08 – I forget that my attack power is 1….

You know, I write this story from my phone so I’m sorry about the poor formatting and various typo. There’s no autocorrect and grammar checker.. Hehehe… Anyway do you like the story so far? Even though my English proficiencies is bad and my lack of vocabulary is annoying. I hope the story can give a refreshing wind breeze to your brain.. Hahaha.. Let’s get down to business…


Chapter 8

The next morning, the Demon King sent me and Rosalie off. Today is the start of our travels that will take around 10 months. I have to make sure that I am back by Demon King’s side when the next hero for the human side is summoned.

Based on Rosalie words, we are going to travel by foot to Vlad castle. Relying on Rosalie’s demon eye to sense Alice’s spiritual power and using it as a guide. In the meantime I’ll train myself and raise my level to be capable of defending myself from Alice’s thirst later on.

We have to walk along a stone path for one hour and after that the path changes to dirt. Seems like we finally reach the Demon King’s castle border. From what I hear the area around the Demon King’s castle doesn’t have any wild demons running around, because his spiritual presence can be sensed up to this point. When I heard that, I started to realize that the Demon King was surprisingly strong.

“Are you ready? Once we walk onto the dirt path wild demons will start to attack us.”

“Actually with my unimportant existence I wonder if I will ever get attacked.”

After hearing that Rosalie stood still. I think she had totally forgotten the fact that I have that power.

“Don’t worry I can turn it on and off now. I have gotten a better understanding of my power.”

“eeh really? If you can control it that easy. The chance of that power being removed when you do contradictory things will be lowered.”

It was actually yesterday that I learned this about my power. When I used my unimportant existence on my foot last night it seems like I made a breakthrough. Now it seems I can decide which parts of my body I want to make disappear. Of course this will be useful for me later on when I combine it with my ecchi master power.

“Yes, I’m telling you the truth. See.”
I use my unimportant existence in my right hand.

Right now I’m also checking out the capabilities of Rosalie’s demon eye . Last night when I made her trip, she didn’t seem to notice anything. It seemed to me the only things that can be affected by her power are things that are in her line of sight.

Rosalie seemed to notice it and looking at my right hand. I change it to my left hand, then to my left leg, then to my right leg. Her eyes following the disappearing sequences and now her focus is on my right foot. Sweet…

I use the unimportant existence and activating at the same time on my right leg and both of my hands. After that using my hands affected by unimportant existence I execute the combo that I had worked very hard last night to create.

I call it the ‘Unimportant Ecchi Master Existence’.

My hands are moving swiftly to Rosalie chest area unnoticed.

Aaaah.. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this heavenly feeling in my hands.

It took roughly one point five seconds for Rosalie to notice what was happening.


Given my 1000100 Hp. I can endure her slap for a long time before I have to release my hands. Hahaha. But I won’t be greedy. I’ll use her as a lab rat to see how great my power will develop in the future. My goal is the level of a hermit where I’ll go unnoticed when doing ecchi stuff to the victim. Huehehehehe. So I guess I have to release my hand from the holy mounds, and actually my cheek kind of hurts.

Right now Rosalie’s face is as red as a tomato. Using her hands to cover her chest, she’s saying the same thing as yesterday.

After that she walks off at a fast pace heading out to the dirt path.
Hahaha. I’ll take that as a compliment then. Because right now I’m 100% sure that Rosalie is a tsundere. Her reaction is somehow cute in my eyes.

“Hey.. Wait for me.”
After that I had to do my best to keep up with her walking pace.

After two hours of walking, finally a wild demon appeared in front of us, blocking our way. It’s a creature that had the body of a dog with three heads. Is this the famous Cerberus the guardian of hell?

“Kuro. Go and defeat that three headed dog. I’d like to see your battle skill level.”

Eh, what a letdown. The demon that I thought to be a Cerberus was just a regular three headed dog. Okay then, here goes nothing.

*shua* I run in the dogs direction, but right now my mind is so confused. How do I battle with this thing? Using my fist?

*buk* My fist landed on one of the three heads. I guess I’m doing just fine for my first battle. But this dog doesn’t even change it’s expression. It only growled and gave me an angry look.

Darn.. I forget that my attack power is 1.

The head that I had punched is now trying to bite my hand. Using my experience from Rosalie, I knew even though my Hp is on ridiculous level it still hurts like hell when she slaps me.

On instinct I quickly activated my unimportant existence which causes the bite to miss.

I guess I can use hit and run tactics against this three headed dog. So I begin repeating this tactic and after one hour, and two thousands punches I finally defeat the dog. I can say that I even impressed myself. Not taking hit in the battle and continually delivering punches.

Although my attack power is only 1, the results of two thousand punches leaves the dog in a miserable condition. Two of the dogs eyes flew off somewhere because of the impacts from my punches. One of the head is almost separated from its body revealing it’s inner parts. I even managed to punch a hole in its stomach causing some intestines to fall out.

*huaaa* I never knew hitting a dog would be this refreshing… In the middle of the battle I may have unconsciously venting my anger and hidden grudges of the people I resented in my life.

I walked to Rosalie and said. “I’m finished. What do you think?”

“As expected of the ‘Hero of the Demon’. After that battle I don’t even see you as a human anymore.” as soon as she finished saying those line, she run to the back of a tree, I think she had to throw up…

Five minutes later she come back from behind the tree and says.
“I don’t think we need to fight another monster. Just lure them away and then use your power to disappear from their sight. Just like that we can travel safely and I think the wild demons will have a much nicer death waiting for them elsewhere in the future. As for Alice, with your large vitality, giving her some of your blood is probably okay.”

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry hearing that. Anyway, fighting fewer monsters on the way means more time for me to practice the ‘Unimportant Ecchi Master Existence’.

Just like that our day has ended and we decided to camp on the banks of a nearby river.

————————I’m really bad at describing a battle scene; anyway do you enjoy the story? Can anyone guess what’s gonna happen next? I know each chapter is short but is the story progressing in a right way? I mean it’s not too fast and not too slow isn’t it?Btw i was wondering did the chapter title interesting enough for you when you look at it from the fiction page?And I didn’t give you guys too much fan service didn’t I? Hahaha…Thank you guys for reading and let’s make this story appear in the top weekly lol (I may be greedy but I know it’s kind of impossible given the level of the language I use hahaha)I’m also thinking of a catchphrase that will be used by the MC.. Got any idea?I really appreciate your comments and random thoughts…——————

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  1. Thanks for chapter 8.
    I dont get how having Att at 1 will be able to punch a hole through the stomach…

  2. yes Naofume and his low attack , and have a high defense and hp , congratulations you have got the cerberus shield ,thanks for the chapter

  3. he attack will be all 1 but the strengh of a ninja is not in force but in deadly poison and sneack atacks , 1wepon whith posion or bleed will make him a dealy opponent.

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