02 – will you help us?

Let me tell you something quick… I really bad at making description, even more so at describing people. I just realized the MC doesn’t even have an appearance description. Hahahaha. So, let’s just ignore that simple fact and I’ll leave it at your imagination hehehe just kidding.. I’ll just give a brief description for several important roles and for the supporting character don’t even expect something great.. Anyway too long for some pre-words from author, here’s the story…
Chapter 2

“You called for me, my lord?” a man in a red robe came into the throne room and kneeled down. (as i mention before i really bad at giving description so i leave it to your grandeur and unlimited imagination)

“Vahjra. I’m glad you quickly came.”
The Demon King sat on his throne calmly. Even when he’s not doing anything particular his aura is incredibly terrifying. A regular human would pass out just by nearing him; some people with weak resistance may even die from his sight.
Looking at this fact, the man in front of him was not regular a person. Although that was a given as he worked for the Demon King.

“How can I ignore your order my king. I ran as soon as I heard the guards story.”
When the man stood up his pointed ears became visible under the hood of his robe, Yes, this man came from the elf race. What’s more his dark skin indicated a special characteristic. The dark elf race. Known as one of the best magic using races, with many special elf ancient magics.

“Good. So you know why you’re here?”

“Yes, my lord. It’s about “The Hero Summoning” ritual right?”

“You’re correct. So, is it possible for us to summon a hero for our side?”
Vahjra thinks for a little while and gives his answer.

“It’s not possible my lord.” Vahjara paused for a moment before continuing “That would be the answer if it was regular mage you were asking. However, I know some forbidden spell that may make it possible. Although it’s unorthodox and practically unheard of, I’m confident that I will succeed.”

“As expected from the Blood mage. So, can we do it now?”
The Demon King was waiting for anticipation. Even Rosalie seemed so eager to do this.

“Yes we can, however my king, to do this we need large amounts of spiritual power. Even the human priest can only do it once a year.”

“hmm.. So are you saying my power is not enough?”
Hearing that, the demon king is not happy, moreover Vahjra was now suffering from the Demon King powerful killing pressure.

“I didn’t mean it like that my lord. It is possible to do it with just half of your power but with your current condition it will leave you vulnerable.”

“Half of your power father… Is it possible to use the power from your horn?”

After hearing Rosalie thoughts, the blood mage seemed to find another idea.

“My lord, within the dark elf forbidden spells there is another ancient ritual to greatly increase spiritual power. However for the ritual along with your horn, we need another catalyst.”

“What is it?”

“Blood of a maiden.”

“Can you use my blood then?”
Rosalie is now trying to do her best. As the daughter of the demon king she always tried to make him happy. The Demon King never allowed her to join in a battle thus only leave her inside the castle. So she thought if she was able to do something to help her father, she would be truly happy.

“Yes milady. It is possible and only one drop of your blood is required.”

Satisfied with the answer, the Demon King makes a quick gesture with his hand. Vahjra nodded and start to draw an enormous magic circle in the ground.
He put the demon king’s horn in the middle and moves towards Rosalie.

“Excuse me milady.”

He took a needle and lightly tap it in Rosalie’s finger a single drop of blood could be seen at the needles end. Vahjra moved to the Demon King’s horn and carefully placed the blood upon it.

“einzchewald regendzsaf erszht…”

He moved to the side of the circle and began to skillfully cast a long enchant. The time he needed to cast the spell took one full hour. Each time he finish a sentence the magic circle pulsated.

“Wandering spirit, hear my call. The soul worthy enough to be called a saviour, I summon thee.”

With that sentence the spell ended, the lights intensity covered the whole throne room in a bright glow. As the lights slowly dissipated, a young man was stand in the middle of the circle. Nearing twenty years old, black uncombed hair and plain looks. Wearing only sweater and long trousers, this is without a doubt our MC.


When the light that covered my eyes are gone I quickly looked at my new surroundings.

Firstly I checked to see if there was someone big sitting on a chair and holding a book of life and death. I didn’t see him, so it appeared that this wasn’t the ‘Very Bad’ outcome.

Secondly I checked if the room was pure white with claiming to be God. I look at my surroundings the room was poorly lit. It is dim so it seemed I had escaped the ‘Bad’ outcome.
Okay, it’s not the ‘Bad’ and it’s not the ‘Very Bad’ outcome. So, what is happening exactly?

“Vahjra, do you succeed?”

I looked for the source of the voice and I see a masculine man with one horn sitting on a throne.

“I’m not sure my lord. The hero summoning ritual was indeed successful, as for the results, I’m not yet sure.”

The man in robe must be Vahjra, he seemed to be an elf, and on top of that a dark elf. Why do they keep looking in my direction?


Did he just say hero summoning ritual? Hmm…

Let me make quick assessment. It seems possibly that I have been summoned to another world. That would explain the magic circle that appears below me. Using that as a fact, I should be in a throne hall of foreign country. They need a hero to save them from the demon king. Yes, typical drag*n que*t setting. But why hasn’t anyone made a welcoming speech yet. They should say something like “Welcome hero, to our world bla bla bla”. Why do they look like they’re searching for something?

“Father… Master Vahjra.. What are you looking for?”

“Rosalie, I’m wondering if there has been a mistake in the ritual. Where is our hero?”

The Demon King and Vahjra frowned while they keep staring in Kuro’s direction.

“What are you talking about father? I think the ritual has been successful. Here, this is our hero.”

I quickly take a peek to the girl. A pleasing sight for my sore eyes. Red hair and eyes, black wings on her back and small pointed tail too. With the tight leather dress covering her body, I give her 11 score out of ten. She walks near me and points her finger.


The Demon King and Vahjra are surprised when they hear that. They sharpen their eyes and it’s clear theyโ€™re now looking at me.

“Impossible. Is this our summoned hero? His hiding skill is so great I would never have noticed him if not for Rosalie.”

Yeah yeah yeah… My lack of presence is so great but hearing him say that I feel insulted somehow.

Based on my vast knowledge of the light novel world, the man on the throne must be the king, this beautiful girl should be his daughter and the robed man is the mage. This is the classic hero summoning scene but there’s one thing off here. The king has a horn and the daughter has wings. Is he the Demon King? Impossible…

“Welcome Hero to Magora. I am the Demon King and the beautiful girl besides you is my daughter Rosalie. With the help of Vahjra the blood mage you have been successfully summoned here.”

This is how it should be. A welcoming speech from the Demon King. Eehh… Demon King?

“The human side has slain thousands of our kin and we finally search for help by summoning a hero. O’ great hero, what is your name?”

Hmm.. The plot is twisted somehow. Since when is the demon side is so weak until they need a help from the hero? let’s just follow the flow for now.

“My name is Kuromaru Ryuuji.”

“Oh, what a strong name. I like it. So, Kuromaru Ryuuji, will you help us?”

Hmm.. If I help him I have to fight against human side. If I don’t help I may be killed. Being summoned here I must have special skill like w*rd magic or super strength but it will be troublesome later on. With a strong resolve I give my answer.


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  1. well , i think he will have no talent or he will be a fast runner , or some skill like if you stay in the shadow you will be invisible.Thanks for the chapter

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