trts ch 25

Chapter 25 The Mage

-Seems like my time is out i need to go

I said to her when she heard my words she really looked depressed for some reason but didn’t let it hang for another second and nodded to me.She shook her head and clenched her tiny fists and with a weak voice that normal people definitely wouldn’t hear she asked me.

-ehm do you… you live here or….

-I don’t live here but i come here everyday for my job i am free most of the time because my host who i am protecting mostly studies in the academy which is fairly save.That’s why i can come visit you if you want ?

I said that while smiling.Sera looked really pleased for a moment until she noticed her own smile and looked down completely red on her face but she was still smiling.

-i…i have classes from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM because i am in the morning classes….

I thought for a bit cecilia and stella had classes from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM so i could visit her when her classes end maybe fetch her ? i am not sure it may back fire on me because we don’t know each other that much.

-sure we could meet here and a little more i also really wanted to ask you about these devi…..

-(Beep beep beep)

Damn i completely forgot about the phone again.

Sera also noticed my phone ringing and waved me away with a smile.

-tomorrow at 1:00 PM i be here

Sera nodded vigorously and and said goodbye which i returned.

I got to the reception and found the eye patched librarian with the books on his table waiting her looked bored once he saw me he gave me some documents stating that the books now where owned by stella and that they were already pre-ordered and paid by someone i signed the documents and starred at the massive pile of books it was a total of 46 books with volumes and all kinds of subjects i was getting worried about my little sister wondering if she even able to understand half of it…….we’l see.

When i finished signing the documents the librarian said he had things to do and left the reception because he was out of eye sight i called the grimoire and stored the books into the grimoire as i did that i discovered that things of the same type could be stacked in one of the storage blocks within the book meaning one storage block in the grimorie held the 46 books.I must say the books was really convenient more then ones.

-hello ?

I took the call the reason i didn’t take the call at first was because i didn’t want to be rude in front of sera and i wanted to get the books first.

-where are you…

Cecilia sounded angry…eh….scary i thought.

-i am coming out of the library with stellas books is there a problem ?

I asked.

-no not really you just didn’t take my first 2 calls what were you doing ?

She asked suspicious of something.

-i talked to someone and forgot the time i am sorry


We held that silence for a minute i thought that she hung up but it wasn’t the case.

-anyways come here to the academy stella is starting to panic a little…


I quickly hung up and started running while slowing down time it was faster that way and i had recovered some energy at the library as i was running i had some thoughts about sera she was a real dragon the first fey i had ever met but what really bugged me was that fey were generally used here as slaves of some sorts even thought they were called pets it wouldn’t be different from slavery if sera was caught she may become a slave on top of that it seemed like she is using some sorts of illusion magic to hide her horns even the room and the stairs up in the library seem to be well hidden with magic because i asked the librarian if there was a room at sera’s direction in which he said no.

I set time to normal and stopped at the main school yard where i could see countless students chatting and going around some where leaving the yard it.I assumed that all of these students were newly enrolled into the academy there were students that ranged from 12 to 15 years old walking around with their white robes.

As i moved around to see if i could find them i realized that i really looked out of place with my clothing but more importantly my face was like a beacon for girls and woman…

-hey look at him isn’t he super hot ?!

-he doesn’t have a robe i wonder why is he here ? don’t the rules state that whoever enters the academy needs to wear a robe ?

-who cares lets go talk to him before anyone else catches him heheheheheh…

A chill was going down my spine i quickly took out the mask that i hung on my breast pocket and wore it right away because i slowed time and was running over here no one really had a chance to see my face on top of it i felt really uncomfortable with the mask on my face.It didn’t trouble my eye sight though the mask seemed somewhat magical maybe steward enchanted it.It felt more like a second skin and shield to my face its because it was artificial that made me uncomfortable.

As i wore my mask to hide my face i was already too late.

-hey you do you want to join our club we study alchemy and look at creatures !

-no join our club who likes stinking animals if you can learn how to use magic !

-hey we came here first thats why he will join our club go away hag

-who said just because you came first means he will join your stinking club blondie.

there were already too many girls in my surroundings each of them wanted me for their club for some reason there were even some who straight out started fighting against each other…..i needed to get away.


Someone roared it was that kind of voice that gave high authority with it. All of the student’s stopped what they were doing and looked at the person who said those words…it looked like a teacher she had brown long hair that got to her shoulders and tied in a tail like mine brown eyes and a small nose in her hands she was holding some books and paper she looked fairly beautiful but angry at the same time….

-explain !

She demanded one of the girls came to her and started talking to the teacher whispering it to her ear ones she finished talking to the teacher the teacher scanned the surroundings and fixated her look at me narrowing her eyes.

-Everyone leave to your classes they will soon begin if you come late you will be severely punished you !

She pointed at me it scared me somewhat but i calmed down.

-Come with me young  man everyone else SCRAM !

The female student’s quickly started leaving some gave me their phone numbers and some gave pretty questionable remarks on their locations and dorm room number.

Once all of the students left only the teacher and me were standing opposite to each other she was inspecting me from head to toe.

-take off your mask the girl said you were really handsome if those girls are ready enough to fight amongs each other for you then i want to see with my own eyes.

-i can’t

I straight out refused i knew that my face also worked on grown up women the girls were already enough i didn’t want some middle aged woman go following me around 24/7 i could still feel some students hiding in the bushes or next to the walls observing this….


She said while stroking chin she smiled viciously like a snake and raised her hand at me pointing her palm at my direction….something was coming she is about to use magic !

-well i do it myself then !

Something shot form her palm and was flying at me with high speed i was a little too exhausted to slow time or stop it so i had another idea.I shielded my face the spell was coming in any second now it looked like it was a force attack and as it closed up and hit me..but didn’t do anything.


The teacher looked shocked but quickly turned to normal and shot another one it hit me again but didn’t do anything the reason for that was because when it would hit me i would reverse the time of the spell making it disappear.From her second attack i started to close up on her she looked alarmed when i started to approach her very fast we were 30 or so meters away from each other lets see how this will go on.


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