trts ch 31

Chapter 31 The Requirements

Edited By Mjornir77


– Well hello ! My name is Dawn Timer; i am 15 year old and work as a bodyguard. Who are you ?

When i finished talking, he suddenly knelt down on one leg, face down and arm in the back; the other arm to the ground.

– I am Leraje. I don’t have a surname so i apologize if that may inconvenience you my Lord. In my memory, i am 27 years old; i specialize in assassinations and commanding my Lord.

I couldn’t understand this guy one bit… But assassination ?

I sucked my breath and asked :

– Where did you come from and why are you here ? And stand up when i am talking to you  !

He quickly stood up and got to his straight posture again. He was a really formal kind of guy.

– The great one informed me about this so i shall explain…

And so he started talking about himself and why he was here. Once he started talking, i wondered if he was here to distract me but once he told me that he came from the demon realm and that he made a agreement with a demon god : in exchange for power to his men he would be bound to a book, to be evoked by its owner and used as a servant. I started to believe him because of the Clavivula that i had. It also explained many weird things that happened so far, so i was satisfied.

– Why now ? Why didn’t you come out right away and why did you have to spook me all the time ?

I asked.

I finished listening to him and wondered why  he came out now and what were all these headaches for.

He cleared his throat a bit and started talking :

– You see, my Lord, for a demon such as me to be a evoked, the user must meet a specific requirement. To evoke such demon, once the requirements are met, the user will experience the turning point of the demon; how everything led the demon to be bound to the book. About this i don’t really know anything, i also don’t know about the other demons or anything about the book itself. Once the user dies, the demon who was evoked once will lose his memories from the time he or she was evoked. So i am sorry if i can’t help my Lord.

He got quiet after that and waited. I started thinking… From the start, the Clavicula was not just a simple grimoire :  From what i gathered so far, grimoires are books that are similar to research datas, but its more about magical studies. The book i possessed was able to summon demons. It contained datas about demons, but it was also able to summon them. So far, i didn’t read any of it because i didn’t particularly need to know about demons , rituals or spells. I also thought it was a major pain in the ass because it wouldn’t help me one bit.

I sighed and looked at Leraje again. He seemed calm and his eyes were fixated in front of him, not looking at anything in particular.  Seeing him in front of the wall here, it reminded me of some hard ass admiral that i once read in a novel about World War Two. So what should i do about him ?

I narrowed my eyes, i wanted to know one more thing.

– Can you tell me the requirement to be able to evoke you.

He fidgeted a bit but returned to normal and looked down at me. I noticed something different in his eyes, something i didn’t see the first or second time.  His eyes were foggy, as if something was floating in them : his eyes were green on the edges but in their centers was something akin to a dense fog. I shuddered slightly looking at him.

I gulped.

– It’s… cold blooded murder. It is my requirement.

I blinked, cold blooded murder ? But when did i kill anyone ? I thought for a second… Oh yes, the old man ! I beat him to death, was that really cold blooded murder ? I thought i was defending myself… No, wait ! I was defending Stella so i think he is right : i just killed him, no question asked. He was too dangerous to let live…

I shook my head. Why was i even trying to justify my reason of killing. I even forgot about that old man; the only reason i even remembered him was because he gave me this encyclopedia of demons and spells and because of Leraje who was standing here. How anticlimactic this was.

I thought for a minute. I didn’t have much use for him : he was a assassin, not a babysitter or a part timer worker. From what i gathered, it didn’t seem like he needed rest nor food to survive; all the energy he got was from the book… Which was also a bit weird but i accepted it.

I looked at him for a moment. How could i explain his presence to Cecilia and Stella ? He was my new bodyguard ? Hell was one myself, why would i need one ?

– For now, guard the perimeter of this house. If anyone suspicious comes by, report it to me; if they try to attack you, knock them out, contact me and wait for my orders. For now, that should be good.

– Yes my Lord.

Leraje slowly melded with the shadows… At least now i didn’t have to pay for any security alarm.

I stood up and started streching a bit. I looked at my clock : only 30 minutes passed since i was out. I looked out of the window, the sun was halfway down. Maybe should i explore some of the city. I needed to think about this whole thing about the book and what it meant. Steward also told me that the vampires that i took out today were working with the ones from Los Angeles; maybe i could look into that since he didn’t say i wasn’t allowed to.


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