trts ch 21

Chapter 21 Inhuman

We ran for a while until Cecilia judged that we already had enough distance between them.From what I understood.That little blonde mage wanted to duel Cecilia but for what ?

-So ?

I asked while putting stella on her feet she seemed like she was enjoying the whole running and princess carry.


She laughed awkwardly I raised my eyebrow and looked at her she stopped for a moment under my gaze and sighed and so started explaining.

It turns out that Cecilia is the number one mage In her year.So quite a lot of people admire or hate her because of it that blonde mage with the purple robe was also like Cecilia one of the most youngest tier 5 mages in all history.Cecilia reached tier 5 before her that’s why she wants a duel so she can get to the first place Cecilia described that girl as a “attention-whore” and “arrogant-prick”  because she doesn’t even look at anyone inferior then her sure she has red robed mages as servants pretty much but she never interacts with them…I found that quite obnoxious…

-but sure as hell you should have seen that look on her face when she saw you ! she almost started drooling even her female escorts couldn’t make their eyes leave your face !

She laughed out.


I gave her a vague answer.

-Brother ! brother lets go lets go !

-yes yes

I said and we continued walking as we walked I was getting more and more annoyed by the people who were passing by just to look back at us…well not really at us but at me some even stopped what they were doing and started following us which I found more or less creepy but what really bothered me was that all of them were females cecilias rank was over shadowed by my face in which case that was not good I was debating if I should put the white mask on because some way or another there bound to be trouble…as I was predicting this out come I could see a girl with brown long hair blue eyes and long legs approach us her robe was orange damn…

Cecilia also noticed her approach us and made a really complicated face whenever someone would get too near for comfort she would glare at them and make that person flee I was grateful for that and wanted to say my gratitude but at that she would only start pouting and not even look at me I was wondering how her attitude could change so fast in such a short span of time.

-Stop who are you ?

Cecilia said while standing in front of me shielding me from that girl I was wondering who was guarding who at that moment I dismissed that thought and just observed that girl was obviously confused when she faced cecilia instead of me.She looked over her shoulder and gave me a glance In which I looked to my left side to avoid it.


She stuttered she didn’t seem like she had planned anything until this point so Cecilia started to whisper some words to her which I heard and had chills run down my spine at the end that girl left scared…

-haha okey lets go !

Cecilia shouted energetically I was once again astonished how her attitude could change so fast in such a short call…scary Cecilia is scary…

We walked around the place for about a hour looking at all the different things buying one thing or two in the end I was made into the baggage carrier of those two I also put my mask on which reduced the number of girls that were following us by quite a lot but not all unfortunately.

-huh ?

I stopped why ? because something was bugging me like bugs crawling up my skin kind of feeling I was getting something wasn’t right I thought…

I looked behind me there was no one to be seen other then pedestrians and those girls that were still following me what was that…I wondered.

-Hey dawn dawn !

I returned back to reality when Cecilia started shaking me somewhat worried look on her face stella was also shaking my hem on my hand.

-ahh its nothing I was just getting cold

Cecilia looked at her clock on her hand and said.

-we should go to the entrance ceremony it will begin in a hour or so

I nodded and said.

-I go and collect some of the materials that stella will need for her classes I escort both of you to the court yard can you watch stella for me Cecilia

-no problem ! right ?

-Right !

Stella agreed.

Cecilia and stella both seemed to be a little worried about me I still had that creepy feeling to me but I didn’t let that bother me we talked about the school while we were walking Cecilia could always find a topic to discuss which I was really bad at that’s why until now I never really felt awkward around her…

-So what are you going to do when you arrived at your new place ?

It seems like steward told Cecilia everything.Stella on the other hand was puzzled I explained to her that we would live in different places for a while at first she straight out refused but I told her that she can live with me whenever she wants just that she can also live with Cecilia in the same dorm at the end when I explained to her she started to calm down her eyes watery and not letting go from me.Cecilia somewhat was dejected but I patted her head in which she quickly jumped to the side red in her face I laughed.

-I am not quite sure maybe I just buy some books and pass my time.

I said which she followed up with how boring it sounded.

-Okey we arrived.

We were currently in a back door alley way somewhat creepy for my taste I was wondering why we were here which Cecilia answered saying that she was giving the freshman speech she said that stella could stand on the backstage where she could have and eye on her in which I agreed upon.After couple minutes a man opened the door and said to follow him i quickly reassured stella that I would come back in couple minutes this time she really refused a lot not wanting to part.

-stella do you want to be a big girl ?

I asked.

-I am big girl !

She shouted almost about to cry.

-If you are a big girl you will stay with sister cecilia big girls listen to their big brothers okey

She looked down pouting clearly dejected.


She said I patted her head and told her that I would get her something when I would come back which wasn’t even that long after some time she agreed and followed Cecilia holding her hand they left closing that door I stood there for another minute looking at it I turned around and said.

-show yourself who are you.You have been following us since down town over here.I know you are there.

As I said that I could hear footsteps…more then one pair of footsteps coming from the right of the alleyway where it was connected to another passage.What bothered me was that there were more then one and when they finally showed themselves…

-ohh you are really sharp mister ?

I didn’t answer and starred at him he was a boy near my age I assume behind him were another 6 guys all clothed in black I could also hear some going on the roofs getting ready to jump me behind me there were also 4 hiding no way of escape huh ?

The boy gave me a distasteful look clearly not happy with my quietness.

He grunted and said.

-very well lets play shall we ?

In a second the 2 on the roof and another 2 on the front started dashing at me with Inhuman  speed.


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