03 – it’s my first time

Chapter 3 [short chapter and mountains of cliffhanger.. Hope you like the story so far. Heheh]

“So, Kuromaru Ryuuji will you help us?”


“Yes, I know you must feel honored to work for me… Ehh, what did you say?”

“I’m sorry but I have to decline your offer. More importantly, can you send me back to my world?”

Rather than working for the demon king, I choose to return back to earth. Where I can recharge my daily nutrients from light novels in the bookstore. Coming to a world like this which is so far behind my own in terms of civilization, my heavenly world of moe-moe can’t be completed.

After hearing my answer the demon king frowned.

“This is not good. Should we kill him my lord? We cannot send him back after all of this. The amount of spiritual power needed is so large, and considering the possibility of him turning his sword against us, it’s easier to just kill him.” Vahjra is the one who gives this suggestion.

Urm.. This isn’t the answer that I want to hear. Seems like I’ll get tangled up in this mess.

“Kuromaru Ryuuji, say. What’s the reason for you to turn down my offer?”
The Demon King was surprisingly wise. He wants to hear my reason first.

“Demon King, I’m just an ordinary person in my world I could even be considered weak. How can I help you in a fight? Moreover I just arrived in this world and know nothing of it. Rather than wasting your time training me or teaching me about this world, why don’t you just send me back and summon another person?”

“The problem is, to summon a hero we need large amounts of spiritual power. Moreover I don’t know how to send you back.” Vahjra again gives his answer.

What? They summon me without knowing how to send me back? If the one who get summoned retaliate and kill the demon king, what will they do? Such a foolish act. Are they that desperate in their battle against the humans?

This time, the Demon King gives his answer to me.
“I’m sorry about that Kuromaru Ryuuji. As you heard just now, we can’t send you back to your world. And i think you underestimate your power. A mere human would die just by being in my presence, seeing how calm you are, your power should be on equal level with my general. With your hiding skill before which made you so hard to detect, you should have more amazing powers.”

Ugh.. It’s so hard to debate with the demon king. Even his conversation skill is flawless. But I can’t give in now. Imagining me battling in the front lines with the demon against other humans is not something I want to do.

“Demon King, I don’t even know what power I have or how to fight. How is it possible for you to waste your time on me?”

Yes, answer with humble heart and smile. He will let me go if I continue this… I think.

“Father… Can you leave the responsibility of convincing the hero to me?”

“Rosalie! Are you sure you can do it?”

This time the silent beauty besides me spoke. The Demon King was also surprised.

*uhuk* if it’s that kind of convincing I will seriously consider about it. Hehehehe. Unconsciously my smile is somewhat perverted.

“Okay Rosalie. Try your best.”

“Thank you father.”

Rosalie bows down a little and grab me by my hand.

“Come with me.”

She drag me out of the throne hall and after walking a few step, heading left and right, go up and down the stairs, we finally reach a metal door.

What’s behind it? I’m curious.

When she opens the door, I can see a magnificent bed in the middle. A desk on the other side and vase containing rose flower decorated the table. It should be her room.

Yes… Straight to the point. I like this Rosalie. She brings me here without any words.

I think I can say goodbye to my virginity sooner than I thought…

She quickly close the door and look at me in the eye. She looks like she wants to say something but hesitated. She’s fidgeting now.

Uhh.. So cute.. Make me want to eat her whole right here right now.

Hearing her next sentence I couldn’t help it and drool.

“You know…”
“It’s my first time..”

4 comments on “03 – it’s my first time

  1. Thanks for chapter 3.
    Can’t help but think he is going to misunderstand the situation, that’s how it usually goes but ‘meh’ it could be different…

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