more than disdain better said not really disdain more like confusion and charm.

-who are you ?

She asked amazed for some reason.

-I am madam cecilia’s bodyguard that’s all you need to know.

She made a somewhat regretful expression but quickly recovered and said

-very well

She smiled if I didn’t know her slight screwed nature maybe I would have found her very cute but I just kept my face blank.

-Do you know who I am then ?

I could feel her voice getting proud as if trying to impress me the other female mages were also looking at my face If didn’t know better I would have thought all of the red robed female mages were wearing a red mask while starring at my face.The guys on the other hand were sneering at me.

-No and I don’t care

I turned around and was about to leave the dumbfound purple mage until.

-you little brat

The baldy shouted and suddenly shot a big fireball at me I reacted and slowed time making everything look like in slow motion.

I approached the really slow moving fireball you could compare the speed the fire ball to a snail and the snail would still win in that race.

I rewinded the time of the fire ball and made it disappear I searched for a rope around here and quickly found some.I took the rope and tied the hands legs and the arms of the baldy and got back to Cecilia.

I snapped my finger and set the time into normal.

-we should leave now

I said.Cecilia looked over my shoulder eye brow raised she saw the fireball and was about to shot her own spell but canceled the spell in the last second seeing me handling it.

-sure lets go

And so we started scraming it  I quickly picked up stella carrying her in a princess carry and we got out of there.


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