06 – can I come in?

I wonder if you’re curious at what’s going to happen next. Hahaha. How many of you forgetting the fact that’s the last chapter is about his power when they read she say yes? Hahahaha… Here’s another injection of the story.————–

Chapter 6


“You can touch my bo*bs if you decided to help us.”

Without any other pause i immediately reply.
“Of course. I’m willing to help.”

Looks like she’s happy while asking that question.

“Yes. So, are you ready now?”

“Yes, let’s head out to the throne hall right now.”
She turn her body and moving to the door.

Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Right now my hand is moving perversely while I approach Rosalie.

Her face turns red and let out an argument.
“What are you thinking you’re doing? You haven’t done anything for us, yet you ask for a reward. Maybe if you manages to get my father acknowledgements and show us your strength, I will l-l-let y-you t-t-touch it just a little.”

She’s clearly forcing herself to say the last part. She turn around quickly and gives me a hard slap.

-99 Hp

Darn I almost died from that. But seeing no other objection from her, I guess she’s just shy. In another terms, she is a tsun.

After that we returns to the demon king and Rosalie show a hint of happiness on her face.

“Father.. The hero is willing to cooperate with us.”

“Really? As expected of my daughter. Is that true Kuromaru Ryuuji?”

I kneel down and say my answer. Going this far, that hero status is the only thing that can help me. So i can’t fail now.

“Yes my king. After talking with your daughter I understand about the condition. I’m glad if I can do something to help.”
These unbelievable words come out from my mouth. I don’t even care about the boy that was about to get hit by a truck, moreover about the demon king condition. I am only doing this to save myself, and get a taste of Rosalie’s body. Huahahaha.

“Alright. From now on, I declare Kuromaru Ryuuji as Hero of the Demon.”

Yes. With this my status should be better.

“Thank you my king. I will do my best to help you. Moreover just call me Kuro, my king.” I say it unconsciously while giving a wink to Rosalie.

“Great. Vahjra, now I give you an assignments to accompany and teach Kuro everything he needs to know about our world. You need to train him until the next human’s hero summoning take place. The black forest of dark elf may be unsuitable for him right now. Bring him to the Vlad castle in the south.”

Ugh… I really hate Vahjra. He looks smart and he’s the one that suggest the Demon King to kill me earlier.

“Father.. Is it possible for me to be the one accompanying the hero? I’m sure Vahjra as one of your generals have lots of things to do.”

I look at the owner of that voice. Ooh Rosalie, you’re my savior. Seeing the Demon King was about to say something I quickly say my statement before him.

“My King. I also think the same. I’m sure sir Vahjra have lots of things to do and I don’t want my existence here, hindering your future plans. If Princess Rosalie is willing to accompany me, I’m sure I have enough power to protect her.”

After hearing my statement the demon king frowned and put one hand on his head. He is now looking at Rosalie which showing a pleading expression. Seeing her beloved daughter like that, he didn’t dare say no.

He never let Rosalie out of the castle because he’s afraid someone will try to hurt her. But seeing Kuro’s confidence. He gives his permission.

“Alright. Kuro, I leave my daughter in your care. You have to protect her. Do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry my king. I won’t even let a single strand of hair to fall in my watch.”

“Good. Rosalie, you need to pack your things and prepare for travel tomorrow. You’re heading to Vlad castle where Alice lives. I don’t have a map but you’ll arrive there if you sense her spiritual power and use it as a compass. Remember, be careful on your way and if things goes wrong, you can depend on Kuro.”

“Yes father. Thank you.”

When she says that I can see a wide smile on her face. Oh what a pleasant things to see. Moreover I’ll be travelling with her on the way to Vlad castle. I can pretend things happen and force myself on her. Hahahaha. Right now my thoughts full of R rated 21+ scene.

Travelling with Rosalie. This isn’t as bad as I thought.

I was given a room next to Rosalie’s. Maybe I can sneak and take a peek at her using my unimportant existence. But before I do that I hear someone knocking on the door.


I open the door and surprisingly I saw Rosalie there. She glances to the left and right, to confirm that no one else is there.

With another tsun expression, her next sentence quickly triggered my ecchi master.

“Sorry to disturb you this late…. can I come in?”

————Yahaa.. The first introduction stage is almost finished… The next story will tell about the MC journey to train and learn more about Magora continents…Do you guys like the story so far? Did I do the cliff-hanger in the right ways? Hehehe… Anyway thank you for reading.. Ps: Don’t worry about the scene that will happen next when Rosalie enters the room.. Hahahaha——————

5 comments on “06 – can I come in?

  1. Kuro walks out of the throne room immersed in an upcoming playful scence with Rosalie.
    BAM! His head collides with a guard in full body armor.
    Urgghh! Nice sound, there are even some stars flying out.
    -1 HP

  2. Thanks for chapter 6.
    The demon king is too trust worthy to some random summon guy to let him travel with his daughter?!

  3. If he chance his personality something like become a body-guard , or help the demons the skills will change? like fame for kill a rare monster .
    thanks for the chapter

  4. the guy is too perverted, who would want to make him MC??, it doesn’t fit the role, he just want to take advantage of girls, that’s a bad way to represent an MC, the writer brain is full of bad thoughts, i won’t want him around any females, if i did meet him, i did bash his head with a baseball bat, you can have your perverted thoughts in your own minds, but to take advantage of girls or women, hope you don’t meet guys like me.

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