trts ch 35

Chapter 35 Dawn Of The Pure Blood

Bright lights, music loud enough to make you deaf and a lot of young people drugged from the air dancing around like crazy…

Looking around, this club was really a haven for vampires : these people almost mindless and willing to do everything were the perfect prey for vampires. And judging from the guard, this place was certainly controlled by them. I wonder if this is even legal… Not the preying on humans, but the drugs that were floating in the air. Because of my own late experience with drug making, i had somhow gained a strong immunity towards drugs or poison in general. I could also test my theory with alcohol to see if i had a high constitution ?

– Let’s go get some drink first and then hit the floor !

Megan seemed really excited and Vick also seemed more energetic than before. However Leraje was the same as ever; he probably also had some kind of immunity toward drugs. He was looking around too, not because he was curious, more like he was acting as if he was in a lion’s den. In reality, it was somewhat true.

– Sure, let’s go !

I answered with a smile.

I gave Leraje a quick nudge.

– Try to distract these two. I will pass dancing. Just try to avoid any vampire from noticing you. For now, i won’t need you but if it gets dire, run away. If those vampires notice what you are, just tell them you wanted to have fun. We won’t have all night because the guard will probably tell someone about us coming so let’s make it quick.

He nodded and we soon arrived at the bar.

– Two tequilas please ! And you two ?

I pulled a roll of money from my breast pocket and pulled 200 dollars from it.

– I pay and i rather pass.

Megan and Vick looked really surprised seeing me pull so much money from my pocket but quickly dismissed it. Leraje was a bit clueless and just took a tequila too.

I looked at the barmaid a bit : her eyes shined when she saw the money in my hand. I concentrate my hearing; it would have been easier if not for this loud music but i finally succeeded and as expected : She was a vampire.

– 3 tequilas coming right up !

She said with a bit of cheerfulness in her voice.

I gave her the note and she gave 50 dollars back. I could feel her cold skin touching my hand; it’s no wonder they were called undead since their bodies’ temperature were very low. It gave me a light shiver, thinking about it. She raised an eyebrow, probably noticing my shiver.

We started talking a bit in front of the bar. Leraje tried to lead the conversation, distracting them a bit and failed because he didn’t have much knowledge about this world it. But that wasn’t a problem because Megan and Vick seemed like they were starting to get under the influence of the drug. I barely needed to talk and these two already gulped down their tequilas when Leraje didn’t even taste his.

– Your friend is quite unique isn’t he ?

Said the barmaid.

She was cleaning a glass the whole time we were chatting. The bar here was almost deserted. For some reason almost every guest was on the dancefloor. She probably noticed that Leraje wasn’t human. If you wanted to know how vampires did that, i think they generally use their enhanced hearing like me. When i try to hear Leraje’s heartbeat, i got something close to the noise of a river flow instead of that of a heartbeat…  Quite weird; made you wonder what demon anatomy would look like.

I looked at Leraje, he was talking about some war that happened in his realm. These two girls were probably thinking he was talking about some book or tv show but either way they didn’t seem to mind at all; i assumed the drug had already taken effect.

I turned to the barmaid.

– Yeah, met him some months ago he is pretty quiet most of the time but has quite amusing comments for himself.

She looked at Leraje for a bit.

– I can see that.

She looked at her glass and placed it back to its shelf.

– Can i ask you something ?

She looked confused but smiled and nodded.

– You can ask me anything you want pretty boy, but do your parents know you are here ?

I didn’t know vampires could see age maybe i can do that too ?

I gave her a crooked smile and said.

– If you ever meet them, tell them that i would also like to know what they would think about this.

She stopped smiling and gave me a raised eyebrow; she probably also realized i was telling the truth but, even if i was lying, there was no way she would be able to tell.

– Very well. We all have our own questions in life young man so go on, what would you like to know ?

She was bored in all honesty and seemed like she wanted to pass time somehow. This party certainly didn’t seem to promote conversations with this kind of music going around.

– I heard that all prices for this night would be halved if you come as a couple, do you know why ?

Her eyes flashed a bit. I was certain thatshe knew something.

– No, i don’t know. The manager just decided to do so.

Whatever she knew she wasn’t going to tell.

– Well i was just curious, another thing…

And so i started questioning her. I was also looking at the time because i would have to slow down time and return home in couple minutes. I was really worried but i still wanted to be on time. From what i gathered from the barmaid, one day the manager  decided to make this party under the president’s instructions. She said that some people that came from russia who belong to a branch club from this one came and brought good news. Thus they decided to celebrate that.

– Why a couple then ? Couldn’t they just had this one night half priced ?

I could tell that she was getting somewhat annoyed  but at the same time she was patient i give her that.

– Uhh i don’t know ! Maybe they wanted more people, i am not manager okay !

I nodded and turned back to Leraje, just to see Megan’s face literally 5 cm from mine.

– Hey ! Let’s go dance !

Megan was a bit wobbly and her face was a bit pink. Vick didn’t seem better because Leraje was holding her to keep her balanced. I also noticed the concentration of drugs in the air was a bit stronger than before. Did they just refresh the stack that was used before ?

– I need to go to the restroom, you can go ahead and start dancing ! I’ll be right back.

I hopped off my seat. Megan seemed like she wanted to respond but Leraje quickly told them something and they started going to the dance floor. I gave a look and reminded to stay vigilant : we weren’t going to stay here very long.

When i entered the male’s restroom, i noticed that it was really clean and deserted. I couldn’t smell anything foul even with my enhanced smell sense. I wondered if the cleaners were also vampires; from what i saw, all of the personal seemed to be vampires.

I looked at the mirror : my golden eyes were shining, the barmaid probably found that really odd. I know she was trying to see through me a couple times but only found that i was ahuman. She probably assumed that i was wearing contacts. My hair was a bit messy. The room was a bit hot and moist from drugs; i swear i could see pink clouds sometimes, what were they doing ?

I quicky opened the window to the alleyway to let in some fresh air : it was time to start my search.

– Stop !

Everything got quiet. No sound was made. It was as if everything was shut down; i got out of the restroom.

– Hmm.

I stopped for a second and looked at the mirror. My previous reflection, when i was standing in front of it, was still on the mirror. It hadn’t moved one bit.

– Neat.

I left the restroom. Everything was as i knew, frozen in time. I could see Leraje and those other 2 girls on the floor, dancing; Leraje looked really awkward.

The barmaid was still standing, still fumbling with her glass cleaning. I don’t get why bartenders always are always obsessed with glasses.

I started walking toward the stairs that were going to the second floor. I previously inspected them and saw 2 big guys guarding it; both of them clothed in black with sunglasses and everything. At first, when i saw them, i thought they were vampires but i was wrong. Don’t misunderstand me ! They weren’t humans either, their heartbeats were normal but their general blood flow was very different from that of a vampire or a human. I wasn’t going to figure out what they were; i just passed through them and started going up.

As i entered the second floor, i saw that i was in a big hall leading to multiple rooms. There were also 4 cameras placed on each corner of the room. The mirror in the restroom gave me an unseful info : it meant that if i stopped time while something was capturing my image, it would record that; meaning that if i stopped time right here while the cameras were recording me, there would have been a slight picture of me, disappearing in the next second.

I started walking toward a random door. I needed to end this fast, i didn’t want to freeze time any longer than necessary because the more time went to waste, the  heavier the exhaustion backlash would be… And i didn’t mean your regular sore body, i meant pain that went all over your body and made you go limp for the next 24 hours.

I started searching through the rest of the rooms. The building wasn’t big like the prison or Cecilia’s mansion; it was still bigger than my house by a lot of rooms. There were sometimes one or two people around one room but most of the them seemed to be deserted for some reason. There was no third floor because i only saw stairs towards the basement and the second floor.

– Huh ?

As i entered another room, i was surprised to find a girl sitting in a chair, reading a fashion magazine. Her appearance was very young, making her at least around 15 or 18 , well, around my age.

I stared at her for a bit; she looked bored out of her mind going through that magazine. Next to her, there were also another 2 guys standing to her left and right; the surprising thing was that i knew one of them !

It was Rupert !

How did he get here ? Didn’t Steward catch him ? I wondered.

The one standing on the left was a girl : she also looked young but  from her appearance she should be a young adult,  her size wasn’t big either since she was a head shorter than me.

There was a door behind these three. From the two who standing people’s position, i assumed that they were some kind of bodyguards towards this girl.

I looked at her from closer : she was a real eye catching beauty with long black hair and crimson red lips, her skin was also really pale; not ashen like most vampires i had already seen but shiny as ivory. Her eyes were brown but i could see some dark red mixed into it. Her height was almost the same as mine, making her quite tall for her age.

I was wondered who these guys were and what they were doing. Obviously, this girl was waiting for something and the other two here were just guarding her.

I passed between them and was about to open the door when…

– ?!

I gasped and looked to my side, the girl was still frozen, just like a bored statue going through her magazine.

I was surprised. The reason being my wrist almost felt like something was squeezing it hard for a second. I checked just to be sure but there was nothing.

I looked at the door and back to the girl. Her eyes had that shiny glint to it that made me feel that she was conscious of everything happening. I sighed. I was thinking too much… I was sure… At least 90%… Naah !

I quickly opened the door and what i found was…


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