10 – *extra service down there*

Spread the word guys.. Spread the (unimportant) summoned (ecchi) hero existence…. Tell your brother and friends and soon you’ll have an ally in here. We’re your brother in ero-ero and we’ll never leave you behind.. Ero shall prevail! Hahaha… ——————

Chapter 10

I have a bad feeling about this. Even that Urash*ma guy enjoy the reception but the gifts he got turn him into a bald old man..

So I have three options here.
The first is; I go with the princess there, receive their gratitude but don’t bring back the black box gift.

The second is; Letting Rosalie go there alone and I’ll take the box that she received and throw it away.

The third option is; not going there at all.
Darn, it is so suspicious. Seeing how popular Urash*ma story, there must be a reason. It must be real. Darn, just thinking about it sends a shiver down my spine.
Thank you Urash*ma sensei.. I won’t fall to this trap.

“I’m sorry demon turtle. I have to decline your offer.”

Rosalie eyes stares at me coldly as I say that.

“Can you tell me why you refuse my good intention Sir Kuro?”

Hahaha. Good intention? What a joke. My guess is you’ll eat us when we’ve become old from opening your ‘gifts’ later.

“There’s no particular reason. I just have something urgent to do.”

It’s just bullsh*t so I’m sure the demon turtle knows that I’m lying.

“I guess I don’t have any other choice.”
I don’t know what the demon turtle meant when it said that but a *puff* sound and a white smoke appears in front of us.

The demon turtle is now gone. What appear in front of me is a great body with curves so perfect they made me lick my lips unconsciously.. The enormous chest may barely fit in my hands. Moreover she’s still covered in bandages all over making it super erotic. Exposing some skin between the bandages that are now not enough to cover her whole body. It’s clearly exposing her skin near a very dangerous area.

If only Rosalie hadn’t applied so many bandages, I may have been able to see her nude in front of me. For a split second I found myself hating Rosalie.

“Are you sure Kuro-sama? I could give you some extra service down there.”

Oh no.. My ecchi master power is running wild..

Extra service down there…

She’s gonna service me carefully?

Or she’s gonna serve me down there in the ‘undersea’?

Or maybe she’s gonna give b*** *** service?
(do you guys need extra hint? B**w j*b.. Clear enough right? Hehehe)

Darn, I can’t think straight…
Just imagining those small lips covered in bandage servicing me is enough to make any man go mad..

“I’m sorry we have to turn down your offer. We have to go right now. As Kuro said it’s something urgent.”

That clear voice instantly pulls me back from my delusion and breaks my heart into pieces.

Whaat? I can’t believe it.

“See you again Miss turtle.”
Rosalie quickly grabs me by my collar and drag me away. I can only look at the scene helplessly. Her physical strength clearly surpasses mine. I look at the demon turtle body for one last time and etch the scene into my brain so I can use it later.

After we walked far enough Rosalie lets go and looks at me with an angry eyes. I have no idea why she acts like that.

“Kuro. That demon turtle is very dangerous.”

She is veeeeery dangerous indeed. Hehehe but I can’t and won’t say it out loud.

“Listen. A demon that is capable of transforming is not a regular demon. She must be at least level 80. We don’t know what she’s capable of. Remember in the future you have to be careful. You, as a human, will be the target of many demons.”

Aaaah. When I hear that I just realize the state that I’m in. So pitiful. I mean I can let the demon turtle eat me, but not literally. Darn, a demon’s deceiving skill is so powerful. I have to remember this. Don’t believe in woman with gorgeous bodies. Argh.. It’s so hard.

“Let’s continue our journey.”

After she says that Rosalie walks off in front of me quickly. As for the rest of the day she didn’t say anything else to me except.
“Let’s stop here. I’m tired…”


——————Yeah I know it’s too short right? Even I want moaar.. Hahaha…So, evernest did it blooow your mind?*you have received mental attacks* (it can’t be block it strikes directly into your mind)Huehehehe…Look forward to the next chapter.. Did anyone keep pressing F5 just now? Hehehe..——————

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