04 – impossible…

Chapter 4

“It’s my first time..”

“Meeting with a human. Moreover you are summoned from another world.”

Hearing those words my smile completely disappears and I can feel the cold wind of winter on my back.

“Can’t you even think of helping my father?”

“I’m sorry Miss Rosalie, but I don’t have a grasp of what’s going on here. Since when does the Demon King summon heroes?”

After having the sweet dream of my youth completely shattered I can’t help but giving cold response.

“Let me tell you about the story then. Magora continent used to be a peaceful world. Roughly 5000 years ago the human side and the demon side lived peacefully. The demons respected the human’s hard work to evolve and become better at everything. The humans respected the demons for the power and knowledge granted by our ancestors. But it suddenly change when the country of Fire attacks.”
(ugh i recall that last sentence from somewhere.. Oh.. It’s avat*r the legend of a*ng )

“The human side is divided into four countries. The Country of Fire in the north, Country of Water in the west, Country of Wind in the east, and finally the Country of Earth in the south. Even though only one country started it all, the demon side was infuriated, and were unable to see things clearly. They started to randomly attack the humans indiscriminate of country and so, soon enough it turned into a large scale battle between human and demon.”

“I get it now. The demons sure are at fault for attacking randomly, but why did the Country of Fire attack in the first place?”

“The human side has three major churches throughout their territory. The Church of Cyndoria, the Church of Deynimia, and lastly the Church of Gebeddon. The Church of Gebeddon thinks that demons is the source of all evil in the world. Because of that, the Country of Fire is the headquarters for the Church of Gebeddon started to conspire with each other. This resulted in this war which has lasted for 2000 years.”

“Oh.. So that’s the reason. But why did you need to summon a hero?”

“Fifty years ago, the Church of Cyndoria was blessed by finding a child with large spiritual power. Although it’s power surpasses anyone in the history, her aptitude of magic is only in healing. In an attempt to find another way to use her power, they started to experiment with an ancient summoning ritual and succeeded. This resulted in the first hero to be summoned. At first the power of the heroes was weak enough even our soldiers could kill them. But as time went by they became stronger. Each time a hero falls another one appears with power surpassing the last by ten times. The last hero, the 31st, even managed to cut one of my father’s horns. We are afraid that the next hero may be able to kill my father.”

Now I clearly understand why they are so desperate to summon a hero, and ask me to help them. I just nodded and now I can see Rosalie doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

“Is there anything else that you want to ask?”

Uhm… Now she’s tempting me again.
What should I ask?

What are your three sizes? Not good.

Are you still a virgin? Too direct.

Aw right, I missed and important point.

“How do you know if I’m worthy to be a hero? I don’t even know what my power is.”

“That’s easy. Hearing my father words, you already know that you can withstand his presence. As for your power, you can say <> to see your power and skill.”

Uhmm.. Should I do it or not?
I’m afraid when I look at my status I will be an over powered character and raise her hope again.

Ugh this is too troublesome. My magical moe princess should’ve start by now. I want to go home and watch it.


I’m kicked out from home so I don’t have anyplace to go to watch my magical moe princess. Guess I should’ve just looked at my status first.

After I say it I can’t help but have my mouth hang open while looking at the windows.

—————-Do you have any idea what power will he have? Hahahaha..Won’t release the next chapter if no one guess it right(just kidding)I won’t release it if I don’t see at least hundreds idea for his power(lol another troll)Hahahaha… These short introduction will only last for around 3 to 4 chapter and then we’ll enter the first arc.. I hope even though the background isn’t that clear i can leave the rest to your imagination hehehhe…——————

9 comments on “04 – impossible…

  1. Thanks for chapter 4 and the quick history of the war instead of dragging it on in the later chapters.
    Why are the ” empty instead with ”?

  2. Interesting. Will read till the last released chapter soon. But im a bit confused, is it the 33rd hero summoning or the 32nd? Firat chapter.. or is it the second? Its said that the 32nd manage to injure the maou severely, yet all they ever worry about is the lost of the maou’s horn fighting the 31st hero. And again in this chapter the daughter said the last hero is the 31st summoned hero. So is the 32nd exist? Sorry for sounding like im nitpicky or something annoying. Just want to set the story straight in my own head. Btw i like about the non description on Ryuuji, cause it leaves a lot room to come up with myself #to my own preference that is fufufu#.

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