An Abrupt Journey?


As I was thinking about the present state of my stomach,
I find an old man and my dad sitting across each other in the living room..

This is bad..

The atmosphere seems tense..

It’s as if I interrupted at a crucial moment in their discussion..

And because of that, the old man is calmly looking at me and dad alternately as if he was comparing..

Ah, this is like that feeling when..huh?

What do you mean, how can I sense the atmosphere? Am I dense or something?

No, I most certainly am not..

In fact, I was called a sensitive person in my previous life *hmph*

And it’s also due to the fact that I have an aura and..hmm?

Who called me sensitive? Umm..

Okay, fine.. No one called me that out loud, but I think of myself as someone who can read the mood..

I’m not a KY (Kuuki-Yomenai) guy that blurts out stupid things in situations like this..

But this is just like that time in my previous life..

Where I went to visit my relatives and I was bored so I went around their manor..

When I “accidentally” saw my uncle umm..lets say embracing the maid..

With his wife, my aunt on the other side of the house..

So yeah..long story short..I got hated by uncle..

But he sometimes sends new years cards..

They were full of disdainful words though..*cries*

Nevertheless, the old man is starting to speak once again..

So the best thing to do here, is stay cool and calm.. and keep my mouth shut..

You have learned the skill [Elegance] Proficiency 0.00%


“Oh, what is it, boy?”

“Ah, umm.. no, it’s nothing..haha”

“Is that so?”

That was close.. these windows just want to ruin every moment doesn’t it?

Am I being bullied?

“Anyway, I seem to remember Kate, but..”

He looks at me gesturing to my father to probably introduce us..

“Oh, this is my stepson..Orion, go on..introduce yourself..”

(sigh) What was that half-assed introduction..

“Good day to you sir, My name is Orion Fullbringer, stepson of the Fullbringer household.”

I think my nervous voice came out..I pray he doesn’t notice..

“Hou.. Derek, this son of yours seems fairly well-mannered..”

“Haha, I guess he is..”

“I’ll postpone getting to know your story at a later date.. but for now, I have urgent business to talk abou-”


“Oh no, is there a monster nearby?”

“We must alert the villagers!”

“I will go father!”

“Yes, Kate go run as fast as you can and don’t look back!”

As I see them scrambling around panicking..

I am relatively silent..

Ah, I can’t tell them in this situation..

No, I decided in this new life, I will do my utmost in communicating my thoughts..

Well, I decided that just now though..

But I’m still embarrassed to say it..ah, to heck with it..

“Uh, That sound was me..”

They suddenly grow stiff and turn their heads towards me..

The old man points at me and says..


“That’s wrong!”

“Oh, then what do you mean Orion?”

Dad asks me in a questioning tone..

“ was my stomach..rumbling..”

Utter complete silence fills the room as if the panic earlier was a lie..

And then to break that silence..


Everyone else except me burst into tears of laughter..

“Haha, is that so.. well then, we can discuss my business over a meal.. shall we?”

My face feels hot.. this is mortifying..

A hand is slapped on my back, and suddenly I kiss the floor in a disorderly fashion..

“Don’t think about it too much Orion, I’ll make lunch quickly so don’t worry!”

Ah, it’s Kate.. she always somehow knows if I worry about things too much..

And she always knows just what to do.. I could do without the violence though..

Then, thirty minutes later we finish our meal and we sit around the table..

“Well then, let’s get down to business, shall we?”

“Wait, is it okay for them to hear about this?”

“Hmm.. well, now that they’re here, they might as well..haha”

This old man seems to not care about the little things.. well I don’t dislike that part of him..

But then that carefree attitude took a sudden turn..

“The Elves have started to move again..”

He says in an uncharacteristic serious tone..

“What did you say? I was under the impression that organizing an army of that scale would take several more months to a year at most..”

“Yes, we thought that as well.. but last week when our scouts reported the situation.. it’s nothing but a cold hard fact..”

“Situation? What happened exactly?”


“What..did they move their army that quickly? We should have had time to prepare..”

And the old man waves his hand in front of dad’s forlorn face..

“No, it wasn’t an army..It was a person, or elf as you call it..”

“That’s impossible.. but, it can’t be..”

“That’s was..”

Hero, that’s what the old man said.. the blessed heroes given power by their individual gods, and also people summoned from another world like me.. but Melquista said that they would have been born at least at the same time as me..

Or was that even the hero.. lets inquire more about it..

“Um, what did the hero look like to you?”

“Hmm, you’re interested in it? Well, lets see.. the hero’s appearance was covered with a cap but had elven ears sticking out from besides him/her..And used arrows of green phosphorescence light to decimate our forward garrison..”

So it’s not confirmed that it was the hero.. Even so, I must be ready for it..

I can’t stand idly by while the other heroes are getting stronger by the minute..

I mean that’s why I was even called to this world of fantasy..

Okay, time to think up some countermeasures..

Right as I’m entering my concentration mode.. the old man says something..

“So, in due of these circumstances..using my authority.. I order you, Derek Atlas Fullbringer, former-captain of the Imperial knights to head back to your station in the Imperial Capital..”

“Eh? Wait, what? Capital? Imperial knights? Please tell me what’s going on.. And while you’re at it.. Who the heck are you to use your authority like that?”

The old man suddenly makes a face as if he just realized something important..

“Oh, where are my manners.. I forgot to introduce myself..”

Seriously.. this guy..

“*Ehem* I am Marvich Kelion, General of the Imperial Army, pleased to make your acquaintance..”



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