trts ch 30

Chapter 30 Mr.Headache

Edited By Mjornir77


– Hey ! Are you awake ? Hehe !

I could hear a small giggle just a bit to my right. I was laying down somewhere. I could feel grass brushing my back and a familiar breeze… When i opened my eyes, i could see a blurry silhouette just above me.

– Livi ?

She smiled, pushing her long black hair over her ear.

– Took your time to open your eyes didn’t you ?

I didn’t answer and just pushed myself up to look around… Like last time, i was still in the wide grass plain, no buildings or mountains, were in sight. Just an infinite grass plain it seemed.

It dawned on me when i looked around that i remembered all of this, but when i woke up last time in Cecilia’s mansion i had forgotten about it; how come ?

I looked at Livi who was kneeled next to me. She had an amused look on her face, seeing that i had just realized it. She know what i was thinking.

– Before you ask anything, i should first tell you why you are. We don’t really have all the time in the world and it’s ticking.

I nodded. Whatever it was, for some reason i felt that what she was about to tell me was very important, so i listened.

Her violet eyes glowed a bit and i could swear some kind of text was going through ththem. She looked up a bit and said :

– Leraje is the demon of wars and killing, titled as the great marquis of the demonic realm. He was born in the human realm, glamoured as a human born to kill and serve. He is a natural born assassin. Out of the 72 demons, he is marked as the 14th with the most killing potential against single target.

As she finished speaking, i could see that her eyes stopped glowing. She looked at me and finally said :

– Well it’s time to wake up isn’t it ?

And so everything turned black… again.

===================================Dawn waking up================================

I opened my eyes. My head really hurt… as if a rock had been smashing it repeatedly. I tried to remember where i was:  I was looking at a white ceiling while my body was under a warm blanket. The last thing i remember was getting one of those sudden headaches and… that black clothed person.

– Leraje…

I mumbled.

– I am listening my Lord !

What ?! I slowly turned to the right to see who was speaking and sure enough, there he was ! Standing with his green eyes and long blonde hair, clothed with a black mantle and hat. He was there… Leraje ?

I stopped time on the spot.

Okay, what now ? Who is he anyway ? Where am i ?

I looked at my surroundings; it seemed like i was in a bedroom. There was a wardrobe with a mirror attached to it to my left, the bed i was sleeping in was a double sized one with a night stand and a lamp on each side and there was also a desk to my right. Next to it was Leraje, standing stuck like a statue… Oh my god ! Did i get kidnapped ?

Anyway, first of all i needed information. There was a door next to the wardrobe and i quickly opened it, then explored the building. I could worry about Leraje later, I needed to… wait why was i calling him Leraje now ? Didn’t i always call him green eyed something ? I thought about it; why did i feel so familiar about this person, even thought i didn’t know him one bit ? or did i ?

There were stairs going down to the first floor. I was also standing next to a window and when i looked outside, i could see cars, stopped on their tracks, and other people. It seemed like i have been transported to my original dimension while I was out… But where did Thomas go ?

I looked toward the bedroom and returned where leraje was standing. I stared at him…

No I don’t feel anything bad about him. I can’t even feel any hostility towards him, maybe a bit of suspicion but i felt as if he was someone close to me… Anyway, first of all i inspected his body a bit : he was over 180 cm tall and had a muscular body his overall appearance was a rather handsome one. He had green eyes, white skin and blonde long hair going down his back. He was mostly clothed in black; the only thing i could see was his face, some parts of his skin and hair. He didn’t have anything on him other then his clothes on his back underneath his mantle he wore a normal white shirt and blue jeans with blue sneakers…

I decided to first tie him on a chair and question him. I didn’t feel any hostility towards him but who knows.

After i tied him on a chair and started time. I found the rope downstairs, in a kitchen… which I found odd.

– Who are you ?

Leraje himself didn’t seem to mind his bondage and just answered my question.

– My name is Leraje my Lord.

Honestly I was a bit confused ! Lord ?

– Why are you calling me your Lord ?

I asked.

– Because by my agreement, i am hereby your belonging. Thereby, you are my Lord !

For a minute, i thought that he was just messing with me but i could see in his eyes that he wasn’t kidding one bit. Who is he ?

– Why are you here ?

– To serve you !

He answered. It didn’t seem like he was lying.. How about a threat ?

– If you are lying, you are going to be in a world of pain !

I said and took his hand, grabbing his finger, i put a bit pressure on it but it seemed like he didn’t mind at all.

– I understand my Lord.

He answered as if he already accepted his fate. I let his hand go and looked at his eyes, trying to find a bit of fraud in it but for some reason he didn’t seem to be hiding anything at all.

I thought for a bit, where was Thomas ?

– Where is the person who was supposed to escort me here ?

– He brought us here and asked me to tell you that this place was yours, my Lord.

Wait ! Thomas did that ? Why would he let someone as suspicious as him watch me ?

– Where is Thomas now ?

– He left. He didn’t say anything when he did.

I sighed. Until now he didn’t even tell me one lie anyway so i drew the kitchen knife and cut the bindings. He seemed trustworthy for now.

Once I cut the ropes, he stood up, hands behind his back with a straight posture as i sat down on the bed. I had somewhat explored the whole place when time was stopped… it was mine now, huh.

– So, do we introduce ourselves ?

I said with a slight grin. I finally get to know the cause of my headaches.


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