Legendary Elemental Knight

Legendary Elemental Knight


Johnny Stark,recorded as the man with the highest IQ ever recorded in the human history,conducts an experiment that goes awry,destroys him and his assistant AI system.As he thinks he is dead,he then opens his eyes to see himself in another world,where people with strength are regarded as kings and people with low strength are bullied by the strong…With his high intellect and assistance from his AI which was fused into his consciousness,he then develops his own cultivation and martial techniques,to challenge the peak of the world…Join him on his journey from baby steps to becoming one of the legends of the world…

Categories: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Harem , Martial Arts , Mature , Slice of Life , Supernatural , Original ,

Chapter 1: BIRTH
Chapter 2: Pride of Parents
Chapter 3: Research, Discovery and Hopelessness
Chapter 4: Martial Arts Pavilion
Chapter 5: Spirit Refining Technique
Chapter 6: Disappointment and Results
Chapter 7: Soul Resonance Cultivation Technique
Chapter 8: Four Chakras Body Refining Technique
Chapter 9: First Chakra Level
Chapter 10: Red Knight Stage and Soul Realm
Chapter 11: Soul Fragments
Chapter 12: Spirit Sense Realm
Chapter 13: LILY
Chapter 14: Start of a Journey
Chapter 15: A Mother’s Heart
Chapter 16: The Secret Place
Chapter 17: The Tale of My Father
Chapter 18: The Dragon Seed
Chapter 19: This Little S***
Chapter 20: The Great Fight
Chapter 21: Change of Mind
Chapter 22: Spilled Blood0
Chapter 23: First Inheritance
Chapter 24: Second Inheritance