09 – is this… ur***** t***?

Here’s another cliche chapter… Hope it’s entertaining enough…. It’s really hard to think of funny pun to put in hahaha…—————————

Chapter 9

After three days of walking along the dirt path, we are halfway to the Vlad castle. Actually I’m currently enjoying the same feeling where you buy a book and read it for the first time. These are all new experiences for me. Travelling with Rosalie, encountering monsters, sleeping in tents, making campfire, peeking Rosalie when she’s taking a bath in the river…

Oops.. That last one is a secret okay..

What can I do? I have to practice my ‘Unimportant Ecchi Master Existence’…

The scene in front of me gradually changed. We now arrived at a shore. The Magora continent’s geography is kind of annoying. After the flat land we encountered mountains. After that we reached a shoreline, then there will be more mountains ahead. Rosalie explain to me that this was caused by the constant battles of powerful wild demons gradually affecting the surrounding area.

“It’s the sea.”

Rosalie says that with a wide smile. As a bird living in a golden cage, even though her knowledge is vast, she lacks any real life experience.

We decide to rest for a while on the beach. For a few minutes Rosalie is like a child playing in the water.

“Kuro, look it’s a demon fish!”
“Kuro look it’s a demon crab!”
“Kuro look it’s a demon shell!”

I find her very alluring and cute. The only thing that she lacks is a swimsuit. Even though the leather dress is clinging tightly to her skin, because it had shrunk a little in sea water, showing her curves, I have still preferred a good swimsuit.

Just when I had that thought, I quickly enter a meditative stance and cultivate my ‘Ecchi Master’ power. Right now I would not be able to tell what kind of smile I was wearing on my face.

Rosalie had finally gotten tired of the sea when her red hair was pulled by a crab. Of course I delivered some divine judgment onto the demon crab for hurting my Rosalie before we left.

We walked along the shore for Ten minutes however this beach seemed endless. Finally we see something ahead of us.

A demon turtle is being kicked by three demons. Judging from their height they must still be children. One is a demon goblin, the second one is a demon golem and the last one is a demon treant.

“You ugly turtle, just get back to the sea.”
“Yeah, no place for you up here. You even walk so slow.”
“Right. We don’t even want to take you as a pet more over a friend.”

Even though Rosalie can be cold to me sometimes, she seemed to be so eager to help the demon turtle.

“Kuro, you have to save that demon turtle.”

Right, at first I didn’t want to help given my nature is ‘Not even a Bystander’ but, hey! It’s a chance for me to do something that contradicts that. Okay, I’ll help that turtle.

“You three ugly demons, what are you doing to that turtle? Stop bullying that demon turtle!”

I jumped in front of the turtle and turn off my ‘Unimportant existence’. Seeing me show up out of nowhere they seemed to be surprised but they regain their composure easily. Maybe it’s because they’re just a kids?

“Hah, what’re you saying? You want to save this useless creature?”
“Yeah, old man. Just go away and disappear.”
“Yeah. It has nothing to do with you right?”

After hearing that I feel a fire begin to burn inside me. I guess I shouldn’t show any mercy. I run up to the goblin kid and punch his face.


“Hahahaha. What’s this old man. You’re so weak. It tickles.”

I go to the treant and do the same thing.

“Old man. If you’re this weak we’re gonna beat you up next.”

The golem kid’s body is sturdy. I feel my fist burning from the impact.

“Are you serious old man? You’re gonna regret this.”

I know that my 1 damage punch won’t do any good if I do it once. I do that to deceive these kids. After that, I’m going to show these kids the Hero of the Demon’s real face.

After hundreds punches later the three demon kids can’t even cry anymore.

“huk..huk. Just you wait old man we’ll get our revenge.”
After saying that the demon kids run away. I had almost forgotten about the demon turtle who was the reason for me to fight in the first place.

I approach the demon turtle that is lying down there.

“Are you okay?”

But the demon turtle didn’t say anything. Eh, how foolish of me. Of course the demon turtle can’t talk. Rosalie came over and carefully gives the demon turtle some treatment, skillfully pulling out bandages out of nowhere.

Five minutes later the demon turtle looks like a demon mummy to me. Only leaving two hole for the eyes and a big slit for the mouth.

“Are you finished? Let’s leave if you’re done.”
Rosalie nodded and stand up. But when we’re about to leave a faint voice call out to us.


Rosalie and me are looking for the owner of the voice but we couldn’t anyone so we turned to leave again.

“Wwaaaiiittt. I’m here.”
We once again turn around and still, nobody is there.

“I’m here… I’m the demon turtle that you saved.”

“W-w-what? It talked?”
Seeing Rosalie’s shocked expression I knew the demon turtle shouldn’t have been able to talk.

“I’m very grateful to you O’ great savior. You have save my life just now. If they had kept beating me up I may of died.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s natural for us to help those in need.”
Rosalie’s answer clearly showing her status as the Princess.

“May I ask your name?” The turtle questioned

“My name is Rosalie and this is Kuro.”

“Miss Rosalie, Sir Kuro. Would you like to follow me to the undersea dragon castle? I want to show you my gratitude.”

Hearing those words Rosalie looking at me with her child-asking-for-candy eyes clearly asking ‘Shall we go then?’



A turtle….

Undersea dragon castle….

Is this… Urash*ma ta*o?

—————-Hahaha so cliché right… Btw do you guys think I should add categories to the fiction page? Because right now it’s only comedy, fantasy, and original..Anyway, thank you for reading…. Look forward to the next chapter..Don’t be shy to post your thoughts here.. No one will blame you for thinking ero ero.. Hahaha.. Welcome to the (unimportant) summoned (ecchi) hero family…——————

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  1. And i thinking of dr@g0n b@11 , if the princess open the cursed box i think the mc will give up of her, thanks for the chapter.

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