trts ch 22

Chapter 22 The Vampires

Fast they were just inhumanly fast !


He yelled I slowed time and started to move at him but what I didn’t expect to happen was

They were slightly faster then snails when time is slowed I always expected that everything would be much slower then normal.As I said they were slightly faster then a snail comparable to the speed of a turtle I was still faster then them by a margin but still…it made me uneasy somewhat having discovered this I realized that people who were faster then me by 100 times could still move around better then me slowing time only served me as a boost on movement and thinking speed in the future if I only depend on this ability it could cost me my life….i have to be careful.

As I thought I approached the 2 who were charging at me their hands were formed into claws their eyes fixated on me I could feel blood lust from their intent the boy was still standing laughing at me maliciously the other 2 that jumped off the roof to surprise me they were still slowly falling down.

I decided I needed some information about these people who they were who send them and why ?

One thing that I noticed about them was that their skin was pale white there didn’t even seem to be a drop of blood going through their heads or hands but they sure looked alive as hell.I first of all approached the ones in front of me and broke their legs and arms when I touched them for a moment I thought I was touching ice and not a human being their skin was ice cold to the touch I was wondering how they were still alive even thought they were this cold. I dismissed that thought and just took everything that they had on their body they mainly had some guns a daggers that looked like it was made out of silver the handles for some reason were covered with leather they had some mass amount of money here and there but nothing else worth noting.

I continued to break their legs and arms which took quite a while I also broke the legs and arms of the boy and shoved him to a wall I put the other henchmen to the wall opposite of the noy with broken limbs it was good that I had my mask on at the time when we met I noted that I should thank steward later.


I said.Time ones again was back to normal




I could hear the henchmen screaming behind me but the loudest from them all was the boy in front of me in times like these I really am starting to hate these enhanced sense their screams were like megaphones to my ears I should have stuffed cloth up their throats…anyways I quickly shut the boys mouth with a rotten apple that was on the ground seeing his expression that had hint of green in it I don’t think he liked it.

-Now listen here

Grabbed his cheeks with my thump and index finger each holding one side .His head was really small compared to his age I assumed.I wasn’t really trying to be scary but his eyes were full of fear his skin in my hand was ice cold I couldn’t feel anything from him his heart beat also seemed non-existent but I knew he was scared shitless.

-I will remove the apple but if you start screaming again I will stuff it down your throat and pull it out your ass am I clear ?

I asked he nodded repeatedly his limps were twisted and turned into weird directions but he wasn’t even dropping one tear something wasn’t right.I removed the apple from his mouth.


He was quite observing me he took a glance behind me to his henchmen who were limping in pain from their broken limbs I wasn’t bothering to shut them up this alley was really abandoned no one even as to dared to go here for some reason I was somewhat glad about it.

The boys sly grin was now gone replaced with eyes of terror his henchmen were the same they didn’t try to provoke and also got quite still hurting but quite.

-first question and if you lie to me I will break your fingers until you tell me the truth understand ?

He nodded repeatedly ones again looking at his limps and gritting his teeth from the pain his clothes were somewhat stylish if I had describe it his hair was black and like his men he had pale white skin and brown eyes.

–  Who are you ?

-Don’t tell this fucker Rupert !

The henchmen yelled I stopped time and approached the one who said that I broke all of his fingers and placed him in front of “Rupert” and started time again.


He yelled honestly saying I was quite impressed that he didn’t faint yet I had yet to see someone cry from the pain.

The boy looked at the man who just yelled at him squirming in pain shouting and breathing really hard confusion and astonishment could be seen in the boys eyes.I pointed at the mans hand while starring at the boy he looked at it and gulped in fear.I kicked the man launching him 3 meters behind me into his comrades who started screaming even more from the impact that came from their friend that landed on them.

-Start talking

And he did he chirped like a bird and told me everything.

So in short they are vampires that were ordered to bring back Cecilia alive they don’t know for what but they don’t question such things the boy is the son of the person who ordered to do this he was supposed to bring her to him to show his worthiness to him as his son which I found somewhat fucked up but did not question why.The name of the person who send them here was patronav vladmiri he is a Russian vampire that works as their leader of a vampire community that is located in moskow right now he is in los angeles for some business that no one knows of but it seems like Cecilia is quite fatal for his plans.

-anything else how many of you are there ?

I asked

-we came with 80 people but there are more the los angeles vampires are also working with us !

I thought for a minute for now I couldn’t hear one lie coming from his mouth I wasn’t quite sure if he was lying or not so I needed a test.

-Where are you guys located in los angeles ?

His eyes were hesitating but he made his choice which was quite a poor one at that.

-next to the los angeles clinic in the abandoned storage building !

I put my boots on his hand squished his fingers and put more force into it the second making him scream even more.

-your lying

I growled.

-okey okey okey its in the Lexington theater please its all I know !

I raised my boot and kicked his head with a lot of force knocking him out I did the same to the other henchmen and started to walk out of the alley way I contacted steward using my smart phone I was surprised when I was able to call him from a different dimension.I told him everything that happened so far and more importantly about the vampires who were knocked out laying in the alley way he said he would deal with them and praised my way of handling it.


I yawned I was getting a little drowsy I used my ability quite a lot today I tried to avoid massive movements to tire my body so I could still go on but mentally I was in auto pilot I was really just searching for the library where I could get the books from the map didn’t help I lot because I couldn’t figure out where I was.

I looked at the sky the sun was halfway down becoming dawn I wondered did I still have time ?


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