trts ch 27.5

Chapter 27.5 Stella’s Determination

Edited By Mjolnir77


Stella’s P.O.V :

I sat at my desk at the back of the classroom. Each desk would be occupied by 3 students. I sat on the left side of the desk while my two deskmates started introducing themselves.

– Hi ! My name is chloe !

– I am Sally ! Nice to meet you !

-My name is Stella nice to meet you too !

Chloe had red long hair with blue eyes, making her really eye catching. The three of us seemed close to the same body size.
Sally had black short hair with brown grey eyes; her uniform looked really tight, sticking to her body. Her expression seemed cool, compared to chloe who looked really cheerful. Sally had a blank face but she was nice to be with.

We started talking about ourselves, about who we were and what we were interested in. I tried to be very vague, saying the region i was from and not that i grew up in “that place”. It worked in the end and we got along really well !
Sally even asked me who the boy i came with was. My brother was actually sitting on a chair in the corner, next to the teachers desk. He was still wearing that mask for some reason (i asked him what it was for and he said it was for work, and himself, i was kinda confused but didn’t ask further).

– Ah ! He is my brother !

Chloe and sally both raised their eyebrows and looked at him. He seemed a bit more interested in the lessons then me. The teacher was currently checking people’s names off a list, seeing if they were here on not.

– Stella ?

– Here ! I said.

The teacher stopped shouting names and put her list down on the desk.

– Now, students lets begin the lesson ! For peoples who don’t know me, i am Ms Alexa Switch but just call me teacher or Ms Switch. I teach magic theory for the third and fourth year students understood ?

Everyone agreed and the class continued. Chloe and Sally also stopped talking and concentrated on the lesson.
Ms Switch took a wand in her right hand, a book in the other one and started asking questions.

– As we learned last year, magic theory is the study of possible magic effects, for example …

The teacher pointed her wand at an apple on her desk, she chanted a bit and it apple slowly started floating up. While it was doing that i felt as if that apple was drawing to me it was very strange. Ever since brother and i left “that place”, i started to feel some strange energy like things drawing to me. I never really felt that when i was in “that place” but now it was somewhat getting stronger; the feeling wasn’t unpleasant but to the opposite it was refreshing.

– As you can see, i used the spell Float on the apple. Depending of how much magicka i put into the spell reflects on how long the spell will hold and how high it will be able to go; so now that we know how spell works i want to ask you what is needed to activate such spell.

A lot of people raised their hands on that question. Because i didn’t know the answer, i looked at the other students who did.

– Yes Sally ?

I looked to my side : Sally stood up and started talking.

-The caster has to have sufficient control over his or her magicka and be able to imagine the spell’s effect. For it to be successful other than that, he must be able to remember the chant.

The teacher nodded, satisfied by her answer. Wow i would really like to know something like that too… I really have to try hard to put brother at ease; he said the rank up exam will be held 3 times a year. It will only be a couple of months until the very first test starts.

– Good ! Now another thing i want everyone to remember is the chant. As Sally just said, the chant is an important part of a spell but not everyone has to use one.

Really ? At that thought, the students started to whisper among themselves, asking each other if they knew anything about that. Chloe also nudged me and Sally about this. Sally said that maybe it has something to do with a device that shoots spells. I looked at brother who seemed like he understood something because he was in his usual thinking pose on his chair…

– Now now everyone quiet !

We started to listen.

– As i said, a mage doesn’t have to use a chant but that goes only to a select amount of people. And i mean people who are born with innate magic talent. In the past we used to call them sorcerers, but now with enough practice anyone can use a spell without a chant.

She once again pointed at the apple wich had been floating the whole time. She made a gesture with he wand and it slowly started to peel itself… The students were amazed at how she had done it without a chant. Since i read some books involving magic, i kind of understood why it was so amazing; but still the books i usually read about magic were made up stories.

When she finished, a student at the front raised her hand.

– Yes Catrina ?

– What is the difference between someone who has innate magic talent and someone who doesn’t ?

The teacher smiled and said :

– That’s a good question. Well then let’s see … as you know, a person with innate magic talent doesn’t need to use chants, they only need control, imagination and sufficient magicka to do the spell. Overall, people with innate magic talent tend to have 4 times as much magicka than a normal mage.

Another student raised his hand.

– Yes Chris ?

– Isn’t that a bit unfair ?

– How come ? The teacher asked a bit confused.

– It seems like people with innate magic talent just get it free and others have to work hard for it.

The teacher thought about it and smiled saying :

– Yes you are right, in a way, people with innate magic talent are blessed, but that doesn’t mean normal mages like us don’t stand a chance. For example, our dean is a very potent magic user and she has built all of her achievements through hard work and practice. She is even able to use all of her spells without a chant, even thought she doesn’t have innate magic talent. So what i want to say with this is that even if you have innate magic talent it will be useless if you don’t have the control or imagination to actually use it, understand ?

The boy smiled and said yes.

The teacher turned to us.

– Now that we covered that lets continue.

We continued to listen to the teacher about the many different magic systems until she told us to pull our books out. I realized that i didn’t have any … Brother also looked a bit panicked when he heard that but he quickly resolved it in a surprising kind of way.

Brother raised his hand above his head and said something and slowly in a tiny light a book started to appear in his hand at that point everyone was already staring at him, including me… Did brother use magic ?

The teacher was also distracted by my brother.

– Ms Switch, can i give this to Stella ?

The teacher nodded and brother stood up, heading my way. The students were also somewhat confused about my brother and when he stopped at my seat he opened his strange book, tapped on a page and in the blink of an eye, a lot of books were stacked upon the desk.

– Sorry. He said and walked back to his seat.

The teacher continued her lesson. I really wanted to ask brother what he did but couldn’t right now. I stored the books into the messenger bag and was amazed at how it sucked the books, storing all of them so easily.

Chloe nudged me so i turned to her.

– Hey ! Is your brother a mage ?

I thought for a minute : I had never seen him do anything as incredible as magic… Wait ! No, when we were living in “that place”, i remembered that one time, we would always change from one place to an other, like a picture book. I didn’t have a clue about why it happened. I wanted to ask brother but i found myself enjoying everything new so much that i forgot to ever ask him how we left…

I reluctantly answered her :

– I really don’t know; brother works as a bodyguard, maybe he learned magic there.

Chloe thought for a minute and asked something else. This time, Sally also seemed interested about this topic because she asked about my brother too.

– Who does he guard ?

– Cecilia Greenwood. I said nonchalantly.

Sally and Chloe seemed frozen for a second, not talking nor even breathing.

Chloe abruptly stood up from her seat, looking at me and in a not so quiet voice, she said :


Everyone in the classroom looked at Chloe .Sally quickly pulled her to her seat scolding her for being rude.

– Is there a problem Ms Chloe ? The teacher asked, a bit confused at what she may have heard.

– No, sorry Ms Switch ! I was just surprised that’s all…

Chloe said embarrassingly.

Chloe started asking me questions about my brother and Cecilia while Sally didn’t say anything. But it was obvious that she was curious as well, seeing how she was listening attentively to our talk.

– Why are you so interested in Cecilia ? I asked.

Chloe laughed a bit, pointed at Sally and said :

– Ask her !

I looked at Sally who hadn’t said anything until now but started talking as soon as Chloe pointed her out.

Sally looked at Chloe, sighed and said :

– Okay you see…

And so Sally told me about how Cecilia is a really amazing person, being able to become a Tier 5 mage at the age of 15. She said that most teachers in this school were tier 7 mages at best. Only the dean seemed to be a tier 8 mage, making Cecilia a really amazing person both skilled and beautiful.

Somehow i really thought that Sally admired Cecilia. In my mind, Cecilia was like a sister; her classmates seemed to like her very much other, than that meanie who didn’t like brother for some reason. I thought about the promise i gave brother : that i would become a 4th tier mage in one year. I was confident that if i worked really hard, i could do it, but seeing that even Cecilia sis’ needed 9 years to become a tier 5th magician… I was a bit disheartened.

The the lesson moved on, talking about the many different magic systems and branch systems. I didn’t understand much but listened to it anyway : i was determined to accomplish my goal this year and put brother at ease !


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