trts ch 34

Chapter 34 Aphrodisiac

Edited By Mjornir77


As i finished my invitation, about 20 seconds passed, making the atmosphere more awkward than it was supposed to be… and Leraje wasn’t helping at all.

The other waitress that gave the pep talk to the one called Vick started to snap out of her delusion. Now that i looked at her face closer, she was fairly pretty, having long brown hair, tanned skin and deep brown eyes. The other waitress called Vick… not so much but cute with her short black hair, nonetheless.

– Ye.. yes we could help you if you want. Down the street, there is a club called Victorious. Wanna go with us ? We were about to go there anyway ?

I nodded at her. She looked really pleased and told us that we should wait for them to change their uniforms. In this conversation no one other than me and the brunette talked. Leraje was still as a statue and the short black haired girl was in a shock, staring at me.

A couple minutes later, both of us finished discussing the plan. The brunette was called Megan and the black short haired girl was Victoria hence her nickname “Vick”.

– See you soon !

I waved my hand at those two; Vick didn’t talk much but nodded to my questions at least.

As their backs disappeared over the door to the employee section, i halted my hand and dropped my smile. I then looked at Leraje and swiftly grabbed his collar. When i did so, he gasped for a second.

I stared at him coldly, giving pressure to my pull.

– Explain what just happened !

I said very slowly forit to sink in. It seemed like he was very embarrassed because of this situation. He looked down guiltily and gulped :

– I am not good with women my Lord….

He stated, ashamed for some reason.

I stared at him blankly… Wasn’t this guy like 27 years old ?! Why is he acting like a guy who was about to confess to his first love ? He is really strange ! The only thing i know about him is that when he turned 18 years old, he became a commander in the demon realm. I didn’t ask him where that realm was or what it was. I generally didn’t care but really… There were all sorts of weird things about him, not that i am normal either.

I sighed and looked at my clock. I had under 1 hour before i needed to return home and escort Cecilia back to her dorm and get Stella home.

– Listen Leraje.

He looked at me, a bit sour for some reason.

I pointed my finger at the employee section where Vick and Megan had gone and said :

– We will go now and follow those two ! If they ask you something, answer them with a yes, no or just tell them something that will do for an answer ! If they ask you where you came form, just tell them Atlanta ! If they ask you why you are here, tell them that you are visiting a friend with me ! Anything else is for you to decide, we are not here to get any woman nor are we here to have fun : we are here to investigate nothing more nothing less, crystal clear ?

Leraje seemed to steel himself and nodded.

– Clear…

He answered after another couple minutes. Those two girls came back; Leraje was still very nervous but was able to make simple answers to their questions. And me ? I was only wondering how the club could be connected to the vampires and why they were here in the first place ?

===============================Couple minutes later==================================

We were currently outside the club. On the way here, i saw a lot of people swarming towards this club like bees after honey. While we were walking, i also noticed that the entrance guard was not what he looked like : he was a vampire.

– So you two, why did you come to this city ?

Megan asked.

Since our departure toward this club, she was the main conversation holder. I gave some simple answers there and there, mostly i didn’t really care. I was observing anything, looking for clues.

Leraje smiled a bit and said :

– We came here to visit a friend of ours.

Vick looked a bit interested when Leraje answered. They didn’t really talk much but when Leraje would answer questions, Vick was the main person to get the details from him. Another really interesting thing was that they never asked about our age. I was 15 years old, from what i assumed both of these girls had to be at least over 21, near Leraje’s age; but no one ever asked anything about age in this little group, making it quite convenient for me.

While Vick was squeezing Leraje for answers, i was staring at the guard. His pulse was very slow. I deduced that vampires did have a pulse and that most people couldn’t hear them. It seemed that their almost non-existing pulse gave other people the impression that vampires were undead. In reality, the heart rate of a vampire seemed to be one beat over 4 hours or so, making it very quiet and too slow for anyone to hear other than me… I wondered if anyone else knew about this. Cecilia said that vampires were  walking corpses but from the infos i gathered, they did have a pulse which made them actually alive ?

– Hey Dawn ? Dawn !

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Megan who was talking to me. I glanced back at Vick and Leraje for a bit both; of them seemed like they were enjoying themselves in their tiny conversation. Megan looked a bit confused, probably because i spaced out.

– Ah sorry ! It’s just that i was surprised how long the the waiting line was.

It was actually true : the line was very long here. People were standing, all dressed up, waiting for their turn to go in… This would take time… time that i didn’t have.

I looked towards the guard. I had an idea to skip this line. iI will depend if i was wrong or not.

– Guys i ‘ll be back for in a sec… Leraje, stay here !

– Sure ! But what are you going to do ?

I looked at Megan who just talked and glanced at Leraje for a bit, giving him the signal to stay put. He nodded.

– You’ll see.

I started going toward the entrance of the club while ignoring the other people who were standing in line. Some gave me nasty looks and some even cursed me but i didn’t mind.

The guard noticed my approach, gave me a stern look and held his palm in front of me,  stopping me.

– Wow wow ! Stop here pretty face, you will go back in the line like everyone el…

– I heard that Vladimir came in town. I wanted to tell him hi since he came here. I also brought some of my friends over and i think he is expecting me too. The last time i saw him was over 40 years ago. Did you know that as your kind forgets the flow of time, their temper also gets shorter if you know what i mean ?

I gave him a toothy grin while empathizing my last sentence. I could see his already pale face slowly grow paler, giving him a really unhealthy skin color.

– Ugh… I am sorry ! Of course you and your friends can enter ! The Master is at the second floor; just ask one of the servants if you want to know something or a guide…

I could literally feel fear oozing from his body. If this little threat made him go stiff, then i would really like to know who this Vladimir was.

I motioned our group to come here. They were quite surprised about how i got the guard to let us in but didn’t question it.

When Leraje stood in front of the guard, he made a little snort, showing his disgust towards vampires.The poor guard seemed to pale even more when he saw Leraje : From what i know, the guard probably tried to use his sense to identify Leraje and figured out that he was anything but human. I laughed a bit when i saw that.

We entered the club and the first thing i noticed was the smell… Drugs ! The air was full of anti-drepessants and aphrodisiacs, making the crowd a lot more relaxed and willing to whatever was about to happen here.

It was going to get interesting, i could feel it.


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