trts ch 26

Chapter 26 Arrogance

Proofread by Mjolnir77


The fight was going on.  Some students that were observing decided to come closer to see better. The teacher didn’t seem to care, neither did i : if they get hurt then it’s their fault.

– che !

She clicked her tongue since her first 2 attacks didn’t work and i was catching up fast to her. She walked back a couple steps while her hands were pointing to the ground. I could see hints of energy streaming from her feet to the ground and moving towards me at high speed. As it came, i jumped forward, avoiding earth spikes that were about to impale me.

– huh, so that’s your weakness ! She said.

Even thought i didn’t like it, it was true that the earth spikes were connected to the ground, making it the whole item that i would have to reverse. Of course i could try it, but larger objects take much more energy then smaller ones and it would most likely kill me. Fortunately i can sense her magic or whatever, and predict  her next attack’s trajectory. I was now only 8 meters away from her and she needed some precious seconds to cast her magic.


I stopped in my tracks. As she yelled those words, she held her hands up, showing her palms to me. Even thought i won, she still had that smug look on her face as if saying she knew it from the start; maybe she actually did anyways.

– Are the teachers even allowed to attack other people ?

She laughed embarrassingly, clapped her hands together and bowed down.

– I am sorry, please don’t tell anyone. Master steward said that cecilia would get an exceptional bodyguard, so i wanted to test you !

I sighed. Her attitude changing skill was really comparable to cecilia’s i am not even angry at her anymore for attacking me out of nowhere.

– What about the others ?

I inclined my head toward our spectators. The teacher got up and made a malicious smile that could give someones shivers if they didn’t already have them.

– I have my ways… She said.

I shrugged and asked where Cecilia could be. She said that my sister was probably in her class. When i asked where it was, she gave me another map… I will get a collection of those if i keep visiting such enormous places.
Cecilia’s classroom was located on the 5th floor, on the left side. The academy had 6 floors with 6 classrooms each, and other rooms for different subjects. The rooms were so numerous that i couldn’t figure out what they were used for anyway. Those 6 classes were divided into A B C classes that with 2 different grade each, meaning the first floor having the 1th and 2nd graders and second floor with the 3th and 4th graders and so on until the 6th floor.
The P.E. class was held in a different building on the opposite side of the academy. The academy had 8 different yards : the one where i came from was the main one and it was really big stretching 120×52 meters, the rest seemed to be used for small projects.

– Hufff hufff !

I was panting. The stairs were really long and on top of that, Cecilia was on 5th floor. I considered looking for Stella first since she was on the second floor but figured that Cecilia wouldn’t let her stay there alone without my consent.

While i was going up, some teachers and students gave me some weird looks which i often just ignored. I also found some interesting teachers who had some animals following them, like eagles, well i think they were eagles but they were really too big for that. Other then that, the student body seemed relatively conserved but Cecilia was right, the rivalry and competition seemed very real : i also saw some people who seemed to be picking on the poorer students. I didn’t really care much since it didn’t have anything to do with me.

I finally reached the classroom where Cecilia studied and slowly moved towards it. I wanted to take a break. It was tiresome that the class wouldn’t start before 20 minutes or so, well i entered.

– Queen ! Can we eat lunch together ?

– Queen ! Can you show me how to solve this please ?

As i entered the room, i noticed that most of the students were concentrated on the row seat on the far end corner.

– Huh.

I sighed. Cecilia was most likely in the middle of the crowd, seeing that everyone calling her queen.

As i was about to make my way toward them, a student noticed me approaching.

– How can i help you ?

I looked at the guy who spoke to me. He looked fairly decent : i wouldn’t call him handsome but normal, he had short gray hair and brown eyes with tanned skin and his robe was Red, showing that he was a 4th tier mage.

– I am Cecilia’s bodyguard. I need to report to her.

Actually i needed to get my sister ready for class, but why should i tell him.

He judged me a little bit. He obviously didn’t trust me but called her anyways. Not in the way i liked it.

– Queen ! your King is here to tell you something.

I stared at him dumbfounded. He gave me a thumbs up and quickly got back to his spot… Bastard !

Suddenly it got quiet. I looked at the crowd and all of them were staring at me; it didn’t seem like any of them saw me in the yard a couple minutes ago. I was glad but felt awkward at the same time; my mask was on at least.

– Dawn ?

– Brother !

The first to come over here was my little sister. She ran at me and hugged my waist while i smilinglyi patted her head … Ahhh, i completely forgot to buy her a staff: i would need to buy it afterwards.

– Were you good with your big sister ?

– Yes !

I kneeled down, smiled and patted her cheek.

– Good girl !

I looked up to see Cecilia approaching us.

– Took you long enough !

She remarked with a sly smile.

– Sorry, had some trouble on the way.

She nodded.

– Hey ! Who do you think you are !

I turned around to see a boy stomping towards me. He had a trace of red going through his cheeks. He looked somewhat handsome, maybe ? not exotic,it’s more like it he has black hair with blue eyes and light brown skin. His height is smaller then me by 5 or 8 cms ?

I stared at his eyes. He showed his disdain toward me very openly; Cecilia didn’t seem to like this person much anyways.

I straightened up and took my posture.

-I am dawn timer, madam Cecilia’s bodyguard !

I said with a cold smile, which he obviously didn’t see. It was good that way; the mask had some plus sides to it, being able to trick someone as arrogant as him.


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