05 – can i touch your bo*bs?

I wonder how many of you will press f5 at the keyboard hahaha… Anyway, here’s your drop of morning dew.

Chapter 5

Name: Kuromaru Ryuuji
Age: 18 Lvl: 1
Health: 100/100
Mana: 0/0
Attack: 1-1
Special power:

-Unimportant existence-
~it would be hard for those of normal power to notice you. Even the Demon King can hardly see you
*Higher type of ‘Skill of Hiding’, even if an enemy has you in their line of sight if they’re careless and blink you cannot be. Why would anyone want to see you?*

-Worthless former child
~Not even your parents consider you as their son
*you can’t have any mana; you don’t even need it right?
Even your family doesn’t need you*

-Ecchi master
~Given your 15 years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation
*Maybe it will be easier for you to do it too, remember it’s Maybe*

-Not even a bystander
~For ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything
*always -50 in defense, not like you will do something if the same scene happens again*

~You don’t know what this is and you don’t even want to know
*your attack power can’t exceed 1. No matter what weapon you use.*

-Hero of the Demon
~Gives you 1,000,000 points in health, mana, attack, and defense)


I couldn’t believe it. What in the world is this? The skills that I have are full of insults, and what’s with this zero and minus permanent status. Looking at the fact, the only way for me to survive is by becoming a hero. Even if I do that I will only be able to increase my health.

What’s with this xxxxxxxxxx power? It’s not even a power more like a curse.

This unimportant existence of mine is surprisingly useful. I don’t even know it was this great but the description makes me angry.

But, combined with my ecchi master maybe i can do *peeeep* *peeeep* and then *peeeep* .

“So, how is it?”
After hearing the sweet voice that brings me back from my dream, I only have one answer.

“Hmm.. It’s ordinary.”
I can’t tell her the truth. If she decides that I have no chance to be their savior they may kill me directly.

“That’s strange. The hero summoned should have extra ordinary power. Even the last human’s hero physical strength can crush a mountain to a pebble.”

Oh no. It’s going in the wrong direction. I should’ve change the topic.

“Anyway………………. Can I touch your bo*bs?”

Crap.. That ecchi master comes out at the worst possible time. Even worst, my hand is moving like it’s squeezing something.

Rosalie just stand there in silence.

I can feel the temperature in the room dropped by fifty degree.

Ten minutes have passed and I don’t even dare to move.

I can see Rosalie’s lip trying to say something and her whole body is trembling.

With a soft voice that was almost unheard coming from her mouth she answers.


5 comments on “05 – can i touch your bo*bs?

  1. Ok, thanks for chapter 5.
    He is has got to have the worst status of all time…
    Why is this demon princess so nice?

    • Because every other demon princess is a bitch, the author decided to be original , unlike others I could name.

  2. this job is like bard in ragnarock game for psp all he can do is buff , 1 sound atack and Frost joke a skill whit low chance of stun.

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