trts ch 27

Chapter 27 Stella’s Lesson

Edited By Mjornir77


– Hmph !

He snorted in obvious contempt. The surrounding students also seemed somewhat hostile towards me, however some didn’t seem to care or were even happy about it.

– And you are?

– A mere bodyguard asking my background ! Don’t you know that it’s insolent ! Worm, try to learn manners first before you start using that mouth of yours ! He announced for everyone to hear.

Most of the students started laughing at me for being insolent… I guess ? I didn’t care much, not like he had done anything that would bother me or anyone around, other then use these meaningless words.

Cecilia looked even more displeased then before and i could slowly feel an icy chill coming from her. People also started to quiet down when Cecilia’s cold aura crept through the room. I couldn’t sense anything from her, which could be the reason for this chill…

I focused my attention on the boy : his robe was red, marking him as a rank 4 mage. I wondered if all the students here could be considered weaker than the teacher i sparred with before but at the same time i didn’t know her rank. She could be a 5th rank mage, enough to graduate, but at the same time she said that she was Steward’s apprentice.

Steward in comparison didn’t look really strong but appearance can be deceiving : He was a prime example since he can hide his powers and use them efficiently when the time is needed… I should have asked him what rank he was.

When the boy felt the chill form Cecilia, he stepped back. Her eyes also looked really cold. The boy almost fell down but caught himself. He looked embarrassed because of his blunder.

– Tch aren’t you a bodyguard ? Can’t you do anything other then hide behind your master you little dipshit of a coward ?

I stopped in my tracks for a second and thought about it. He was mostly right but, for now, i didn’t have any reason to act other than if he showed some form of aggressivity toward me, Cecilia or someone i cared about.

Cecilia stopped her chill too and looked at me; i just nodded to her, witch made her sigh.

Just as we were about to talk about the schedule, i could sense the teacher come in. I wasn’t really surprised to see the teacher i sparred with a couple minutes ago standing in the entrance. She was looking at us.

– Now, now, students back to your seats ! We are starting class today.

– Yes Ms. Kimbridge !

The students who were previously observing our little drama obediently sat back. The boy gave me one last look, sneered at me and got back to his seat.

– I could tell him to bug off if you want.

I looked at Cecilia. I appreciated her concern but he was somewhat right : i am the bodyguard here, not the other way around. I don’t need anyone to do my job.

– No, it’s alright.

She gave me one last look to confirm and just nodded. I told her that i would pick her up at 5 PM and she agreed.

Now i needed to bring my little sister to her class. She was in class 3A, located on the second floor. Before we left, i noticed something else : the name of the teacher.

I approached her while she was sorting her papers on the desk; she noticed my approach and smiled at me while looking past mi shoulder to the other students.

– Sorry for their troubles.

I looked back at them, seeing that they were observing us vividly.

– I don’t mind. I came about the extra lessons you will be giving my little sister here.

For a second she looked confused but quickly recalled.

– Ahh yes ! master Steward appointed me that duty.

She looked at little Stella. She was standing in front of me, holding my hands to her chest, not letting go. She was curious about the teacher standing in front of me, she obviously understood that Ms. Kimbridge would guive her extra lessons and bowed politely.

– I’m thankful for your guidance, master.

Ms.kimbridge’s cheeks reddened a little and she quickly swung her hands around in panic. Stella was really cute, even managing to captivate her own teacher.

– You don’t have to call me master, just kim is fine or…or you could call me sister ? She asked hopefully.

I almost laughed, i was glad i had the mask.

– Yes sister ! Stella said cheerfully.

I could visualize the teacher’s head exploding; her hands were fidgeting towards stella but she barely managed to regainher control.

– Ehm ! May i ask when the lessons start ? I inquired.

She looked up to me and said that the lessons would start at 5 PM everyday and would last for 2 hours. Stella seemed excited about it and nodded to me. i patted her head in return.

I looked at the clock : Stella’s class would start in a couple minutes. As we already had the needed information and were about to leave, the teacher remembered something and stopped us.

– By the way, take this. Steward told me to give it to your sister. Since he couldn’t get one in time, he entrusted it to me.

She gave me something close to a messenger bag. It was made out of pure leather and didn’t seem bulky or anything : surprisingly it was really light. I looked at the other students; all of them had something similar handing to their waists or backs. Even Cecilia had a one on her waist.

I looked at the teacher, confused.

– It’s a dimensional bag : it can store anything, it doesn’t matter what size or weight the item is, you just have to place it next to the bag and it will be sucked in. Each bag has its own dimension in it, making it really convenient. If you want to take something from it, just put your hand into the bag and think about the item you stored.

I looked at it. It was really amazing, how this slim leather bag could store so many things. It was a really convenient storahe : my book i had a limit of 50 by square. It was obvious that since the book was made hundreds of years ago, magic would keep evolving. Anyway, i gave the bag to Stella who looked really excited after hearing its description.

– We’ll be leaving then. See you at 5 !

– Yes, see you Stella !

The teacher waved at stella who did the same.

Once we got out of the class, Stella asked a lot of question, like what she will learn or when i will pick her up or if i could stay with her in class. Honestly, i planned to stay with her the whole time for this day, just to make sure she would be alright… Just a big brother’s worries.

Stella was happy when i said that i would stay with her for today but i reminded her that it wouldn’t always be like that. She grumbled a little but accepted it.

We soon got down to the second floor to Stellas class room. I could see that Stella was somewhat nervous : she was hugging my waist really tightly while were standing in front of the classroom’s entrance. I entered and told the teacher about Stella. Seemed that most of the teachers here were females which made me somewhat relieved, to be honest. The teacher also knew about the new student and was making the other students ready for Stella’s arrival. I looked down at the little girl who seemed like she was about to run away.

– BOOOOH ! I shouted.

Stella jumped, scared. I laughed hard and Stella obviously didn’t have as much fun as me. When she started bickering, i said with a grin :

– But you aren’t nervous anymore right ?

She looked at the door and then to me, surprised that she didn’t feel as nervous as before. She asked if i could do magic but i swung my head.

– It’s a trick i learned in one book. I said.

– Now please, welcome Stella Timer ! Stella, come in ! The teacher announced.

My sister looked at the door and back at me, she was still holding my hand but she slowly let go of it and started moving toward the door. It was clear that she was scared that they wouldn’t accept her or acknowledge her as an equal or as a friend. Stella stopped at the door, looking at the golden shiny knob that would lead to her class. She hesitated a bit.

– It won’t matter, i will always be there for you. If you don’t succeed the first time or the second time, you can always come to me and we can do it again until you succeed. I said.

She looked at the knob and then smiled at me while nodding.

She entered and approached the desk next to the teacher. I observed the students; when they saw Stella, they immediately seemed attracted by her cute appearance : i giggled a bit.

Stella stood in front of the class, a bit shaky but alright and said :

– name is Stella Timer. I hope we can get along. She said and bowed.

The students looked at each other, some smiling and some greeting her. Some approached her to talk and after couple minutes everyone came forward to introduce themselves. She was smiling while talking to everyone and then she looked at me. I was standing at the door so she waved at me with a proud smile. I waved back, happy for her and she kept talking with her classmates until the teacher made everyone sit at their respective seats. She allowed me to stay in class whenever i wanted to.

I looked at my hand thinking : “Someday i will have to her let go”.

I dismissed that thought and looked at Stella talking with some girls at the back of the class. I was happy for her.


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