01 – What kind of hero think like this?

Chapter 1

My name is Kuromaru Ryuuji it’s an unusual name. Kuro means black and Ryuuji means dragon. Black dragon, cool eh? My father wanted me to be strong like dragon but the black side sure is stronger.

I’m a gloomy person. Not praising myself but I think I live up to my name. Yeah, I’m black. To be precise I live just like the shadow. In the class no one notice my presence. I went from kindergarten to highschool without friends. Not even worth mentioning, no one at school ever talks to me. Amazing right? I think I’m a natural born ninja.

Every day I take my daily dose of nutrients by reading light novels. My preferences are high and strictly limited to special category. Ecchi. If someone found out I might be labeled as a pervert but as a natural born ninja, nobody will ever notice.

After finishing high school I don’t even think going to college is necessary. I stop going out from the house and at the age of 18 I can proudly say that I’m a NEET. Eeh, proudly? Yeah of course, nothing wrong with that.

Living as a NEET is wonderful. I can read as many light novels as I want. I have internet in my room, I don’t need anything else. Ooh what a paradise…

“Get out of here you useless person. You don’t go to college, nor do you have a part time job. Someone with no future like you is not family!”

Just like that, my heavenly world was ruined in one month and now I’m in a park with a small bag full of light novels. This collection of mine is even more important than clothes and other daily necessities.

I wandered around aimlessly until I stopped at a crossroad with a cliché scene. A young boy is crossing the street. On the other side I see a truck coming in high speed and the driver face is in panic.

I have read this scene thousands of times in light novels and based on my knowledge there’s two possible outcomes.

The first is, I go save that child, getting hit by the truck and die. After I die I will see a self-proclaimed God that will talk about karma, bla bla bla, and I will be reincarnated in a new world with lots of power. Maybe I can be like Ru*i from Mush*ku, born with magic power and enjoy harem. Hehehe…

The second, I go save that child and manage to survive. The child parents then will give me compensation. If I’m lucky maybe I can get money to survive for a month.

But I believe in the third possibility, I go save that child, getting hit by the truck and die. And die. And die. And will never wake up again. In other word, permanent death. At least I know how to tell the differences between real life and fantasy. The first option have zero possibilities and the second requires lots of luck and physical strength. My luck is not that bad but since I’m always in the go home club my physical strength is at the level of grade schooler.

Yep.. So here I am. Watching the spectacular scene in front of me. A boy was about to get hit by a truck.
Yes, just watching..

Seriously… Just watching.

Erm.. I already tell that I’m just watching right?

Suddenly i see a faint glow underneath me turning my eyes away from the boy.


Weird circle with unknown writings spinning below me.

Is this the legendary magic circle?

The light keeps getting stronger until I have to close my eyes.

Urm… Is this some kind of karma because I don’t safe that boy?

When the light’s intensity grew, it suddenly let out a loud explosive sound, leaving a crater in the sidewalk. The explosion sent force outwards and the boy who was about to get hit by the truck was pushed aside. At least he is safe now. The truck was also forced onto its side by the same explosive force. But the young man named Kuromaru Ryuuji was nowhere be seen.

—————I think for each chapter it will be short and full of cliffhanger.. Because my lack of vocabulary if I write one long page it will be repetitive words and get annoying for you reader.. I will also take time to write some brilliant yet funny idea. So it will be fresh from the oven each time you read it. Anyway, do you think the joke i put in is funny? If not, just tell me hahaha…Even though each chapter will be short, Don’t worry the story pace will keep going on smoothly… Hang in there and look forward for the next chapter.. Hehehe…IT’S BEEN MADE LONGER! HOORAAY!——————

13 comments on “01 – What kind of hero think like this?

  1. Yeah! Only some-one who thinks about himself first can have a non-distorted view of the world.

    I’ve read so many light novels about disillusioned protagonists who is always being led by the nose *sigh*
    Fortunately I’ve discovered the wonderful thing called web novel & fan fic *cheer* and now I’m recuperating.

  2. Well, this MC seems to lack of a better word of ‘drive’. Can’t wait to see how he turns out.
    Thanks for chapter 1.

  3. Oh shyt i see this comming the NEET hero with the harem dream , if it become a neet hero of demons or like all my knowledge of light novel will become my wepon well wait and see. thanks for the chapter

  4. Just started reading… I always thought there should be more stories from the demon side. There are some that take a neutral stance *cougharifuretacough*, but rarely demon friendly. Yuusha party healer love and lvl999 are the closest thing I know. I even have a story in my head that I’m thinking of writing sometime™
    So anyway, I’m expecting many things. Also, if you’re so worried about word diversity get the Oxford dictionary or something. Or Cambridge online one… or even google works well. It’s all in the synonyms, just spam all you can find.

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