trts ch 29

Chapter 29 The Agreement

Edited by Mjolnir77


I… i couldn’t move.

– Get every soldier ready for a counterattack ! Report back to me when you are ready !

I couldn’t talk either. It was as if i was tied up, not being able to move an inch. The only thing that i could do was to shift my sight… Where am i ?!

– Yes my Lord !

I looked down at the person more clearly, he… he looked weird ! He had red skin and horns sticking out of his skull. I couldn’t inspect him any further because he started leaving; his attire was also strange : he was fully armored with some strange ppieces of black metal.

Where was i ? I looked around, i was in some big hall with pillars; a long red carpet led to where i was sitting. I assumed the carpet started from the big double door onto here. There were dozens or so candles too but everything was so damn dark that i couldn’t see very well, what was going on !?


Suddenly the body stood up; i already figured that i was in someone else’s body, seeing their perspective but for what ?!

He started marching towards the window on his left side. It seemed like it was really bright outside. When he stood near the window, i couldn’t see for a moment because of the bright light and as my eyes started focusing what i saw was….

– Slaughter.

It wasn’t me who talked but it pretty much described it very well : there were 2 armies fighting against each other; blood was spilling everywhere, rains of arrows engulfed the battlefield while flames erupted from strange creatures that spew fire everywhere, killing dozens in one blow… They didn’t even seem to care about their own men..(gulp)

– My Lord, our soldiers are ready to be deployed on your command !

The guy turned around looking at the one who was kneeling down asking for his orders. He turned once more, looking at the battlefield and muttered :

– We can’t win….

His eyes closed for the moment, he was thinking.

– Bring the troops to the gates and get ready for a backup. I will be going down and when i return, i will give further orders. If they advance towards the gate, defend it with all your might but until then wait for my orders !

– Yes my Lord !

I could see that the guy i was in didn’t seem to be very worried. For some reason, he knows that he can’t win but why is he giving such orders instead of retreating ?

My vision started to blur again, colors were shifting and going and suddenly :

– DIE !

Someone was charging at me… Wait no ! At “him” i suppose; the person was holding a battleaxe, trying to cleave him in two.

– I am sorry, i can’t comply to your wishes, maybe later.

He raised his hands and suddenly particles started to appear out of nowhere until a bow appeared in his hands. He drew the bow very quickly even thought there was no notched arrow on it; instead there was a green beam forming in the hand holding his bow string… he let go.

The beam arrow flew at the speed of light, hitting the battleaxe warrior between his eyes. I was astounded by his accuracy but more so  by what came after.

– ahh…AHHHHH !

The warrior screamed.

He wasn’t quite dead yet, i was so surprised that i almost jumped but also realized that i couldn’t even jump to begin with.

Anyway, the warrior held his face trying to pull the arrow out of his red skull that had horns sticking out. As he tried to do so, he realized that it was in vain : the arrow was like non-existing and his hands were passing through its shaft. In the end he kept screaming while the “guy” stood there watching him. For some reason i found it sick.

– Ughh ahhhuhh !

The warrior finaly succumbed and fell to the ground but not before removing his hands from his face and what i saw was… A mummified face with no eyes or tongue, its skin turned to mere dirt like appearance…

– Rest in peace warrior.

The “guy” said and passed the corpse…

At least he had some respect. I noticed that when the arrow disappeared, the effect that took place was really nasty.

As the “guy” started to move through the corridor, i could see dozens of soldiers fighting off the enemy soldiers. There were some strange beings similar to bugs but the size of a human or dogs with 3 heads fighting against other soldiers. The “guy” never started running and kept walking calmly, as if nothing was happening in front of him. He wasn’t fazed at all and when a soldier came up and tried to attack him he answered with his quick arrows between their eyes. Stopping him was unimaginable; it made me wonder even more what he wants from me.

We soon stopped in front of a basement entrance. He started muttering to himself.

– May thy be with me.

A prayer ?

My vision once again blurred and, slowly, colors started to form again. What i saw was… the ground ?

It seemed like my “guy” here was kneeling for some reason. It had been 8 minutes since he did and he hadn’t moved an inch. What was he doing ?

– Rise !

Ugh… A shiver ran down my spine; this voice sounded very old and had a really sharp edge to it, making you think as if the speaker wanted to kill. But it didn’t seem like it for now.

The guy slowly raised his body. He still wasn’t looking at the person who spoke to him, keeping his head down. The only thing i saw was the grey stone ground and it was really uneventful down here if you ask me.

– Speak !

He said.

Once again i had a chill but not so much as the first time. The “guy” raised his head to look at the person but what i saw was just some kind of black smoke with red eyes floating in front of me above an altar. The eyes were deep and sharp; they made you almost think they were carved rubies.

– Oh great being, ruler over all, can this humble servant ask of you a favor ? My men are fighting a losing battle and we need your strength to overcome this enemy. I beg of you ,oh great being, i will do anything for such strength !

The guy said once again looking down.

When he finished, out of the corner of my eyes, i could see the being made of smoke like shadow shift here and there. He seemed like he was contemplating it.

Another few minutes passed and the smoke spoke again.

– I will allow you this favor but it will come with a price.

– Anything.

Answered the “guy”.

– Haha ! You see, i owe an individual a certain something. You have that certain something so if you agree to this pact, in exchange for this something, i will give your men strength that will overwhelm your enemies.

The smoke was speaking, amused of what was to come. The “guy” seemed really desperate because he didn’t even ask what that something was. He was probably thinking that if he asked, the agreement would shatter right here… can’t blame him.

– I agree !

And as he said that, my vision once again started to blur away but this time it didn’t seem like it was about to come back.


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