trts ch 23

Chapter 23 Horns

I continued walking trying to read the map and find out where the library was.

I searched for another couple minutes and found the library it was on the east district of the town…wait what should i call this island cecilia said that all of these buildings were owned by the academy meaning its technically the school ground ?


I dismissed that thought and entered the library while i was walking around i saw a lot of interesting shops such as magic shops for wands and staffs i didn’t see cecilia use a staff or a wand and just cast using her hands even steward and his men did the same thing ? The staffs were somewhat symbolic for mages so i decided to buy stella a good wand or staff as a present.Another thingt on the map the island was divided by 5 districts being the east and south,west and north the fifth district isn’t really a district that being the middle of the island the academy itself which was almost 50% of the island.

I approached the library reception where a somewhat handsome guy stood he had brown hair and brown eyes but i say only somewhat the reason being his left eye was occupied by a black leather eye patch he looked cheerful thou.

-Hello how can i help you ?

He asked a bit stammering because of my mask it seemed .The reason i didn’t put my mask away was because i didn’t want to pull attention to myself which sounded somewhat ridicules even to me.

-yes i need some books i was told to give you this

I handed him the documents that were about the books for stellas studies which steward gave me.

He took the documents and started reading he was fast from the look of it and ran it through.
He smiled nodding to himself and turned to me.

-very well i be back it should take a while do you want some tea,water coffee ?

-no thanks i just wait in the lobby how long is it again ?

He thought for a minute while looking up and said.

-20-30 minutes maybe depends the books listed here are some that aren’t even used in the standard classes so i am not sure

-very well

I said and moved to the couch next to the reception table the guy nodded and stormed off with his wheeled table to gather the books.

I sat on the couch while looking at the clock on the wall not much time has been gone since i seperated from those two.

I looked at the small glass table in front of me it had various magazines about magic cosmetics and fashion on it i was about to take one of those magazines until…

-BUSHHHHHHHHH (AN:Sound of something being hit and launched)

I turned my head to the sound and as i did that i could see a metal ball flying at me with high speed.


i stopped time and stood up i looked over the metal piece trying to figure out where it came from and found a girl that was standing on a platform that led to a door on the wall she was running down the wooden stairs it looked like she is the one who made this thing launch over here.

I looked at the metal ball…it was not really a metal ball by that i wanted to say that it wasn’t smooth like a ball it looked like it was made out of scarps and then nailed together maybe some glue was involved too.Anyways i couldn’t figure out if it was intention or just an accident that the metal ball had to fly right at me if it wasn’t for the appearance of the girl who was about to rush over here i would have thought it was intentional.I wasn’t moving much and just took the metal ball and sat back on my seat and started time.


The girl shouted while running over here but as she did she noticed that i was holding the metal ball in one hand.

-are…you okey ?…

She asked somewhat scared of my answer.

I looked her up and in closer inspection she looked close my age she had long black hair tied in a braid going down her back white skin and delicate hands and rosy colored lips i couldn’t see her eyes because she wore opaque
round glasses that had that swirly look on them those weren’t see through on top of it…i wondered how she saw through those glasses is it something like a two way mirror ? but the most noticeable feature she had on her appearance were those horns on her head….you hear horns they were straight sticking out of her back head they were relatively small and white.


She stammered i was currently really fascinated about those horns on her head was she a fey ? if yes what kind was she ? she wore a yellow robe meaning she was  a second tier magician.

I slowly started approaching her i was holding the metal ball on my right hand.She looked confused and scared for some reason but didn’t move from her spot and just stood there budgeting a little she was inspecting me and when i stood only 30 cm away from her she froze she was only 10 cms smaller then me so 170 cms.

-eh ?

She made a confused sound so i asked.

-are those real horns ?

As i said that her complexion turned a pale white not moving or making a sound.Because she didn’t answer me i took it onto myself to see it through…i touched her horns.


She screamed she held her horns for a while and started to calm down.As she did that i could see her turning red and somewhat grudgingly looking at me. because i was surprised by hear scream i jumped back the girl seemed like she came back to herself and looked around to check if someone was nearby when she finished she started to pulling me up the stairs to the platform and into the room.

When we entered the room she let go of me and quickly closed the door.

-Who are you ! how did you see through my glamour !

Honestly saying i was confused but i tried to give a explanation anyways.

-my name is Dawn timer i am a bodyguard working for the greenwood family protecting madam cecilia i don’t know what you mean about glamour ?

She looked a bit taken a back when i said i was a bodyguard and worked for cecilias family but took it in anyway.

-what are you doing here ? are you here to capture me !?

She said her voice sounded scared and a bit of despair was leaked on it too i was getting even more confused i needed to calm her down.

I raised my hands and said.

-calm down talk slowly no one is going to capture you not anyone or me are going to get you why won’t you explain it to me first ?

I asked i gave her my hand she still looked scared but her tension seemed to ease when i said i won’t capture her she took my hand and shook it.She sighed and offered me a stool which i took she also took a chair and sat on it and started explaining.

-my…my name is sernath but just call me sera

She said weakly.

-so what was that about just now ?

I asked while i did that i looked around the room it was full of fascinating items and tools in the middle of the room there was a huge wooden table with schematics and tools and materials on it.

-i ehmm you see i am a fey a fairy.

As she was saying that she watched my expression closely and when she found nothing wrong with it she got confused.Should i be astonished or fascinated if yes i already am.

-so ?

I asked that got her even wide eyed and so she asked.

-you don’t know what that means ?

She asked somewhat astonished i shook my head and explained to her how i got this job and that its the first time i came here.

-ahhh that explains a lot

She nodded.

-Listen here did you not read the rule book when you entered the academy ?

I did read it but there wasn’t anything concerning fey…or am i wrong ?

When i didn’t answer her she sighed and stood up from her chair and kneel’ed down on in front of me both hands formed together it was outrages.

-please don’t tell anyone that you saw me or that i have horns please…i will do everything if you want money i will give you that and if anything else….

She pleaded i could see her eyes watering while she did that i was getting even more confused about her current action and stood up i knew what i needed to do now.I held both of her shoulders and brought her up on her legs and starred her in the eyes and said.

-never,never kneel in front of anyone you understand i already said it no one is going to capture you i am not going to tell anyone about you so stop it and just explain to me will you ?

I said that while i eyed her down i noticed my tone getting more angrier and when i said that she also noticed and quickly nodded repeatedly and so we sat down ones again this time her explaining to me her circumstances i don’t know why i did that but i could feel some familiarity to her.


One comment on “trts ch 23

  1. I’m not sure if it’s an Americanism or something else but why do you spell Once as “ones”?

    if it’s a typo I get the feeling I’ve seen it written a few times, not a big thing just thought I would ask in case it was spelt wrong unintentionally.(Context makes it quick to notice.)

    I’m from Britain so if it’s an american thing like color or aluminum or all the other things they decide to say or spell wrong, then I don’t know it and it’s slightly awkward reading (since ones has a different meaning where I’m from it’s very slightly confusing.)

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