trts ch 36

Chapter 36 Surprise Motherfuka !

As i entered the room, the first thing i saw were individuals talking to each other. Looking at these two’s expressions, i could see that it was a pretty heated conversation too. This room also looked like an office; the woman who was sitting behind the desk looking really close to the girl the other two were guarding, behind this office door. Probably her mother ? Can vampires even have children ?

Anyways i came here to find Vladimir; from this man’sappearance, i could guess he was the one i was looking for : he had a bald head and his facial features were russian compared to Rupert who obviously looked european.

I may be able to listen to their conversation… i thought.

I stepped toward the right side of the office room, opened some kind of closet and got in. There was a tiny slit in its door, letting me see inside the room. Sound didn’t seem to be a problem either.

Now i am going to explain another aspect of my ability : i cab rewind the time of any item that i touch, i can also fast forward its time or even stop it. Stopping the time of an item is too mentally exhausting so i rarely do it. What happens is that the item becomes nearly indestructible and also stoppes in mid air : it is the same concept as when i stop time and try to move an object and let it go; the item turnes to zero gravity… But this time it happens when time still flows : i stop the time of an individual item for a set amount of time. Now let’s talk about things that are alive; i know that i can control the flow of time of any item, i can also make a sapling grow into a tree then how about something alive and conscious ? A human ? And the answer is… Yes i can do that; i can make someone age very quickly or make him young again but that takes 6 times more mental strength, almost frying my brain, turning me into a vegetable.

What else can i do with this ability ? I can stop the time of my body. When do it, nothing really happens to my body, i can move around, speak and even eat but what makes it so unique is that my weight turns to zero, meaning i can’t fall when i jump : i just get stuck in midair. When i do, i can still move around, as if the air was a solid ground. Well, air weights more and has mass while i don’t weight anything and my mass also turns to zero. However, i was still visible.

What i was trying to do then : i wanted to stop the time of my body. Another useful option was that i became undetectable to any 6th sense detection, ability or even spells. My body was only visible anything else was invisible.

I didn’t use this because i never had a use for it before. It also didn’t use up that much energy because it was my body, but still it was hard to keep up.

I started time again and listened to their conversation.

– I am telling you Illeana, we can do this ! We just need that girl and we can start the ritual; our blood potency will skyrocket and we will start to make our own…

– And i am telling you that we are not going to do anything ! We have a treaty with the humans. As long as they don’t attack us, we won’t either, Vladimir ! And anyway, you said that you didn’t even capture that girl. We already have a warning from the council. Because of your impulsiveness we were almost dragged into a international incident !

Roared the woman. Her black hair swayed a bit. Vladimir obviously looked very sour but he didn’t stop.

– And so what ! Do you want to live forever under their oppression ! We are vampires ! We have more strength and more wisdom than they could ever imagine !

– But they have the numbers Vladimir and i don’t want to wage war. The peace is good, no one is oppressing anyone either; and you…

She pointed at him :

– Have obviously become drunk and greedy with power !

She said with disdain.

For an almost undead, Vladimir’s face turned really pink because of anger. I would have laughed a bit if i didn’t know that he was a blood sucking monster of the night.

Vladimir stood up abruptly and stared at the woman. She held her gaze straight, not wavering at all.

Vladimir smiled for a moment and said :

– You obviously don’t know what is best for us ! You aren’t fit to be our leader !

– How dare you ?!

She stood up, her black long hair swaying with her quick movement. I could see claws coming from her hands and her eyes turning deep red, only her pupils where still there while the rest of her white was a deep crimson.

Vladimir laughed and snapped his finger.

As he did, i could hear an uproar beginning downstairs. People were screaming and shouting, running around.

The woman also noticed.

– What are you doing… ?

Before she could finish, the door to the office was smashed open. Dust was coming out of the door and something walked into the office.

She stared, wide eyed for a second, and the next second she was furious.

– You made a deal with the Demons ?! You realize that they wouldn’t help you without a secret motive !

She screamed at him.

Vladimir didn’t look the slightest bit fazed; instead the thing that was walking into the room came and sat next to him… It was that mangled hound from before.

I sucked in my breath : the stench coming from that thing was even noticeable from my position. After looking a second time, the hound seemed to be a different one, but just as rotten…

Vladimir had a self-confident smile on his face and laughed.

– At least, the demons are more open to negotiations than you Illeana ! Don’t worry, i will let your grand daughter live; she will be usefull, being one of the last pure bloods. Now die !

Vladimir swung his wrist and the mangled hound leapt from his side to the woman, his claws raised. I slowed time at that moment and was about to interfere but the next moment, i saw was a green arrow stuck in the head of the hound. I stopped myself and started time normally again.

– Kyuuun (Sound effect for hound being shot from something i know bad sound effects ! okay… Anyway : “Headshot !”)

The hound dropped to the ground from the force of the arrow. Just after that, the head of the hound started drying up, becoming smaller. The arrow was also already gone.

– What ?!

Vladimir shouted in disbelief. My hearing sense picked up soonds in the room where the other 3 were waiting : a light tud and there were also bodies falling down. For a brief second, nothing was heard in that room and then in the next instant 4 pairs of footsteps could be heard entering the office.

– Grandma !

The girl who was going through the magazine entered first, followed by Rupert and the other tall female : her bodyguards. Rupert had a really suprised expression while the tall female was a bit confused; the grand daughter, i assume, had a face of worry.

And the last to come in was… Leraje ?! Yes it was him; he was holding a green light bow and entered the office room with his set blank face.

Leraje was staring at the closet where i was while Illeana and Vladimir were staring at him.

– YOU !

Illeana pointed at Leraje.

It was time for me to make my appearance so i opened set foot in the room… again.

– YOU !

Shouted Rupert while pointing at me.

Vladimir and Illeana were dumbfounded while looking at me, probably wondering how i got here.

I laughed a bit and said.

-Yes me !

And in the next second ,Leraje pulled his bow string at lightning speed and shot Vladimir’s knees.


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