trts ch 37

Chapter 37 Heat

Edited By Mjornir77


– Aaarkhhhgg !

Vladimir was screaming. The second those arrows drilled through his knees, he fell on his butt and watched as his legs slowly started mummifying, becoming smaller and disgustingly green and dry.

– What, why ?! I thought we had a deal !

Vladimir screamed at Leraje, horror on his face. In the meantime Leraje looked at me.We came here to capture Vladimir so i flicked my wrist. For some reason, Leraje and i didn’t actually need to talk to know what the other person wanted ; he understood what i meant and hit Vladimir to the jaw, making him unconscious.


Illeana stepped up and the other also came back to their senses. I could see her being vigilant, her body and eyes were still ; she also gave me a side glance.

– How about we all try to calm down for a second ?

I offered.

– Illeana looked at me, then at Leraje. H had kept his bow in his left hand but wasn’t drawing it or anything but he still looked very threatening with it.

– Tell that demon to drop that bow !

– Leraje ?

He nodded and the green light bow disappeared.

– Now we should all introduce ourselves, how about it ? My man here dropped his weapon, shouldn’t you do the same ? In any case, the only reason we are here is because i need to get this guy.

I pointed at Vladimir.

– And that’s it.

I made a smile at the end to look a bit friendlier… It probably didn’t work since a knocked out Vladimir with mummified legs laid before me.

Surprisingly, Illeana withdrew her claws and her eyes also turned back to normal.I could still hear the chaos downstairs, There seemed to be a lot of people fighting, screaming, howling, and above this building there were also 2 other individuals flying waiting in mid air for some reason. This wasn’t good since they also were demons. They might have come to clean up too.

– Who are you ? Why are you here ? What are you ?

– As much as i’d like to answer those questions, i don’t think we can keep talking so leisurely. There are other beings in the sky waiting to clean up.

A wide eyed Illeana started concentrating her attention above us. I could feel something close to ropes flying out of her body towards the windows… Was that magic ? No, this was not even close to mana, it was just a blank aura going through, what was that ?

She sighed and said :

– You are right and i need only one answer from you then and if you answer wrong then i have no other choice than to shred you.

She gave me a sharp glare. Leraje was about to summon his bow again but i just shook my head.

– Do you work with the demons ?

That is easy.

– No.

She nodded and started walking towards me giving me a hand  with asmile. Being a mature woman, she was truly a beauty.

– My name is Illeana Alkaeva and i am the president of this establishment. The young girl with the black hair and brown eyes is my grand daughter, Alisaa Alkaeva. She is 15 years old if you want to know.

The grand daughter at the back shrugged a bit; she wasn’t talking but she probably found her grandma’s wording a bit questionable.

I smiled and took her hand.

– My name is Dawn Timer, i work as Cecilia Greenwood’s bodyguard.

Illeana got wide eyed again when she heard about my job. She looked at Vladimir momentarily and nodded to herself.

– It explains a lot why you’re here Dawn… But what about him ?

She pointed at Leraje. He didn’t say a word nor did he react to the fact that she was completely iexcluding him from the conversation.

I smiled wryly. I still didn’t know how to explain his presence to Stella or Cecilia, how could i explain it to a complete stranger ? At some point, i might but i could as well try to think of something.

– He works for me should i say, no wait… More like he has no other choice than to work for me. Don’t worry, i didn’t make a deal with anyone to make him work for me, it’s not what you think.

She stared at me for a second and nodded.

– I believe you. Another thing i want to know… How old are you ?

I knitted my eyes a bit.

– Why do you ask ?

She laughed for a bit.

– Iit isn’t everyday i find such a young, handsome and very strange boy coming out of my closet so suddenly, plus you were able to make a demon yield to you ; they are notorious for being evil and selfish.

I could hear Leraje’s growl in the background.

– Better than a bloodsucker that is comparable to a mosquito.

– Look who talks, little dog, i thought you only followed orders from your master.

I could literally see sparks flying between them. Leraje didn’t like vampires from the start but i could not understand Illeana. Maybe was it just because demons were known to be evil ? I wouldn’t call Leraje evil. True, he can kill without blinking but that’s what he was trained to do.

– Aham !

I cleared my throat. I could sense the two in the sky descending; Leraje and Illeana seemed to do it too.

Leraje turned to me.

– Do you want me to take care of them my Lord ?

– I want to question them, capture them if possible.

Illeana raised an eye brow at Leraje.

– Aren’t they your kind demon ? I thought your kind had all of this brotherhood going on with each other; it truly fascinates me how you can betray them so easily.

She laughed sarcastically.

Leraje stared coldly at her, making her gulp for a bit. I could feel the aura coming from him even from here it was; one of his conviction moves.

– They already betrayed our kind by making my Lord their enemy.

Leraje left the room afterward. By the way, i wanted to ask him why he came here ? I am sure i told him to leave if possible…

– Your servant is really strange for a demon, i wouldn’t mind having someone like him….

Illeana liked her lips, amused for a bit… Oh, if only she knew he wasn’t good with women, maybe she would snatch him right away… Let’s not talk about that.

I shuddered for a bit.

– So what are you gonna do since Leraje is going to take care of it.

– Oh, is he ?

– Yes.

I was confident with my words. I had yet to see anyone who was as fast as Leraje. His skills with his extraordinary bow were also really exceptional.

– Very well, i will contact the council about this today…

– Wait !

I stopped her.

– What is it ?

She asked confused.

– You can tell the the council but don’t tell them about me, just tell them you saw some unknown people take Vladimir, nothing else.

– Why should i ?

She was getting really into it. The reason i don’t want any council member to know about me was because it would be annoying to explain a lot of things, such as how i got here or Leraje. iIf they tried to dig my past, they could find out that i was in that prison. It could lead to a lot of things i don’t want anyone to know about. Other than the Greenwood house no one should know about this.

– It would be a pain in the ass for me to explain some things

She looked at Vladimir’s legs for a second; they were almost non exisant now and they also smelled like death itself, afoul and sour odor. If not for the pants that were hiding his legs, anyone would probably throw up.

– I can see why you prefer that.

I sighed out of relief… But it was short lived.

– But i have one condition !

I looked at her, giving her the “are you serious” look.

– Haha now that i know that you are the Greenwood house mistress’ bodyguard and all, i want to ask you if you could introduce my daughter to that girl somehow. If they get into a good relationship, then in the future a lot of heat could be taken from arcanes against us. How about it ?

I was about to answer until i heard from outside an horrifying screech.

– WHY !?


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